Moo Free Chocolates – Mini Moo – Review      

Hey there Teacups! If you’ve read my recent top 5 vegetarian food and drink companies post you’ll know that I’m aiming to cut out dairy from my diet slowly. 

Since making this decision I’ve been trying to find a dairy free chocolate that was actually nice, Because believe me there are a lot of horrible dairy free chocolates out there.

 Hopefully this post will save you all from having to try them at all and just go straight for the amazing one. 

By far the best dairy free chocolate out there is Moo Free Chocolates , which you’ll be able to find at Holland And Barrett , Sainsbury’s and Booths. 

My favourite products made by Moo Free are their Mini Moos. 

They come in 4 different flavours : Original (Milk Chocolate), Orange , Bunnycomb , and Mint (The Best One) I’ve tried all four now and I honestly can’t get enough of them. 

You wouldn’t know that you were eating dairy free chocolate it’s the closest alternative to the real thing that I have ever come across. They really have done so well in making these. I’m so thankful that I came across them in Holland And Barrett. 

Not only are all of their products Vegan but they are also Gluten Free , Wheat Free , Lactose Free , and Casein Free. Their made with organic and ethically sourced ingredients and even their adorable packing is environmentally friendly! 

So not only do you get an amazing cruelty free treat but you’re also helping the environment at the same time! 

Overall the mini moos get a completely 5 out of 5 from me. I really think I’ll find it hard to ever find a tastier dairy free alternative. 

Have you ever tried any of moo free’s products? Let me know in the comments! I always love chatting to you all about different things and hearing what you have to say. 

As always if you have anymore questions about the products I’ve mentioned don’t hesitate to ask me 💖 

Speak to you all again soon – Kimberley xx 

21 thoughts on “Moo Free Chocolates – Mini Moo – Review      

  1. Sophie says:

    Ah my Gran has a dairy intolerance so these would be perfect! Although I fancy the look of the orange flavoured one myself…thanks for sharing! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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