| My Time At T2’s Joy 2 The Wild – Christmas Party Event |


Hey There Teacups! I hope you’re all doing well. If you follow me on twitter or Instagram you’ll know that my fiancé and I  recently attended T2 Meadowhall’s  Joy 2 The Wild Christmas Party Event / Showcase (For Tea Society members | Sign up here yourself to get invites to exclusive events, member only treats plus the inside scoop on their latest news and special offers!) 

I’m always so excited to see what T2 are going to do when it comes to different seasons and holidays, their candy apple rooibos from Halloween just gone was phenomenal and after trying that I had no doubt that whatever  they were going to bring out for Christmas was going to be amazing. So when I found out that my closest T2 branch (meadowhall) was holding one of these events I had no doubt in my mind that we had to go.


The Joy 2 The Wild – Christmas collection is a way to celebrate the season with a collection of earthly beauties and embrace the endless joy that nature provides. You all know I’m a lover of nature and protecting our planet to the best of our abilities, So when I first found out what this collection was about I was beyond ready to spend all of the money I could on it.

The in store event was a great experience as always and to have the opportunity to attend was great. T2 Meadowhall had tea cocktails set up both alcoholic and non alcoholic, they had biscuits and mince pies and over all they just created a friendly relaxed atmosphere for everyone there. (I have to find out who made their stem ginger biscuits they were amazing!)  The team at meadowhall are absolutely  amazing and I thank them a lot for making both mine and my fiancé’s trips into their store as easy as possible. They care about everyone that pops in and if you’re stuck on what teas to try they’ll always help you as much as they can (They have the most perfect job and I’m really rather jealous)


The collection comprises of 9 ‘mini’ collections The Gracious Greens , A Flush Of Blush , The Big Blue Beyond, Indigo Dreaming, Under A Starlit Canopy,  Crimson Vision , Dark And Delightful, Botany Bliss and Forest Of Fortune.


The Gracious Greens

Forage for something precious and unearth gilded gold beauties, shimmering emerald finishes and pops of vibrant iridescence. This collection is perfect for those who love all things nature. its earthy colour palette and gold accents are absolutely beautiful. I often find that the use of leaves in patterns can be very tacky but yet again T2 manage to use them beautifully. The Twenty Adventures box is filled with classic T2 teas and tisanes and is a perfect starter kit for those who are new to tea and want to explore and find out which teas they love the most. Boxes like this are a perfect way to open your tastes buds up to loving teas you never thought you would.

Find out more about the Gracious Green mini collection here : www.t2tea.com/en/uk/gift-guide/gracious-greens/

Flush Of Blush

Blushing with rose, flamingo and magenta tones, this perfectly pink collection offers up sips of inspiration and curiosity.


Definitely my favourite of all of the mini collections colour palette wise (you all know I’m a sucker for pink).  It took all of my will power not to spend my money on just this collection because it’s all so cute. If you have a person in your life that loves pink and tea then the Rise and Shine gift set would make a perfect Christmas present. T2 have definitely go all out on their gift sets this year and its really paid off they’re all stunning.

find out more about the Flush Of Blush mini collection here : www.t2tea.com/en/uk/gift-guide/flush-of-blush/

The Big Blue Beyond

Let waves of sky blue, marine and cool azure wash over your tea table with an ocean of flasks, teacups and refreshing tea tools.

Before heading to this event I had seen some of the Big Blue Beyond mini collection online and didn’t think I was going to like it at all… but then I saw this tea cup in store and I changed my mind completely. The patterns used are actually really beautiful in person and the slight tea pun made my nerdy little heart very happy. It’s definitely been added to my personal wish list. The store had such a cute selection of teaspoons but I think the ‘Sip Your Heart Out’ one is my favourite of them all. There are so many cute items in this mini collection that any blue loving tea addict would adore.

Find out more about the Big Blue Beyond mini series here : www.t2tea.com/en/uk/gift-guide/big-blue-beyond/

Indigo Dreaming

Escape to a place of your own with a sparkly lilac flask, a plum-tinted matcha bowl or a dreamy amethyst-hued teaset. Those of you who know me well will know that aside from pink (and its many shades) purple is another of my favourite colours. You’ll also know that French Earl Grey is my all time favourite tea that T2 sell. So there was no doubt in my mind I was going to love this mini collection.

Seriously I think this collection has the most perfect gift set of them all in it. The French Earl Grey Getaway is my absolute dream come true. Not only do you get one on T2’s best earl grey’s but you get a super cute pastel purple accented mesh ball infuser and a French Earl Grey inspired candle , which is an absolute steal for the price and would be perfect for any tea lover. Especially those who love earl grey (like me) this blend takes the classic on a fruity and floral adventure that will open you up to a whole new world. When it comes to teaware in this collection I think my favourite piece has to be the beautiful purple matcha bowl … its simply stunning.

find out more about the Indigo Dreaming mini collection here :  www.t2tea.com/en/uk/gift-guide/french-earl-grey-purple-collection/

Under A Starlit Canopy

A twinkling collection of starry-eyed teas, teawares and brew tools from the far reaches of the cosmos.


