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The Hats And Scarves Selection – TeaTourist October Box Review

Hey there Teacups – Happy Halloween!


I’m back today with my monthly TeaTourist box review. So of course today’s post is all about their October box which houses their – Hats and Scarves selection.

 The Hats And Scarves Selection

With the days getting shorter, the temperatures plummeting and the wind sneaking into every nook and cranny, come home to one of these cosy cuppas. Close the door, hats off…and relax. Sooth, rejuvenate, strengthen or invigorate. Whatever you need this autumn, one of these black or herbal flavour packed blends has your name on it.


A new season, new adventures – life is good!

In this box you’ll find a great selection of black teas and herbal tisanes provided by : Mazawattee Tea, The Tea Experience, Caley’s Apothecary, Jollybrew Tea Co, Spice Kitchen and MD Tea.

Before I get into talking all about these teas I want to start off this review by letting you all know that this has been my favourite box of all that I’ve had since April this year when I started working with TeaTourist.


Mazawattee Tea – Earl Grey ( Flavoured Black Tea)

A delicate blend of fairtrade black teas infused with orange and lemon peel. The tea produces a zesty and aromatic brew that’s naturally high in antioxidents. Making it great for boosting your mood and supporting healthy digestion.


Ingredients : black tea, orange peel, lemon peel, natural flavouring. (Vegan Friendly)

This tea has a delightfully aromatic black base, which is enhanced to no end by the citrus notes of the orange and lemon peel. Though I will say that the lemon stand out a lot more than the orange but that’s to be expected. I adore Earl Grey so I knew when I saw this in the box that I was going to love it before I had even tried it. I wasn’t wrong. This is a simple, classic and tasty Earl Grey that has been blended perfectly. I normally have earl grey in the morning but its great at any point in the day ( I wouldn’t have it just before bed though)  – Seriously though hats off to Mazawattee Tea for this stand out take on a classic blend.

Overall Teacup Rating : 4 1/2 / 5

To find out more about Mazawattee Tea and purchase this Earl Grey for yourself head to: www.mazawattee-tea.com


The Tea Experience – Fika Tea (Flavoured Black Tea)

A Scandinavian – inspired black tea blend infused with sweet flavours of vanilla and floral notes of marigold blossom. Originally developed for Harrogates’s  Nordic – themed café, Baltzersen’s, it’s perfect to enjoy on starry winter nights.


Ingredients: Blended black teas, Vanilla, Marigold Blossom. (Vegan Friendly)

No you will all know by now that I’m a huge lover of black tea, and that I’m also a lover of vanilla … so you can only imagine my delight when reading the ingredients list for this blend. Having tried some of The Tea Experiences blends before receiving this box (post coming up soon), I knew before trying this that it was going to be beautiful. The Tea Experience team are incredibly talented and when it comes to making their blends no matter how simple or complex, they are always incredibly flavourful and a dream to drink. Fika Tea was no acceptation. This is a very mild black tea so much so that it is reminiscent of a rooibos (probably a good black to drink around bedtime). The vanilla provided just enough sweetness and paired with the tea reminded me of shortbread biscuits in flavour. This is definitely a blend I can see myself purchasing more of and drinking over the colder winter months. (With shortbread of course!)

Overall Teacup Rating : 4/5

To find out more about The Tea Experience and purchase this blend for yourself head to: www.theteaexperience.co.uk


Caley’s Apothecary – Time For Winter (A Herbal Tisane)

An organic herbal blend that balances the sweetness of liquorice, the spicy zing of ginger, the earthy floral notes of thyme and elderflower to deliver a soothing brew that will keep you cosy and warm of winter evenings.


Ingredients: Liquorice root, Thyme, Elderflower and Ginger root. (Vegan Friendly)

With liquorice being the main ingredient of this blend this is definitely not  something I would go out and by. (For those of you how don’t know I’m not the biggest fan of liquorice to say the least.)  So as you can imagine I was a little bit hesitant when it came to trying this tisane. When dry this blend smells amazing mostly because of the ginger and the thyme. I think I managed one or two mouthfuls of this blend and I had to leave the rest. This blend just isn’t for me, its definitely not a tisane made for people who dislike liquorice as once its brewed that and the ginger are almost the only things that stand out flavour wise. As ever don’t let my personal tastes stop you from trying this yourself, it just isn’t my cup of tea.

overall Teacup Rating : 1 / 5 (My ratings are based on personal taste and do not reflect on the quality of the product and the hard work of the company) 

To find out more about Caley’s Apothecary and purchase this tisane for yourself head to: www.CaleysApothecary.co.uk


JollyBrew Tea Co – Mint Choc Royal (Flavoured Black Tea)

A peppermint blend infused with natural chocolatey flavours that delivers a truly mouth-watering brew which tastes just like everyones favourite after dinner mint. It’s the ultimate guilt-free sweet treat, perfect for those with a sweet tooth. (like me)


