Fab Fudge UK – Vegan Fudge Review 

As you all know it’s is one of my blog goals this year to post more vegetarian and vegan content in this blog. After posting about my blog goals for this year on twitter the amazing people over at Fab Fudge UK sent me some of their vegan fudge range to feature on my blog. 

” FabFudge was created in August 2016 on the back of an idea, to help fund raise for Reboot Me With HSCT – A Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser.

Jill has Multiple Sclerosis and has had it for sometime. She’s lived with it and has decided enough is enough! After seeing doctors and numerous experts who didn’t really help, she decided to do her own research and came across HSCT. HSCT is quite complex but involves chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, the only problem is, it costs a lot of money, something that would not be possible on the NHS. Jill setup a GoFundMe page but it was clear that we could not just rely on that. So, the idea of selling Fudge was born. ” –  www.fabfudge.co.uk

With 25 + flavours including Vegan , Gluten Free and alcoholic there really is something for everyone across all of their ranges. 

All profit made from FabFudge goes to Jill’s Reboot Me With HSCT – Fund raising for Multiple Sclerosis treatment. So when you order from this amazing company not only are you going to receive    some delicious fudge but you’ll also be helping a very worth while cause in the process. 

Fab Fudge we’re kind enough to send me four different flavours from thier current vegan range including Rum and Raisin , Espresso , Strawberry and Black Cherry. As soon as I opened the box I was hit by so many beautiful smells that I had to try a small bit of each straight away. ( For Blog purposes of course!) 

Rum N’ Raisin 

I’ve never really been a fan of rum and Raisin so I will admit I was a bit hesitant at first when it came to trying this. Normally the rum element of rum and Raisin treats is far to strong for me but I was pleasantly surprised by this fudge. The balance of flavours were perfect. There weren’t to many raisins and the rum flavour wasn’t over powering it was actually quite a subtle hint. I love how smooth this Fudge was it almost melted in my mouth. 

Black Cherry 

From the moment I opened the box and saw that fab fudge had sent me some of their black cherry Fudge I was so so happy. While I was browsing their website this was the flavour that stood out to me and the one I wanted to try the most. It really didn’t dissapoint the flavours in this fudge are so decadent and mouth watering which makes it incredibly more-ish. Safe to say this batch was the one I finished first. 

– Espresso 

Now I’m not the biggest coffee fan I used to be but as I’ve gotten older I’ve just gone off it now it’s far to bitter for me. So as you can imagine again with this fudge I was a little hesitant to try it but did anyway (of course). Im actually really glad I did because this fudge is really nice. The coffee flavour is strong but not bitter at all which is what I was worrying about the most. This definetly one for all the coffee lovers out there. It won’t let you down.

– Strawberry 

Now the strawberry Fudge I think might actually trump the black cherry as my favourite from the samples that fab fudge sent to me. The only way I can describe the flavour of this fudge is that it tastes the same as the strawberry cream chocolates from quality streets. Which was an instant win with me. This one is by far the sweetest of them all and I think that’s probably why I like it the most I have such a bad sweet tooth. This is definitely one for people who love fruity flavoured chocolates.

Thank you once again to fab fudge uk for being kind enough to send me some of their vegan range to try. There is a lot more over on their website I guarantee you won’t leave it without making an order! 

If you want to order any of the amazing vegan fudges I’ve mentioned in this post go to : Www.Fab-Fudge.co.uk and use 20off to get 20% off all fudges site wide 💖

speak to you all again soon and remember to be kind to everyone you meet. – Kimberley xx

37 thoughts on “Fab Fudge UK – Vegan Fudge Review 

  1. Charlotte says:

    Shouldn’t have read this while I’m hungry! I love fudge, and the rum and raisin one sounds amazing! Need to give these a try, like now xx


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emily says:

    Oooooh strawberry and cherry are my favorite flavors, so this looks like the perfect assortment! I wonder if they ship overseas…

    Now I might need to reach into my emergency stash of desk chocolate!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lizzie Bee says:

    Ooh I’m really liking the fact that all profits go to a good cause! I love it when people do that, as it makes the overall brand seem more personal. I’m not too sure if I’d try out these flavours but I’ll keep this company in mind!

    Liked by 1 person

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