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| An Exciting Announcement! Feat – Leaves Of The World |

Hey there Teacups! That’s right I have another announcement.. This year has been full of them and its been so incredibly exciting. I can wait to see what 2018 brings blog wise. I’m so ready for it all.

Anyway back to todays announcement. If you follow me on any of my social media platforms you will probably know what this announcement is all about. But it’s so incredibly exciting that I couldn’t have not written a post about it.


So as you can probably guess by the title this announcement involves one of my favourite tea companies Leaves Of The World. Creators of my favourite tisane ever! Pumpkins Go Bananas. Not to long ago now they announced that they were looking for 5 Online T-Rep’s to join their Tea-m. So of course you all know I couldn’t help but apply to be one of them. Never did I think I would actually get chosen to be one. There were so many other talented applicants that I didn’t think I had a chance.


Well to my absolute surprise I was wrong, and a few days ago now LOTW announced that they had picked me to be one of their T-Rep’s. In all honesty I didn’t quite believe it when I read it and had to double take the Instagram post before I took it in completely.

”We are excited to announce that our first T-Rep is the wonderful Kimberley at:@teaisawishblog 😁 We are super excited to be officially welcoming Kim into our Family here at Leaves of the World.❤️ We love what you do Kim. You are, possibly, even more of a tea addict than us (which is saying a lot) and we love the fact that you are not only creative with the tea world and always immersed in what is happening with all things tea, but also that you have a passion for the ethical side of the tea industry, too. As an organic company that puts ethics first, it’s always great tea see people who share the same TEAthos as us. 💚 – Sam & Jason @LeavesOfTheWorld (on Instagram)


First of all a huge thank you to Sam & Jason for such kind words! It makes me really happy to see that readers and brands alike are loving what I do. It’s kind of starting to feel like all of the hard work since I started this blog is finally starting to pay off. I’m so glad that I get to carry on working with such a great company that not only makes amazing teas and tisanes but also cares about the environment and is completely vegan friendly. I feel so lucky! (Can you believe there are teas out there that aren’t?)I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity and I cant wait to see what it will inspire me to do creatively over the next year. I hope you have all enjoyed my previous posts featuring LOTW because you’re about to see the on here and my socials a whole lot more.

To find out who the other 4 Leaves Of The World T-Reps are head to their Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leavesoftheworld/ – Be sure to given them all a follow and keep up to date with their LOTW content and more.

as always if you have any questions just put them in the comments and I’ll answer them the best I can.

Have a great weekend Teacups! I’ll speak to you all again on Monday. – Kimberley

(Just because I’m a Leaves Of The World T-REP now doesn’t mean that all opinions in my posts about them aren’t my own anymore. All opinions on teas no matter where they have come from are my own They have never been and never will be paid for.)

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