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Let’s Talk Tea – What’s In Tea Tourist’s May Box?

Hey there Teacups! I hope your all doing well. I’m back today with another instalment of my Let’s Talk Tea series.

Last month I introduced you guys to Tea Tourist and the amazing tea subscription service they offer.

Tea Tourist were kind enough to send me their may box to try out. So I thought why not write a post, and let you guys know about all of the amazing blends and brands included in it.


Sherlock Homes Tea – Cash The Fine Tea Co 

A blend of the finest breakfast tea with a pinch of smokey Lapsang Souchong, a dash of Ginkgo and a sprinkling of Elderflower Blossom, created specially to pay homage to the extraordinary mind of the great detective himself.

Ingredients : English Breakfast Gold , Lapsang Souchong, Ginkgo, Elderflower Blossom.

Brewing Guide : 1 Teaspoon, Steep For 2-3 minutes, Steep with your water at 95 degrees.

Best enjoyed on it own without milk.

Origins of this tea include both china and India. This tea does contain caffeine however it’s only a medium level. Having trouble focusing? This tea is great for helping you to focus, it would be a great alternative to an energy drink during exam season. This tea is incredibly smoky but also very clean! It would be perfect for the autumn months.

White Bellini – The Tea Experience 

A fruity and refreshing take on the traditional Peach Bellini Cocktail, this delicate white tea serves up a light-coloured brew with a fruity peach aroma that has warm summer days written all over it. It’s a bespoke blend that can be enjoyed hot,cold,or shaken up as an iced tea cocktail.

Ingredients : White tea, freeze dried raspberries, peach peices, currants and flavouring.

Brewing Guide : 1-2 Teaspoons , Steep for 4-5 minutes with your water between 80-85 degrees. ( Anything hotter will burn the tea white tea in incredibly delicate )

*For a hot tea, the leaves can be re steeped. For a cold brew, leave to infuse overnight in the fridge.

I am love with how fruity this blend is! So far I’ve only tried it cold and it was incredibly refreshing and thirst quenching. Again this tea does contain caffeine but it’s a very low level. Do you need help relaxing? if so I highly recommend this blend it made me feel so tranquil and saw me through a hot day of traveling.

Lemongrass and Ginger – Morgan’s  Brew Tea Co 

This superbly balanced infusion brings zesty lemongrass, spicy ginger and green tea together to deliver a lively brew but with undertones of earthy goodness. Lift your soul and refresh your mind, all in one cup!

Ingredients : Lemongrass, ginger,lemon verbenas , lemon peel and green tea.

Brewing Guide : 1-2 Teaspoons , Steeping for 3-6 minutes with your water at 100 degrees.

* Can be enjoyed hot, cold or as flavouring for cocktails.

This tea has various origins and is perfect anytime of the day or night. The Headnotes I got from this blend were outstandingly sweet and citrusy the bottom notes before me however were rather woody and brisk. Overall I really enjoyed this blend I think I would only drink this cold though it’s just so much more refreshing that way.

To find out more and purchase this tea head to : http://www.morgansbrewtea.co.uk

DOOMNI SFTGFOP – Pekoetea Edinburgh 

Short for special Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (SFTGFOP), This black tea is a full-bodied second flush tea from upper Assam. Made from the golden tips of the leaf, it’s hasa rich, malty and naturally sweet taste that’s so good, it’s proof not all black tea is created equal!

Ingredients : Indian second flush black tea.

Brewing Guide : 1 Teaspoon, Steep for 3 minutes with your water at 100 degrees.

* Milk can be added but it’s best enjoyed on its own in my opinion

This tea for me is the closest you could get to breakfast tea, I absolutely love this tea I was not expecting it to be as naturally sweet as it is, I can see myself replacing my normal English breakfast tea with this because quite simply it is so perfectly balanced.

Apple & Grapefruit – Tea Shirt 

A balanced infusion packed full of berry and citrusy goodness. This blend brews to produce a clean grapefruit flavour that’s complemented by the sweetness of apple. it’s the perfect blend of sweet and tart –  A true delight for the senses.

Ingredients : Apple peices , orange triangles, strawberry peices, rose hip peel, Hibiscus, lemongrass, orange peel, natural flavourings.

Brewing Guide : 1 Teaspoon , steep for 10/12 minutes with your water at 100 degrees. For a cold brew leave to infuse overnight in the fridge.

Rooibos Rubarb Fudge – Piacha

A naturally sweet rooibos tea carefully blended with sweet strawberries, tart rhubarb and a hint of smooth vanilla. It’s a sweet fruity blend that’s addictively delicious. And , it’s naturally caffeine – free , making it the perfect guilt free treat.

Ingredients : Rooibos, Apple peices , hibiscus, rosehip, pineapple peices (pineapple ,sugar) , rhubarb pieces, strawberry pieces, vanilla pieces, calendula petals, flavouring.

Brewing Guide : 1 teaspoon, steep for 3-5 mins with your water at 100 degrees.

* Enjoy with or without milk. also try is as an iced tea – brew your blend double strength and add honey to taste before icing.

So all in all mays tea tourist box was incredible! The variety was endless and if this month is anything to go by I can’t wait to see what’s June’s box will be like.

You can still buy May’s box over on the tea tourist website under the purchase one box section, I would highly recommend setting up a rolling subscription though a little tea gift through the door always makes me happy.

As always if you have any questions be sure to ask them in the comments and I’ll answer them as soon as I can 💖

Speak to you all again soon, have a great weekend – Kimberley 💖🍵
(Remember to use the code TEAISAWISH to get 25% of your first box when you sign up to the TeaTourist subscription)

30 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Tea – What’s In Tea Tourist’s May Box?”

  1. That white Bellini tea sounds absolutely heavenly! I’ve found myself missing brunch-y drinks lately, and a cold pitcher of that tea would definitely hit the spot! This sounds like a wonderful assortment of teas all around, and I’m excited to see what you get in the next installment!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. You simply must it’s so refreshing! Don’t use boiled water and leave it to cool though use cold water straight away and stick it straight in the fridge. It will result in a lot more flavour and a relay nice natural sweetness 💖


  2. Another great review Kimberley…’this box was incredible’! That’s praise indeed coming from a tea fanatic like yourself. Big thanks to all our May Tea Partners, we can’t take all the credit 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If I got myself this subscription I probably wouldn’t even drink the tea, it looks so aesthetically pleasing to me in the way it’s packaged and well, it’s tea, it always looks good.

    x Envy

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Absolutely! It’s got so many health benefits and you need a lot less honey in your tea than you do sugar. It doesn’t make your teeth feel rough after drinking something with it in or anything like that. I don’t have sugar at all in my tea now 💖🍵

        Liked by 1 person

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