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So as you’ll know from my last advent calendar post at the start of this month that I’m probably going to end up having a tea advent calendar this year, but I couldn’t help but cover the ‘chocolate’ side of things as well. (Because I’m incredibly bad at making decisions – and I’ll probably end up with both)

I’m still taking baby steps to becoming fully vegan, so for this year I’m looking for a dairy free advent calendar and I know a lot of you will be as well. So I thought why not document my search and make your searches a lot less stressful.


There are actually a lot more options out there than I though there would be! I was so pleasantly surprised when I found them all. They aren’t just plain chocolates either like you would expect (well some are….but at least there are choices)


Organic and Dairy Free Advent Calendar – Holland And Barrett  – £3.99

The Holland & Barrett Chocolate Advent Calendar is filled with 24 yummy, organic and dairy-free chocolates – one for each day of advent. No one has to miss out on the excitement of the build-up to Christmas. It comes in two different designs Rad Or Blue (I much prefer the red because if the little bunny.) I can always count on Holland & Barrett to save the day food wise and they didn’t drop the ball for Christmas which I’m incredibly thankful for.


Advisory Information:  May contain traces of Soya

Ingredients: Cane Sugar (35%) Cocoa Butter, Rice Powder (rice syrup powder, rich starch, rice flour) Cocoa Mass, Emulsifier- Sunflower Lecithin.


So free – Organic Fairtrade Advent Calendar – Plamil  – £4.95

All the taste of dairy milk without dairy. A festive and fun presentation. This organic dairy free milk chocolate alternative advent calendar is made in our own factory which never uses dairy or gluten. No milk. Vegan. Fairtrade. Gluten free. I’ve personally never tried So Free chocolate but I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about them so I had to include it on my list.


Allergy information: May contain traces of Soy. Plamil’s factory is also Gluten-free and Nut-free.

Ingredients: Fairtrade Raw Cane Sugar* (36.5%), Fairtrade Cocoa Butter*, Rice Powder (Rice Syrup Powder*, Rice Starch*, Rice Flour*) (16.3%), Fairtrade Cocoa Mass*. Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavouring.


Moo Free – Advent Calendar – £4.99

An A4 Advent calendar filled with 24 squares made from a blend of cocoa, sugar and rice. An alternative to milk chocolate. Natural, Organic and Ethical Ingredients
Dairy and Gluten Free. You all know how much I love Moo Free chocolates, it probably made me a lot happier than it should of to find out that they were doing an advent Calander. If I do go for a ‘chocolate’ advent calendar this year this will probably be the one I go for.


 Ingredients: Cocoa solids*(45%) (cocoa butter, cocoa mass), sugar* (35%), rice powder* 20%), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin) & natural flavouring. *Organic ingredients.

Advisory information: May contain traces of hazelnut. Dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, wheat free, casein free, soya free, vegetarian & vegan. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


The Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar – Hotel Chocolate£12.50

Can’t wait! Countdown to the big day in solid reindeer, snowmen, penguins and enchanted spruces cast in vegan-friendly, smooth 70% dark with rich cocoa notes. Behind each door reveal witty quotes from Dickens to Willy Wonka originating in the pages of their book The Meaning of Chocolate*. – I’ve always had a bit of a love affair with Hotel Chocolate, when I ate dairy chocolate I was always in there and when I decided to make the change to non dairy I though that would have to stop. But much to my surprise they had just as many option if not more. When I found out they did dairy free advent calendars there was no way they weren’t going on this list. If I wasn’t already going for a £20 tea advent calendar there’s no doubt id be buying this myself.

300505-the-advent-calendar-darkIngredients: cocoa solids (cocoa mass, cocoa butter), sugar, emulsifier (soya lecithin), natural flavour (vanilla). Dark chocolate contains minimum 70% cocoa solids.

Advisory Information: all chocolates are made in a factory that handles tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, milk and soya and therefore may contain traces. Always refer to product packaging for full information.


Luxury Vegan Truffle Advent Calendar – Chocally – £23.95

This vegan chocolate truffle advent calendar come filled with dairy free surprises.
Hidden inside each numbered truffle is a surprise for your taste buds that you can try and guess before you reveal underneath what flavour it is. How many do you think you will get right?

Yes you read that right VEGAN TRUFFLES! there was no way that this wasn’t going on my list. I’ve never had chocally chocolate (not yet anyway) but I doubt it will be long before that changes. I wont be getting this calendar this year but its a serious contender for next year.

Sadly I don’t have an ingredients list for this one (sorry) as all the truffles at different but I’m sure if you were to contact chocally directly they could let you know all of the details.


So have I left you wanting delicious cruelty free chocolate this Christmas? Let me know which one of these calendars you would choose. If I’ve missed any off that you think should be on here let me know in the comments.

As usual you know where to put your questions if you have any – they’ll be answered a soon as possible and to the best of my ability.

I hope you all have a great day today and an amazing week ahead, my next post is up on Monday so I’ll speak to you all then – Kimberley




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