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Let’s Talk Teaware! – Pret-A-Matcha Flask – Kickstarter Campaign*

Hey there Teacups! Welcome to the first post of my new series Let’s Talk Teaware.

I recently came across an amazing Teaware campaign over on kickstarter that sparked the idea for this series. I relised I talk to you all about tea to no end but we’ve never really discussed teaware.

So from now on I’m going to be featuring all of my favourite teawear in a series of its own. As well as my favourite items, I’ll also be talking about upcoming releases in the teaware world.

A reusable bottle made to simplify the process of making matcha so you can drink it anywhere, just add your preferred liquid!

The Pret-A-Matcha Bottle offers:
The first bottle on the market that contains and includes all of the traditional tools to make the best sip of matcha on the go

The unique patent pending design which features a whisk, spoon, sieve, and sealed compartment for matcha, all in the highest grade stainless steel

Double walled vacuum sealed to keep liquids at their preferred temperature for hours

Unique design which can also be used for loose leaf tea

The simplicity of the Pret-A-Matcha bottle allows you to have your matcha ritual wherever you are, it’s the modern way to make an age old tea!

It has all of the elements required to make Matcha the go:

2 oz. Compartment for your matcha powder: stainless steel interior with a silicone lid to ensure matcha powder is safe during transport

Spoon: modeled after a traditional Japanese matcha spoon, it measures just the right amount of matcha powder for each drink you make.

Sieve: very fine mesh to break up all matcha clumps.

Whisk: inspired by the traditional bamboo whisk to ensure the perfect froth for your matcha.

All featured in a double walled stainless steel 8 oz bottle with a vacuum seal to keep liquids hot or cold for hours.

To make the Pret-A-Matcha bottle a reality they need to raise $60,000 through their kickstarter campaign!
So if you love matcha make sure you back them before their campaign ends on August 15 2017.

I’ll be backing the campaign myself as soon as I can because I need this bottle in my life. It’s such a genius idea and I’m sure the rest of the tea industry will love it just as much as I do.

🍵 Good luck Lisa and Pret-A-Matcha I know you’re going to smash your goal! 🍵

As always Teacups, if you have any questions about my new series or the Pret-A-Matcha bottle stick them in the comments and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

Speak to you all again soon, have a great weekend! Remember Matcha is magic, make sure you try it as soon as possible you need it in your life – Kimberley 💖🍵


7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Teaware! – Pret-A-Matcha Flask – Kickstarter Campaign*”

  1. Great review! I love all the different gear that’s available for all of the lovely looseleaf teas nowadays. I’m honestly more of a coffee girl myself, but I’ve been known to use my French press for tea and coffee alike:) This definitely sounds like a product worth backing. It’s crazy that it costs $60,000 to get something like this off the ground!

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