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An Apology

Hey there Teacups! So you will have probably notice that my posting schedule has been a little off recently. As you’ll all know it’s not been too long since we got back from Orlando and I’ve honestly just needed a little bit of a break to give me time to come back to earth and get used to everyday life again.

So I just wanted to come and apologise for everything being a little bit off. Everything will be going back to normal soon I promise.

My posting scheduled will go back to normal at the start of November. All of the posts I had planned for October will now be posted as part of this years Blogmas. So you won’t end up missing out on any of the content I would have posted while taking a break.

As you’ll probably understand life can just get a little bit hectic at time, and sometimes a break is the best thing you can do for yourself, your readers and your content.

I’ve got some great plan for Blogmas and I can’t wait to get started with it!

I’ll speak to you all again soon, have fun and enjoy your Thursday 💖 – Kimberley

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