Ingredients: Black tea from Ceylon, Blackberry Leaves, Peppermint Leaves, Natural Flavours. (Vegan Friendly)

ANOTHER BLACK TEA! (I bet you can tell now why this box has been my favourite yet). After finding out about Jolly Brew through twitter, I’ve been wanting to try some of their teas for a while but just not gotten round to it. So when I saw they were one of Octobers tea partners I couldn’t wait to see which of their teas were going to be included. Safe to say that when I found out it was Mint Choc Royal I wasn’t disappointed. Not only is it a black tea (which you all know I’m obsessed with) but its also chocolate based… could there be a more perfect paring?. If you’re a fan of after eight mints, I have no doubt in my mind that you will adore this blend, It replicates them perfectly. This tea would make for a great after meal palette cleanser. I’ve had mint chocolate blends before most of them rooibos based and aside from one (from T2) I’ve never enjoyed them much, but something about the black tea base of this blend is just so much better and pairs impeccably with the chocolate and mint. I think that this mint just be my new (black tea based) mint chocolate tea.

Overall Teacup Rating : 5/5

To find out more about JollyBrew and purchase this tea for yourself head to: http://www.jollybrew.co.uk


Spice Kitchen – Spiced Orange Pekoe Tea (Flavoured Black Tea)

A black tea blend inspired by Eastern European and Russian cuisine that balances the zesty flavour of orange peel with the spiciness of cinnamon and cloves to deliver a heart warming brew that’s perfect on a cold winters day.


Ingredients: Black Tea, Orange Peel, Cloves, Cinnamon, Natural Orange Flavour. (Vgean Friendly)

The amount of black tea in this box made me incredibly happy! This spiced orange pekoe tea was reminiscent of a chai tea but a lot calmer probably a great tea for the afternoon and evenings. For once though the tea and its earthy, rich and slightly smokey notes were the stand out tastes and the cinnamon and cloves shot me right into Christmas mode. This is the perfect tea for the later and colder months of the year. If you’re a huge lover of chai tea you will love this. Hats off to The Spice Kitchen for such a excellently blended tea.

Overall Teacup Rating 4 1/2 /5

To find out more about Spice Kitchen and purchase this tea for yourself head to: www.spicekitchenuk.com


MD Tea – Turmeric Revival (A Herbal Tisane)

A soothing herbal blend with sweet spices and soft citrus flavours that come together to create a heart-warming brew with a smooth, creamy texture and fragrant aroma, conjuring up memories of autumnal nights around the fire.


Ingredients: Turmeric 30%, Ginger, Liquorice, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, and Elderflower. (Vegan Friendly)

Just like the time for winter blend I previously mentioned in this post I was incredibly hesitant to try this again because of the liquorice. Having heard that turmeric is good for inflammation I really wanted to like this tisane as it would probably be really good for me but my taste buds just wouldn’t like me like this at all. Normally nothing will almost overpower ginger but the liquorice nearly does. though the lemongrass and elderflower doe make for a nice floral aftertaste one the ginger and liquorice has calmed down. (Like I said before don’t let my personal taste cloud your judgement on this – it just simply wasn’t my cup of tea.)

Overall Teacup Rating : 1/5  ( My ratings are based on personal taste and do not reflect on the quality of the product and the work of the company) 

To find out more about MD Tea and purchase this tisane for yourself head to: www.mdteashop.co.uk



In this months box there was a little something extra included! A complimentary brew buddy. I really hope this becomes a permanent feature in each box as we all know tea is even better when you have nice treat to go along with it.  October’s complimentary brew buddy was a almond and chocolate chunk biscotti from Arden and Amici.


A traditional Italian biscuity treat, lovingly produced in Italy by Danilo’s Family Bakery for Arden and Amici. This Biscotti is twice baked and loaded with almonds and chocolate chunks. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your favourite brew.

You can tell me your mouth isn’t watering after reading that… head over to http://www.ardenandamici.com and give in to your cravings!

So I’m sure you all understand now why this has been my favourite TeaTourist box I’ve had since we started working together in April. Aside from one tisane this box was pretty much made for me in terms of the teas that I love.

This box has made me even more excited to see what brilliant ideas the TeaTourist tea-m come up with next. Things can only get better. From what I’ve heard they have some great things coming up soon, so make sure you’re following them.

As always if you have any questions at all stick them in the comments and ill get around to answering them as soon as I can.

( Remember to use the code TEAISAWISH to get 25% off  when you set up a subscription with TeaTourist!! )


Have an amazing Halloween Teacups! I’ll speak to you all again soon – Kimberley

*Remember I am a TeaTourist Brand Ambassador so the product featured in this post was sent to me free of charge for reviewing. All opinions are my own and have not been paid for*

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