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Let’s Talk Tea – Tuwawi Tea* 

Hey there Teacups! For the first Let’s Talk tea post of this week, I want to introduce you all to a company by the name of Tuwawi Tea.

Tuwawi Tea are known for their premium grade Loose Leaf tea blended for our six core human emotions. Passion, Elation, Fortitude, Restoration, Sentiment and Melancholy.

When I first found out about Tuwawi tea I was so intrigued by the concept of their teas blended for specific emotions. It’s definitely a interesting concept, so I just had to give them a try….. For blog purposes of course.


So what did I think of these teas?

Let’s get down to business shall we!!


Ingredients : Ingredients: Organic Darjeeling Snowview, Rose flavored Black tea

This is an incredibly simple blend but it is simply perfect in taste!

The Rose and vanilla notes of this blend pair so well with the deliciously light and slightly floral Snow View Darjeeling. It is positively exquisite.

I would even go as far as to say that this is one of the best Darjeeling based blends I’ve had in a long time. ( You all know just how much I love Darjeeling so that’s a big statement) It’s going to take an awful lot to top this one.

Overall Teacup Rating:🍵🍵🍵🍵



Ingredients: Organic Indian Assam black tea with hazelnut and toffee, Organic pai mu tan (white peony), Elderberries, haw slices, organic hibiscus, rose petals, organic strawberry flavour.

This blend is quite simply pure happiness in a cup.

It’s a blend of beautiful Assam black tea infused with toffee and hazelnut cream,with a delicate slightly floral note provided by the white tea and the rose petals, That complements the hazelnut very well. Overall I would say that the hazelnut and the toffee are the Stand out notes. Everything else is very much an aftertaste of this blend.

From the moment I read the description of this blend I knew I was going to love it. Anything with hazelnut I am an absolute sucker for. I wasn’t wrong and I adored this blend after trying it, I’m really gutted that I don’t have any left…. I could honestly drink this all day everyday.

Overall Teacup Rating:🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵



Ingredients: Organic Mentha Black, Organic Rooibos, Organic Yerba Mate.

The leaves of black organic mentha with sparemint, Invigorate and alert your mind and help deepen your breathing. The essential drink for building an anchored core.

I will admit that this was not my cup of tea (pardon the pun). That’s not to say that it’s horrible I’m sure that other people would probably love it but for me the Mentha is just far to over powering.

Overall Teacup Rating: 🍵



Ingredients : Organic Black Chai, Organic Rooibos, Organic Yerba Mate

(Sentiment is also a good blend to be used alongside Restoration and Melancholy when undergoing periods of intense stress, grief or depression)

I’m so incredibly picky when it comes to Chai it has to be blended perfectly otherwise, my taste buds just don’t agree with it. The chai used in the blend was quite strong and while I loved the vegetal notes of this blend provided by the yerba mate and the earthy notes from the Rooibos the chai just overpowered them. The Chai was incredibly tasty though and would make for a great Chai latte.

Overall Teacup Rating: 🍵🍵🍵



Ingredients: Organic Assam Thunder, Organic Chamomile, Organic Honeybush

 (Sentimental is also a good blend to be used alongside Restoration and Melancholy when undergoing periods of intense stress, grief or depression)

It’s enriched with strength and a smooth and subtle malty flavour. The beautiful Organic German Chamomile flowers aid in the calming of nerves and breathing, and promotes overall health. Organic South African caffeine-free honey bush tops off the calming and balancing effects.

Overall Teacup Rating: 🍵🍵🍵



Ingredients: Organic Sencha, Lemon Verbena, Organic Peppermint

(Melancholy is also a good blend to be used alongside Restoration and Sentiment when undergoing periods of intense stress, grief or depression)

Melancholy is a comforting and nurturing blend of light and refeshing Organic Japanese Green tea (sencha). Mixed with citrus Lemon Verbena to uplift and help a peaceful night’s sleep, topped with the freshness of a clean slate of Organic Peppermint.

I absolutely love this green tea  blend it helped me to relax and took my stresses away for a little while. The snecha and the lemon verbena are a timeless pairing that make for an incredibly refreshing cup. I drank mine hot, but I have a feeling that this blend would make a great cold brew as well. 

Overall Teacup Rating: 🍵🍵🍵🍵

To find out more about Tuwawi Tea and the teas mentioned in this post head to : www.tuwawitea.com/tea-store/

As always if you have any questions, be sure to stick them in the comments and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again soon – Kimberley 💖🍵

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