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 Let’s Talk Tea! – A New Blog Series 

Hey there Teacups! As you will all know by now I love tea. … I know shock horror right! 

But aside from my How Do You Bew – Tea Review posts, I don’t talk about tea as much as I want to on this blog. So I’m starting a new series. 

My tea reviews will still stay in their How Do You Brew? format and this new series will cover more informational, reader requested Tea topics. 

Over my first few Lets Talk Tea posts I’ll be covering topics such as How To correctly store tea, how to taste tea, the history of tea, the history of bagged tea and much more over the next few months. 

As previously mentioned I will be taking reader requests for some of the post in this series. Post can cover anything at all as long as it is related to tea. So for example the lovely Kirsty on twitter, asked if I would cover Peppermint Tea in one of these posts. As she wants to learn more in depth facts and things about it. 

So if you have a favourite tea that you would like me to cover just let me know via twitter or in the comments section of this post. 


Brand Spotlight posts will also be a part of this series! I’ll be looking out for the best new and upcoming tea companies, and making sure you guys are the first people that I rave to about them. 

( If you’re interested in your company being featured in a brand spotlight post – Contact me via email @ kimkphotography@hotmail.com ) 

I honestly can’t wait for the posts that are going to be a part of this series! I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I’m going to enjoy writing them. 

As always I’ll speak to you all soon. For now enjoy your tea – Kimberley 💖 

11 thoughts on “ Let’s Talk Tea! – A New Blog Series ”

  1. Best of luck with this series! I’m only starting to get into tea (shock horror, right?!) so I’m looking forward to your future posts! Aoife x

    Liked by 1 person

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