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The Fine And Dandy Selection – Tea Tourist September Box Review *


Hey there Teacups!

It’s time again for my monthly Tea Tourist review post. I’m so glad that this box arrived before we left for our trip to Orlando so I had the chance to bring maybe a few more teas with me.

This month’s box holds the Fine & Dandy selection, with tasty treats provided by : Oteas , The Lichfield Tea Comapany , Nothing But Tea , The Tea Leaf Company , Tea Shirt London and Lovley Tea Teas.


Raspberry Leaf Tea – By Oteas

A fruity and nutritious tea with plenty of perks! This caffeine-free blend delivers a pleasantly refreshing brew with natural soothing properties. Notes of sweet apple, rich blackberry and fragrant hibiscus make it perfect hot or iced.


Ingredients: Raspberry Leaves, Hibiscus, Rosehip shell, Blackberry Leaves , Raspberries. (Vegan Friendly)

To find out more about Oteas and purchase this tisane for yourself head to : www.o-teas.com.

I’m never normally a fan of anything  with raspberries in, they’re are to tart for me and my really bad sweet tooth. So when it came to trying this tisane out I was a little bit hesitant and really didn’t think I was going to like it al all. I have to admit this particular tisane wasn’t my favourite. That’s completely down to personal taste though I can imagine that if you’re a big fan of raspberry then you will love this, especially iced.  I will say my top tip for this blend is that its best cold with lots of ice and little sweetener.

Overall Teacup Rating – 1


Perfect World – By The Lichfield Tea Company ( A Herbal Tisane )

A true melting pot of flavours, this herbal infusion balances citrus accents and subtle sweetness to deliver a brew that makes the world stand still! The gentle caress of Melissa and refreshing notes of peppermint create pure bliss.


Ingredients : Blackberry, Strawberry and Hazelnut leaves, chamomile and marigold blossoms, Mellissa, Peppermint, lemon grass , rose petals and lavender. (Vegan Friendly)

To find out more about The Litchfield Tea Company and purchase this tisane for yourself head to : http://www.thelitchfieldteacompany.com

I actually think that this tisane was my favourite of the tisanes included in Septembers box. I’m never normally a fan of berry in teas or tisanes but this one was different. Again another tisane that is perfect iced no matter what time of this year it is. lately I’ve been cold brewing this tisane and taking it to bed with me to drink throughout the night. Not only is it calming and has made me feel much better the last few weeks  but its helped keep me refreshed and hydrated through out the night (which is an absolute blessing now its gotten colder the wind at night dries everything out)  .

To find out more about The Lichfield Tea Company and buy this tisane for yourself head to – www.thelichfieldteacompany.co.uk

Overall Teacup Rating – 4


Liquorice Peppermint Soother – By Nothing But Tea

A liquorice peppermint blend with a twist, The traditional flavours of these bold ingredients are enhanced by notes of earthy goodness from fennel and basil, creating a smooth brew with natural, stomach soothing properties.


Ingredients : Liquorice , Peppermint, Fennel and Basil (Vegan Friendly)

To find out more about Nothing But Tea and purchase this tisane for yourself head to www.nothingbuttea.co.uk


Hide & Seek Breakfast – The Tea Leaf Company

A classic breakfast tea made using premium single-estate black tea, hand-picked from a family-run tea estate in Nagaland, India. The leaves brew to create a full-bodied, robust and rich brew with subtle seasonal flavours.


Ingredients : 100% Nagaland black tea leaves

To find out more about The Tea Leaf Co and purchase this tea for yourself head to – www.thetealeafcompany.co.uk

You’ve all be following my blog for long enough now to know that its no secret at all that I’m a huge lover of black tea. I spend a lot of my time tasting different teas and tisanes but no matter what I will always go back to my trusty black teas. I’m always so happy to see some variation of  black tea included in the TeaTourist boxes and this particular one was no acceptation. I have a lot of breakfast teas in my collection but this one is a stand out for me. With such a well rounded set of flavours there’s no way any black tea addict wouldn’t love this blend. One of my favourite aspects of it Id by far the slight notes of vanilla that provide just enough sweetness.

Overall Teacup Rating : 5


Balance Tea – By Tea Shirt

A 2017 Great Taste Award-winning rooibos blend with subtle flavours of honey, toffee apple and vanilla. This herbal infusion combines fruity and florally goodness to create a mellow, soothing brew with a sweet aroma and finish.


Ingredients : Rooibos, honeybush, chamomile, lemon balm, lemongrass, fennel seeds, ginseng root, flavouring

To find out more about Tea Shirt and purchase this tea for yourself head to www.tea-shirt.co.uk.

I’m so picky when it comes to herbal tisanes as I’ve mentioned in many post before, the slightest hiccup in ingredients and I’m out. My taste buds just refuse to even consider trying it for a second time. For me most of the ingredients in this blend were find until it came to the fennel seeds. No matter what any blend I’ve tried with either fennel or fennel seeds in it my tastes buds have refused to enjoy it. As I said earlier though that is completely down to person preference and shouldn’t reflect badly on the company producing it.  I can imagine that for those that do enjoy blend like this as that this would be a great tisane to drink before bed. One this blend did do was help to clam me down.

Overall Teacup Rating : 1/2


Yerba Matè – By Lovley Tea Teas

Full of natural goodness, this unique tea is enjoyed by nearly everyone in South America for its natural health benefits. With a grassy, slightly bitter taste and high caffeine content, it’s a cross between green tea and Lapsang Souchong.


Ingredients : 100% luxury green yerba mate

To find out more about Lovely Tea Teas and purchase this tea for yourself head to http://www.lovelyteateas.com.

I’m quite new to yerba mate so when I found out that this was going to be included in Septembers box I was really excited to broaden my palette with it. The reason that I had held back with yerba mate in the past is because it has been compared to Lapsing Souchong. Which is one tea that I absolutely can not stand. So as you can imagine I was really hesitant to actually start trying it. But you guys know that I could never write off any tea without trying it first. I’m actually really glad I did bite the bullet and try this Yerba Mate because I really enjoyed it. I definitely see the similarities it has with Lapsang Souchong but its much light as easier on my taste buds. Deffinlty something I want to try more of in the future.

Overall Teacup Rating : 3


Remember if your thinking about setting up a rolling subscription with Tea Tourist use the code KIMBERLEY30 to get 30% off your first box.

As always if you have any questions at all, stick them in the comments and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Have a great day and remember to have courage and be kind. Speak to you all again soon. – Kimberley 💖🍵

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