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| Let’s Talk Tea- Chateau Rouge Tea – Review (Part 1) * |

Hey three Teacups! I hope you’re all having a great day so far. I’m back today with another Let’s Talk Tea review post. (So glad to be writing more of these recently they are my faveourite posts to write because I get to fully geek out about tea)

Today’s Lets Talk Tea post is all about Chateau Rouge UK. When Chateau Rouge got in touch to ask if I would like to try out some of their premium loose leaf teas there was no way in hell  I would have said no to such a great opportunity. They were kind enough to send me 6 different teas to try all of them in beautiful caddy tins. As a result of them being so kind I wanted to be as in depth as I possibly could be with my reviews. So I will be doing two parter. I’ll be covering three of the teas today and then three in the next part. This will allow me to be as in depth as I possibly can be without boring you guys with super long posts.

Chateau Rouge – Classique Earl Grey – Signature Blend (Black Tea)

“This classic Earl Grey is a quintessentially English afternoon tea that is fragrant, smooth and light. A unique blend crafted from selected single estate handpicked large leaf Keemun, Darjeeling and Ceylon teas; and delicately flavoured with pure Calabrian bergamot oil.” – Chateau Rouge

Ingredients : 100% Organic: Large loose leaf black teas (Assam, Darjeeling, Ceylon and Keemun), Italian pure bergamot oil. (Vegan Friendly)

I’m sure that by now you’re all probably sick of me talking about how much I love Earl Grey (it probably wont stop anytime soon I’m sorry).  So you wont be surprised to know that when the team over at Chateau Rouge asked me which of their teas I would like to try I simply had to give their Classique Earl Grey a go. I’ve tried and reviewed so many earl grey’s recently that have been blended with so many other things that I thought it would be nice to go for a classic earl grey this time. ( I’m so glad I went for this one)

This is such a simple earl grey, the large leaf blended black teas used have made for a tea with lots of depth. One of my favourite black teas is Darjeeling so upon my first try this was the first tea I noticed. What I love about Darjeeling is how light it is, I will admit that I didn’t think that I’d be able to notice the Darjeeling in this blend. I thought that the Assam would over power it but it actually stood out to me above every other tea. It even managed to rise above the strong flavour of the Bergamot which is a hard thing for tea to do.  Overall this is a great take on an earl grey, this will definitely be a tea I go for when I’m wanting the comfort of an earl grey but a much lighter taste.

Overall Teacup Rating : 5/5

Find out more about this blend here: www.chateaurouge.uk/collections/organic-loose-leaf-tea/products/organic-earl-grey

Chateau Rouge – White Monkey  (Green Tea)

“Grown on Wuyi Mountain in Fujian, China, this unusually light one bud and two leaves green tea derives its name from the way its leaves look like monkey paws. Plucked and processed entirely by hand, it is fresh, mellow, sweet and fragrant.” – Chateau Rouge

Ingredients: 100% Green Tea, from Fujian’s Wuyi Mountain, China. (Vegan Friendly)

This really is a beautiful green tea, the leaves have a clear, bright and slightly floral scent. This honestly tastes more like a strong white tea, than a green tea. Although the dry leaves smell very grassy there is surprisingly hardly any grassiness in the taste. The taste is just as clear as the aroma. I will say that the mouth feel and aftertaste are rather dry but I get that a lot with green tea, but the flavour sits strongly on the tongue. It’s overall notes are very vegetal, in a way that stands out, but is not overwhelming at all. (I  highly suggest adding a little honey to this if you are going to have it hot – It helps to bring out this teas underlying sweetness)

Overall Teacup Rating : 4/5

Found out more about this tea here : www.chateaurouge.uk/collections/organic-loose-leaf-tea/products/white-monkey-loose-leaf-green-tea-tin

Chateau Rouge – Himalayan Expedition (Black Tea)

“This beautiful hand-rolled large leaf rare black tea is produced in small batches daily over only a few weeks of the summer.  It makes an invigorating cup with an amazing jammy sweetness; with pepper, caramel and almond flavours that linger tantalisingly on the tongue.” – Chateau Rouge

Ingredients: 100% Organic Hand-rolled Black Tea from Eastern Himalayas, Nepal. (Vegan Friendly)

This is another Darjeeling style blend, which obviously means I loved it. This definitely still has all of a Darjeeling’s perfect qualities but it also has a delicious sweet almost fruitful jammy note to it. I wouldn’t normally cold brew a Darjeeling but I feel like this would make a perfect cold brew no matter what time of the year. I love that there is nothing in this tea but tea (if that makes sense) Without reading the ingredients you would think this had artificial flavourings or sweeteners because its naturally sweet (not overpoweringly sweet though) . One thing I love about Darjeeling is how light they are no matter if they have extra ingredients added in or if they stand alone, they’re so comforting to drink. There is also an underlying floral note which is to die for that was actually surprised me quite a but as it did hit me until the aftertaste. It rounds off this tea very well. From first sip to last this tea is delicious. I’ll be ordering a lot more of this in the future I can see myself drinking it a lot throughout 2018.

Overall Teacup Rating : 5/5

Find out more about this tea here : www.chateaurouge.uk/collections/organic-loose-leaf-tea/products/organic-himalayan-expedition-loose-leaf-tea

If you want to find out more about Chateau Rouge and purchase some of their teas and other products for yourself head to : www.chateaurouge.uk/collections/organic-loose-leaf-tea

Part 2 of this post will be coming up soon so make sure you keep your eyes out for it. As usual if you have any questions at all stick them in the comments and I’ll answer them ASAP to the best of my ability.

Speak to you all again soon – Kimberley

11 thoughts on “| Let’s Talk Tea- Chateau Rouge Tea – Review (Part 1) * |”

  1. The packaging of these teas look so luxurious! I love Earl Grey too! And everyone around me knows ahah! It’s great that so many teas are vegan friendly! xx corinne

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s great that there are so many vegan friendly ones I love it. It’s pretty hard not to love earl grey its so comforting and relaxing and takes black tea to a whole new level – K


  2. Earl Grey is one of my favourite teas too. When I went to try a brand I always buy some earl grey tea in order to compare with the other brands that I tried before. I have never heard of Chateau Rouge tea before, I will have a look at their tea range.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I desperately struggle to like any other tea that you’re average builders tea with milk and 2 sugars. I’ve tried and tried but sigh… I haven’t found them yet. Great review & I love the packaging for these. Glad to hear you enjoyed them & if you have any recommendations for me… I’d love to hear them! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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