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Let’s Talk Tea – Featuring – Teakurthi

Hey there Teacups ๐Ÿ’– Happy Thursday! I hope you’ve all had an amazing week so far. Today’s post is another installment of my Let’s Talk Tea series. I can already tell this is going to be a long-ish post, so grab your tea and get comfy!

Not too long ago now a company by the name of Teakruthi contacted me to see if I’ve would like to feature some of their trees in a brand spotlight post. After checking out their website not only was I craving tea, I was also determined to have them feature on my blog. Their traditional / classic teas were as breath of fresh air for me, the industry is so full of heavily flavoured teas that the classics often get overlooked. That’s really not the way it should be.

Teakurthi are a company that originated in Ceylon, and they hope to inspire a healthier lifestyle through the perfect โ€˜cup-a-teaโ€™. Tea is in their culture and they know that perfection begins at the source. Their teas are thus hand plucked and ethically sourced from one of the worldโ€™s finest plantations in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), arriving at doorsteps garden fresh. Their teas have no artificial flavourings or GMOโ€™s (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Teakruthi very kindly sent me a selection of thier teas (chosen by me) to try out and I have to say that overall I was incredibly impressed. I’ve got a lot to say about these blends so I’ll be doing this post in two parts. I’ll be featuring three teas in this post and three in the second half.


Blissful Harmony

We picked this low grown from a region between sea level and 600m. This tea is flowery and light, and dark copper in color. Black and white teas are combined in this blend for unique, contrasting flavours that cannot help but harmonize together.

Black Tea Classification : Orange Pekoe One (OP1)

This blend was the first one I was drawn to when browsing through the website. I was intrigued by the premise of black and white tea blended together, it’s something I don’t ever recall trying before. I think it’s well and truly safe to say that I’m hooked on this communication blend. Before trying it I wasn’t 100% sure I would like the mixture of flavour but yet again I was wrong. The black tea is definitely the powerhouse note of this blend, but it doesn’t completely over shadow the white tea. The white tea gives this a much needed set of light and floral notes that linger through to its aftertaste and pair well with the woody smokey notes of the black tea. I’m very surprised I’ve still got some more this left! It’s taken all of my will power not to drink it all in one go!

Teacup Rating : ๐Ÿต๐Ÿต๐Ÿต๐Ÿต๐Ÿต



Ceylon Gold

This tea is a special type of โ€˜Gold Tipsโ€™ White Tea and has undergone a very special, careful process to give it its fine, splendid flavor. Ceylon Gold harvested from a young tea bush, before the buds have opened. From there, the buds are dried in natural sunlight, allowing the tips to maintain their velvety golden color.

Straight off the bat I decided that I was going to have this blend iced. There’s just something about white the that work so incredibly well when it’s iced. They dry leaves smelled sweet but also had a slight spice to it as well. I cold brewed this overnight and added a teaspoon of honey for sweetness.

The iced tea was quite strong, there was definitely some astringency but it was rather mild. It may have been better steeped for less time. The tea tastes bold, slightly earthy, there is a very light spicy flavour, more off a peppery kind of spice than anything else. The sugar sweetens I added rounded it off really well and made for a delicious iced tea.

Teacup Rating : ๐Ÿต๐Ÿต๐Ÿต๐Ÿต



Lemon Kandy

“Our Lemon Kandy tea demonstrates the value of balance: fresh lemon and black tea meet for a light, tangy flavor that refreshes both body and soul.

lack Tea Classification: Orange Pekoe One (OP1)

Of course you know I had to go for the tea with lemon in it, I’m an absolute sucker for anything with lemon in it especially tea. But I have to say I was a little bit let down by this blend. The tea used was fantastic and had no faults what so ever. The added lemon however made for a really bitter note that left my tastes buds very unhappy. Instead of providing even a slight sweetness it just made for a very underwhelming bitter hit. I steeped this and drank it straight which is probably somewhat to blame for it not being sweet enough. Not all is lost though, I reckon with with a little bit of sweetness and some soya milk this would make a great tea latte though I am unsure of whether or not the lemon in this would split the milk.

Teacup Rating : ๐Ÿต๐Ÿต๐Ÿต



To find out more about Teakruthi and purchase the teas mentioned in this post for yourself head to : www.teakruthi.com

As always if you have any questions be sure to stick them in the comments and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

Have an amazing weekend teacups! I’ll speak to you all again on Saturday – Kimberley ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿต

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