I would definitely say that this is the smallest of all the mini collections but it is by far the most Christmassy of them all. Its adorable twinkling packaging is so simple but if I’m honest, Christmas wise its my favourite of all the mini collections. There’s just something so adorably simple about it that manages to encompass Christmas so well.  The Christmas Breakfast blend is beautiful and would be perfect for anyone who is nervous about trying chai and this creates the great tastes of chai but has a much lighter taste, aftertaste and mouth feel to it. It’s perfect with and without  milk and I would say this would make for a great tea latte. There so may cute teaware items in this mini collection that are accented with the nicest muted gold in the world. This is definitely a mini collection for the people in your life that love simplicity in their teawares.

find out more about the Under A Starlit Canopy mini collection here : www.t2tea.com/en/uk/gift-guide/starry-night/

Crimson Vision

Like a vibrant sunset throwing rich reds and tangerine hues across a clear blue sky, this skyscape collection will enliven your next tea break. This is definitely a collection for those of you out there that love mulled wine (surprise right?) Well that and delicious citrusy notes. I’m not normally a fan of mulled wine but I tried the iced version they had out for the event and I actually quite enjoyed it. I was incredibly surprised as I’ve always hated the taste of mulled wine and its non alcoholic counterparts. But as usual T2 have turned that around for me. I’m incredibly thankful for them and their amazing teas and tisanes they’ve helped me try so many things I never would have before being introduced to them.

I was also so happy to see a blooming tea in store as I’ve been wanting to try more of these since I tried my first one this year in York. Like I said before visuals and aesthetics are my jam so this collection made me very happy. It’s visuals reflect its flavours perfectly its crazy.

Find out more about the Crimson Vision mini collection here : www.t2tea.com/en/uk/gift-guide/mulled-wine-red-yellow/

Dark And Delightful

A trip to the wilderness rewards the brave with slick animal-adorned teacups, mysterious plant teapots and moody onyx accessories. I would say that this collections teaware is perfect for those who love both nature and it’s animals and also want a splash of colour but want to stay somewhat understated. (Spoiler alert) I didn’t end up buying the Tutti Fruity Tisane that is part of this collection, even though I loved it. I regret doing that so much. It’s a deliciously fruitful blend that is perfect no matter hat time of the year. It’s a tisane I would only have cold though, I think it would loose a lot of its qualities when steeped hot.


Find out more about the Dark And Delightful mini collection here : www.t2tea.com/en/uk/gift-guide/forest-green-black/

Botany Bliss

Celebrate all things natural with botanical masterpieces in refreshingly soft hues – think peaceful whites, pristine pearls and white gold wonders. This is another absolutely beautiful mini collection. I’m quite picky when it comes to floral patterns but the items in this collection are a big exception. I’m loving the gold accents that tie all of these mini collections together. I’m never normally to much of a fan of gold but its been used really well throughout all of these collections. If you have a fan of florals in your life this would be the perfect collection to treat them to this Christmas.

Find out more about the Botany Bliss collection here : www.t2tea.com/en/uk/gift-guide/botany-bliss/

Forest Of Fortune

Sapphire tints and emerald tones combine to create a treasure chest of mysterious tea time bounty. This collection mixes both florals and leaves, I would never ever have thought that I would enjoy both of these things in the same pattern but it actually really works. The black background really tones it down a little but and pulls everything together. I love the blues that have been used on the tea wear for this mini collection  again paired well with those small cold accents. I’ve only recently become a fan of blue a year or so ago I would have just completely overlooked it. The Wild About Green Rose gift set would make a great gift for all green tea lovers out there. T2’s Green Rose blend is an another fruity and floral take a on classic green tea that I can’t get enough of. (Id probably go for this over any other green tea in my whole collection… its that good)

Find out more about the Forest Of Fortune mini collection here : www.t2tea.com/en/uk/gift-guide/wild-about-blue-green/

As well as their mini collections they also had some other little bit’s that I just couldn’t help but include in this post. Some Christmas based and other that are perfect for any time of the year.

One of my favourite aspects about the T2 stores is just how aesthetically pleasing they are. I’m a very visual person and aside from their teas and teawares one thing that T2 always nail is visuals. T2’s tea wall is one of my favourite things and is honestly my end goal when it comes to my tea collection. (One day it will happen… one day)

Of course I had to treat myself to some bits while I was at the event, it would have been silly for me to not take advantage of the event only 10% off right? My haul even though its not huge will be coming soon in a separate post. I’m sorry to make you guys wait but I don’t want to condense what would be a full points into bullet points . It will be worth the wait I promise. (it’s probably going to go up as part of blogmas)

As always teacups if you have any questions at all be sure to stick them in the comments or tweet them to me and I’ll answer them as soon as I can, to the best of my abilities.

I’m sorry for the amount of money this post is going to result in you spending but at least you know it will be money well spent.

Have a great week Teacups, I’ll speak to you all again soon – Kimberley


*All opinions in this post are my own and have not been paid for* 

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  1. A Cup of Wonderland says:

    This looks like the ultimate event to get invited too if there was an event I’d want to go too! All the tea pots and cups look so pretty! I really want to try their Christmas tea blend now as well!

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