| Blogmas Day 2 – My Christmas Bucket List 2017 |

Hey there Teacups! Day 2 of blogmas has arrived and todays post is all about my 2017 Christmas bucket list. Everyone has one… even if they don’t want to admit it. My bucket list is normally 25 things long as its a mix of both traditional and unique things. I always love putting mine together as soon as it becomes November.


1 – Decorate EVERYWHERE!  This is just a given though really isn’t it? – Christmas isn’t Christmas without the decorations everywhere.

2 – Watch Elf – My number 1 modern Christmas film. I haven’t gone a year without watching it since it was released

3 – Bake Cookies – Because Christmas cookies are the best and I refuse to believe otherwise.

4 – Pick up at least 1 lush Christmas product. – Their Christmas products are my favourite’s out of everything they do. I normally end up with Snow Fairy because I can’t help but love anything that is inspired by sweets.

5 – Buy or Make Christmas Cards.

6 – Put up the Christmas tree – Another given. – I love doing this so I’m always in charge.

7 –  Do lots of Christmas crafts! – I love crafting no matter what time of the year, but I go into complete crafting overdrive at Christmas

8 – Make Paper Snow flakes – Mine always end up the same (oops) – maybe i’ll try and be a bit more creative with it this year

9 – Aim to visit another cities Christmas markets – Possibly the ones in York.

10 – Try out some of the Costa and Starbucks Christmas menus – something else I’ve already been doing since they were released in November. This years costa cups are adorable.

11– Wrap Everyone’s presents! – I absolutely love wrapping presents there’s just something really satisfying about it.

12 – Write out and post Christmas cards – If I can post them early then I will do, It just helps to make sure people get them on time.

13 – Visit Manchester’s Christmas markets with my Fiancé and have crepes and hot chocolate.

14 – Buy Christmas candles – Yes I know how incredibly basic that sounds but I’m a sucker for candles especially Christmas ones.

15 –  Listen to lots and lots of Christmas music – Though lets be honest ive been doing that since November 1st.

16 – Make Gingerbread Men! – Though this year I’m aiming to try and make gingerbread Mickey’s.

17 – Eat an unhealthy amount of candy canes (it happens every year – they are just too good)

18 – Make the best Vegetarian / Vegan Christmas dinner! It gets better and better each year.

19 – Have no will power at all and give into to the power of the chocolate advent Calander way before the 24th (I’m just being honest it happens every year)

20 – See the Elf musical! And hope that its just as magical as the film.

21 –  Make a Christmas themed cake – but not using actual Christmas cake because its disgusting.

22 – Make paperchain decorations – something I seemingly started years ago that I now do by habit every year.

23 – Try and probably ultimately fail at making a gingerbread house (I’m just being honest)

24 – Drink more Christmas inspired teas than my body can probably handle – though lets be honest I’ll be doing this all throughout December.

25 – Spend the whole of Christmas day in my Pj’s – Christmas is not a day for getting dressed its a day for being comfy and toasty warm.


What’s on your December / Christmas bucket list? Is there something important you think I’ve missed off mine? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great day teacups! I’ll speak to you all tomorrow for blogmas day 3 – Kimberley

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