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| Tea Tourist – The Fresh and Frisky Collection – August 2017* |


Hey there Teacups! I hope you’re all having a magical day. I’m back today with another post about my favourite tea subscription service in the universe – TeaTourist

As per usual TeaTourist really have outdone themselves with their August box!

In this months box you will find tea from : The Tea Makers Of London , ICHAI , Edgcumbes , Wan Ling Tea House , Shibui Leaf Tea and Baraka Teas.

Japanese Sencha – Green Tea – from The Tea Makers Of London

A great taste award winning tea from the spiritual region of Use Bay in Mie Prefecture. The leaves have a distinctively fresh aroma and produce a subtle grassy and sweet flavoured brew that is super healthy and rich in vitamin C.

Ingredients : 100% Pure Japanese Green Tea (Vegan Friendly)

Straight senchas are a bit too grassy and vegetal for me normally, This one’s good though. In notes I picked out from the one is mostly a straight grass notes, but there’s also something toasty and sweet, sort of like kettle corn. There’s a little fruitiness in there too. I can’t quite put my finger on it – apples, maybe.

Overall Teacup Rating : 🍵🍵🍵🍵

To find out more about The Tea Makers Of London and purchase this tea for yourself head to : http://www.theteamakers.co.uk

Green Cardamom Chai – Black Tea – from ICHAI

An exotic and stimulating chai with an intense aroma and a clean aftertaste that’s dominated by the delicate notes of green cardamom. This authentic spiced balances the bold flavours of cinnamon, star anise and cloves perfectly.

Ingredients : Cinnamon, Green Cardamom, Cloves, Star Anise and Black Tea (Vegan Friendly)

I’m incredibly picky when I comes to chai because I’ve had bad experiences with horribly blended versions. This one however was actually quite tasty. I made a chia latte with this useing Almond milk and it worked out pretty well. The only downside of this blend for me was the sheer amount of cardamom in it. That aspect alone was enough to make me only go back to it every now and again.

Overall Teacup Rating : 🍵🍵🍵

To find out more about ICHAI and purchase this blend for yourself head to : http://www.ichaitea.com |

Camomile, Fennel and Rose Petals – Herbal Tisane – from Edgcumbes

A naturally soothing infusion of honeyed camomile and fennel blended with rose petals and a hint of aniseed that delivers a truly luxurious brew. Naturally sweet with floral undertones, it’s the perfect drink to calm , soothe and restore.

Ingredients : luxury camomile, fennel seeds and rose petals (Vegan Friendly)

It’s not secret at all that I absolutely love chamomile, give me any blend with chamomile in it and I’m bound to adore it. This was no exception. I’ve never had camomile and rose together before but after drinking this my eyes have certainly be opended to the pairing.  This makes for a delicious bedtime brew.

Overall Teacup Rating: 🍵🍵🍵🍵

To find out more about Edgcumbes and purchase this blend for yourself head to : http://www.edgcumbes.co.uk |

Jui Jui Jui Guan Yin – Oolong – from The Wan Ling Tea House

A light jade style oolong who’s tightly rolled leaves open slowly when brewed, producing an almost clear and iridescent sweet liquor. It’s naturally fragrant with notes of wild meadows that reveal different flavours with each infusion.

Ingredients : 100% Anxi Tie Guan Yin oolong tea (Vegan Friendly)

As you will all no doubt know by know I adore oolongs. While this wasn’t the best Oolong I’ve tried it is certainly up there. The dry leaves are vibrant green with faint grass notes. Once the water hits the leaves, aromas of gardenias fill the air. It brews up into a light shade of pale yellow and never gets forceful.

Overall Teacup Rating : 🍵🍵🍵🍵

To find out more about The Wan Ling Tea House and purchase this tea for yourself head to : http://www.wanlingteahouse.com |

Blueberry Rooibos – Tisane – from Shibui Leaf Tea

A naturally caffeine free and subtly sweet rooibos blended with blueberries and rose petals. Made from the finest South African Rooibos, this herbal infusion delivers a perfect balance of soft fruity notes and calming floral vibes.

Ingredients : Rooibos , Blueberry, Natural Blueberry Flavouring, Red Rose petals and natural Acai flavouring (Vegan Friendly)

I could smell this particular blend before I even opened my teatourist box, once I opened it I was hit with what I can only describe as the smell of blueberry pancakes. It drew me in that much that I had to try this blend first. I wasn’t let down in the slightest by this blend it was sweet and inviting and reminded me of purple skittles. I drank this blend hot but it would probably make a great cold brew as well.

Teacup Rating: 🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵

To find out more about Shibui Leaf Tea and purchase this blend for yourself head to : http://www.shibui-tea.co.uk |

Indonesian Green Pearls – Green Tea – from Baraka Teas

A turly unique green tea, hand-picked from an organic tea garden in the Indonesian Halimun Mountains. The leaves are hand-rolled into small pearls and produce a lovely fresh flavour with floral notes and hints of pink grapefruit.

Ingredients : 100% Green Tea (Vegan Friendly)

Wet leaf smells sweet, maybe white grapes. This fruity thing I can’t find the right words for. I steeped this 5 times. Steeps started out as juicy and somewhat smooth. Then sweet and fruity. 1 min steeps were sweet, juicy, fruity, and slightly floral. Overall I can see myself going back to these time and time again.

Overall Teacup Rating : 🍵🍵🍵

To find out more about Baraka Teas and purchase this tea for yourself head to : http://www.barakateas.com |

To find out more about TeaTourist and their amazing subscription service head to : www.teatourist.co.uk

Remember to use the code TEAISAWISH to get 25% off when you set up a rolling subscription.

As always if you have any questions at all just stick them in the comments.

Speak to you all again soon, Remember to Have Courage And BeKind – Kimberley 💖🍵

17 thoughts on “| Tea Tourist – The Fresh and Frisky Collection – August 2017* |”

  1. Purple skittles are my second favorite skittles flavor, so I’d love to try that rooibos!! It would be perfect now that I’ve mostly cut out caffeine.

    And how nice that you found a sencha you like! This subscription service sounds fabulous!


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  2. Ok you are like a woman after my own heart haha I adore tea, like I love it! Why haven’t I heard of this subscription…must sign up right away! So many new tea’s to try x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These teas look absolutely lovely, especially the Green Tea & The Oolong. I’m such a fan of those two types of teas, so I may be a bit biased. I need to look back into this tea box because it seems more and more interesting the more I hear about it. Thank you so much for the post, love. ♡

    • mchi! | mchiblogs*

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