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|Blogmas Day 3 – My T2 Teaware – Wish List / Gift Guide|

Hey there Teacups! You will all know by now that I have quite the obsession with T2 and their amazing Teas and Tisanes. Well I will come as no surprise to you that they also do some pretty fabulous teaware as well… I know what a shocker.

You’re probably not shocked to know that I would like to own a lot of their teawares either, and I’m sure you probably all would as well. So I though I’d take todays post to put together a T2 wish list – mostly to help my self keep track of all the pieces I want, but also as somewhat of a helping hand for those who are looking to buy anything from T2 for their loved ones (or themselves) this Christmas.

So lets get started shall we?

Iridescent -T2 Stainless Steel Flask – Aqua Iridescent

You’re probably thinking .. but Kimberley surely you own far to many tea flasks by now.. well actually I only have 2 and lets face it just look at this bad boy its beautiful!… do you blame me for wanting to own it?

I honestly don’t know how I’ve lasted this long without buying myself one if these. I’m going to have to treat myself to one soon. I’ve done my waiting! Also just in case you weren’t already sold on buying one of these for yourself every Friday T2 stores have Fill It Up Fridays! Where you can take your T2 flask into store and have it filled to the brim with any of the teas and tisanes in store! brewed freshly just for you. – If that isn’t one of the best deals ever then I don’t know what is. – I’ll be taking full advantage of that once I move down to Sheffield in the new year. (This also comes in Black, Gold, Purple, Marine, Mermaid (Metallic) Green, Black Tile, Purple & Blue Ombre and Pale Pink.)


T2 Jug-a-lot Pink 1.2L

Not only is their sleek new design is as practical as it is attractive. it’s Available in 1.2L and 2.0L, it fits just right into the fridge door and the airtight lid prevents spills and locks in freshness. It’s tough and strong and you can even stand it on its lid and it won’t leak (I’m sick of my iced tea teaware leaking its about time I upgraded. Don’t you think?). Grab this tea jug and brew up oodles of iced tea goodness! – Perfect for the hotter months of the year. (This also comes in Black, Marine, Pink, White and Red)



Pimp My T2 Teaspoon

I’m going to be completely honest here … I don’t need this teaspoon I have enough regular teaspoons to last me a life time. But this isn’t a regular teaspoon its beautiful and I don’t care about how many I already have this spoon need to be one of them. Every mermaid needs one of these teaspoons! This little teaspoon is made from stainless steel with a shimmering iridescence for all rainbow lovers out there. If my personality was spoon it would be this spoon. No matter how long it takes it will be mine one day.


T2 Matcha Flask Aqua Glitter

T2 Matcha Flask With the frothing-good whisk hidden inside the cap, and double-walled skills to keep your matcha hot, this fabulous flask should be on every tea lover’s list.

You’ll all know by now that I love matcha, but I never end up taking it travelling with me because taking everything I need for it is just a lot to carry around all the time and would probably end up breaking something due to clumsiness. So I feel a very strong need for this flask. Being able to take matcha every with me and carry around a handy whisk with it as well would be a dream come true. If you have a matcha lover in your life I would highly suggest gifting them with this for Christmas this year it would be a perfect gift for them. Not only is it really handy but the range of colours it comes it are absolutely beautiful (my favourite is the aqua glitter – which isn’t a surprise really is it)


T2 Stock, Lock & Store – Tea Tin

”These handy little capsules are completely airtight, meaning they’ll keep your fruit tisanes as fresh as can be. Stack them up and store them in the cupboard and let the super strong tritan keep your tea collection in tip top shape. Perfect for keeping your fave fruity tisanes looking and tasting shipshape and ready to sip!” – T2

It’s no secret at all that I have quite the collection of tisanes. (most of them being from leaves of the world but lets save that for another post) I’ve been on the look out from properly air tight tins to keep them in for a while but had no idea that T2 sold them. The one thing I always worry about when it comes to tisanes is making sure the fruit in them stays fresh. I’ve lost a few tisanes to the elements before due to containers that claimed they were ”airtight” but were anything but so I reckon I need some of these tins for my collection don’t you?


There are so many amazing teaware pieces on the T2 website, but I don’t want to bombard you all with a list that would take you hours to read. So for now these are what I suppose you could call my most wanted. I’m sure this list will change over time so maybe I’ll make it an annual thing and do it every year as part of blogmas. Who knows? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Have I missed anything off this list that you think should be on there? If you’re a huge T2 lover like me what are your most wanted T2 teaware pieces? Let me know in the comments you know I love chatting with you guys especially when its about tea.

I hope you’re all enjoying blogmas so far! I know I am .. I think I’ve already decided that I’ll definitely be doing it again next year. Speak to you all tomorrow for day 4 of blogmas –  Kimberley


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