How Do You Brew? Betty’s Tea Room Blend – Review          

Hey everyone! I’m back again this week with the next instalment of my How Do You Brew? Tea Review series. In this weeks instalment I’ll be talking all about Betty’s Tea Room Blend from Betty’s Tea Room in York.

(Image credit – Betty’s Tea Room) 

I was first introduced to this tea a while ago now and I’m honestly so glad I was becuase it’s absolutely delicious and perfectly rich. 

Ingredients : Black Tea ( Suitable for vegans and vegetarians) 

The box I have is a 250g box and cost £4.00 which I think is amazing value for the fact that you get 80 bags of superb tea. 

This tea was created specially for serving in Betty’s cafe tea rooms which I can not wait to visit. It’s a beautifully fragrant tea from East Africa and Assam provides a really that rich tone to it as well.

This tea should be brewed for 3-5 minutes for the perfect brew. (Though I do leave my tea bag in aftwards) 

I drink this tea both with milk and without and it’s great both ways but I much prefer it with milk and a little bit of sugar it really rounds the blend off and warms you up so well. 

I would recommend this to anyone looking to experiment with trying new teas but not wanting to go to far out of the box yet. It will open you up to a whole new world. 

If you wan to know anything else about this tea let me know in the comments.I’m happy to answer any questions. 
Speak to you all again soon. For now enjoy your tea – Kimberley x 

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