A Few Little Changes.

Hey there Teacups! todays post will be a bot of a shorter than normal but I just wanted to let you all know about some little changes I’ve made on here recently. Some of which you’ll all have noticed and some other very subtle ones.


So you will have probably noticed my blog address has changed. It’s now www.teaisawishblog.wordpress.com. I just felt like it needed to be shorter. Tea Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Which is still my blogs title by the way – I love it to much to change it) just started to feel like it was to much of a mouthful to have in an address. I feel like I’ve found a good middle ground with it now though.

It now also matches all of my social platform usernames, which probably makes me happier than it should but you know its the small things. ( Instagram & Twitter )

My blog contact email has been changed now as well if you have any questions you’d like to ask me directly or you’re a brand that wants to collaborate you can now contact me at : teaisawishblog@hotmail.com (You’re probably starting to see a running theme now)

So for now these are the only changes I’ve made but there will probably be some more that will happen in January. Nothing to big probably just an updated posting schedule and maybe a additional post a week.. who knows?

I think that’s all from me today! Id love to hear what you all think about the little changes I’ve made in the comments. Feedback from you all helps more than you know.


It might be Monday but don’t let that get you down! Monday’s only suck if you let them. So chin up – and happy steeping. I’ll speak to you all tomorrow in my Monthly Tea Tourist review post. – Kimberley.



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