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Let’s Talk Tea – My Top 3 Tea Advent Calendars

Hey there Teacups! Now October and Halloween have passed it’s time to jump right into Christmas. Those of you that have been following my blog for a while now will know that Christmas is by far my favourite holiday and as soon as November 1st hits there’s no stopping me.

So were starting off my Christmas posts today in the best way possible …. Were talking about Advent Calendars. Not just any though todays post is all about Tea Advent Calendars. Did you really think that I wouldn’t find away to even make my Christmas posts about tea?


There are a lot of companies out there at the moment that do tea advent calendars, I was honest surprised by the sheer amount of them. So instead of boring you guys with a huge list, I’m just going to do my top 3 ( that I’ve seen on the market so far )

So lets get started shall we?

3 – Fortnum & Mason – Christmas Tea Lovers Advent Calendar


The Fortnum & Masons – tea lovers advent calendar had to feature in my top three. Not only because its beautiful to look at,  but because it has such a great variety of teas included in it.

“Peek behind the closed curtains to discover something brewing behind each calendar window. The most refreshing way to countdown till the big day, each of the twenty-four windows are filled with one of Fortnum’s best and brightest brews in silky bags.” – Fortnum & Masons.

2- Post Tea’s – Advent Calendar of Tea

When I first found out about Post Tea’s advent calendar I was so surprised to see that a company was using loose leaf tea pouches with enough tea in each for at least 3 cups (don’t forget you can steep your leaves more than once). Most has a single serve tea bag ( Yes I know they are all high quality loose leaf but its nice to get more than one cup for once). Also can we talk about how cute their packaging is? who wouldn’t want this up on their wall during the festive season. According to their reviews aside from the tea you also get a metal ball tea strainer and some super cute Christmas washi tape ( who doesn’t love washi tape)

Enjoy an alternative Advent Calendar this Christmas, with our unique Tea Advent Calendar! 24 different teas for each day from December 1st – 24th – the perfect countdown to Christmas! – Post Tea

4 – Bluebird Tea Co’s – Luxury Tea Advent Calendar

If you follow me on twitter you won’t be surprised to see Bluebird Tea Co’s advent calendar has the top spot on my list. Bluebird are incredibly creative with their flavours all year round but they get really shine at Christmas.

” This year’s advent features a HUGE 18 of our silk pyramid tea bags, including your favourite, award-winning blends such as Snowball, Christmas Cake, Strawberry Lemonade, Earl Grey Creme +  Gingerbread Chai. Also, discover brand new, exclusive Christmas blends not available to purchase individually in tea bags this year… Mrs Claus’ Raspberry Prosecco, Mince Pie + Spiced Clementine to name just a few! ” – Bluebird Tea Co

I mean come on you can’t tell me your mouth isn’t watering after hearing about some of the blends going in this. I think the ones that stand out to me the most are Snowball, Mrs Claus and Spice Clementine. I think this might be the one I got for this year (unless T2 happen to do one). Be sure to check my socials to find out.


So are you going for a classic chocolate advent calendar this year or are you changing things up a bit and going for a tea advent calendar or a beauty advent calendar? Let me know in the comments you guys always have the best suggestions.

Have a great weekend Teacups. I’ll speak to you all again soon – Kimberley

18 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Tea – My Top 3 Tea Advent Calendars”

  1. I am actually looking for a nice christmas gifts to a friend who loves to drink teas. Thank you so much for the heads up!

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  2. I never realised tea advent calendars were a thing that existed! But now I’m definitely adding one to my wish list – this is such a fun way to discover new teas! Thanks for sharing these three great advent calendars!

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