Let’s Talk Tea – Cold Brew Green Tea – A Collaboration Witj Drink TG 💖🍵

Hey there Teacups! The hotter months are finally starting to arrive, so that means one thing for us tea lovers…. it’s time to start making cold brew tea again. 

There is nothing more refreshing in the hotter months than a big glass of cold brewed green tea. Not only is it incredibly refreshing but it’s also a lot healthier for you than fizzy drinks, squashes and various other beverages that are full of sugar and artificial flavourings.

When it comes to cold brew for me green tea always works best, it’s also incredibly easy to customise and can cater completely to your palette and your palette alone! 

Earlier this year I was introduced to the amazing team over at Drink TG and the range products that make and sell. When it started getting hotter here I just had to experiment with some Drink TG blends and see how they turned out when Brewed cold. 

Safe to say I was nowhere near disappointed and I now make Drink TG cold brew for every hot day, I simply can’t go without it. 

So you’re probably thinking …That’s all well and good Kimberley but how do I make my own cold brewed tea? It must take so much time!
Actually it’s a really simply process and will take you no time at all! 

This video done by the team over at Drink TG shows you the perfect way to make cold brew with their teas. It’s a perfect step by step guide for those of you who have never done it before. 

There’s only one thing I do differently, I don’t use hot water AT ALL when I make cold brew. 

Often I find that when hot water is used in this process the resulting brew can taste very bitter because rather than slowly pulling out the flavours and the natural sweetness of the tea it forces all of those things out. Remember we’ve spoken before about how sensitive tea can be this is a prime example of that. 
So … how do I make my perfect cold brew?

1- Pick your preferred Drink TG blend. You’ll probably want to use two tea bags as you will get a much fuller flavour.

2- Grab a sealable bottle / flask place one of your tea bags in the bottom of the flask. 

3- Fill your bottle with cold filter water and place your second tea bag in. 

4- Place it in the fridge and leave it over night. Due to the use of cold water the tea takes longer to steep. The results are well worth the time though. 

5- Drink to your hearts content! 

     It really is as simple as that!

(Sometimes I like to add a slice of lemon to my cold brew green tea but that’s just my personal preference) 


So there Your have it, The perfect way to use the amazing green tea blends from Drink TG to make a perfect, incredibly refreshing cold brew! 

I’m currently running a huge giveaway with Drink TG over on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Each platform will have its own winners and this giveaway ends on July 4th. 

               🍵 GOOD LUCK 🍵


So have you made cold brew before? If so what do you think is the perfect way to make it? Let me know in the comments. 

Remember if you have any questions at all about anything discussed in this post, stick them in the commented and I’ll answer them asap. 
I’ll speak to you all again soon- for now enjoy your tea  – Kimberley 💖🍵

9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Tea – Cold Brew Green Tea – A Collaboration Witj Drink TG 💖🍵

  1. Thoroughly Modern Emily says:

    Oooh, this is perfect timing! The weather in chicago just got very hot, and I’m ready for iced tea. Thanks for the detailed instructions, too — I usually just chill hot tea, but I’d love to cut out the boiling water step!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mastress Alita says:

    I made my first cold brew iced tea the other day (TeaSource’s Rhubarb Oolong) and it has been fantastic! Makes me wonder why I ever did the half-and-half with a hot steep mixed with cold water in the past… so much simpler!

    I have a green tea I love to brew iced (well, it’s good warm too, but it can be very fussy about that 3 minute steep or it goes bitter, so a cold brew is a great choice for it!) which is Art of Tea’s green pomegranate tea. So refreshing with a fruity tang!

    I’m not sure if you do blogger awards, but I passed forward the Liebster to this fine tea blog. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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