| Blogmas Day 6 – My Joy 2 The Wild – T2 Tea Event Haul |

Hey there Teacups! You’ll all know by now that I recently attended T2 Meadowhall’s Joy 2 The Wild Christmas Party event/showcase. The original post I wrote about the event and T2’s Christmas collections ended up being a long one. Including my haul in that post would have made it far to long, so I decided to give it, its own post. Blogmas just seemed like the perfect time to finally post it.

You all know how much I love T2 and their teas/ tisanes and teawear. So you’ll understand why it was impossible for me to come out of this event without buying something. As part of the event there was a 10% off store wide discount as well so it just would have been silly for me not to take advantage of that right?


So what did I buy? I didn’t buy too much but I treated my self for once and I’m very glad that I did. Merry Christmas to me right? Now although I didn’t buy much that doesn’t mean we weren’t there for a long time. We were there for over two hours and I think almost an hour of that was just me trying to decided what I actually wanted. They have so much choice it’s rather hard to pick just a few.

Choc Molten Marvel | Loose Leaf – Feature Tin

Hike up to the lofty peaks with this chocolatey cliff-hanger! With a mix of rich pudding-like notes of dark cocoa and toasty, warming flavours, watch out as waves of lush chocolatey rapture flow like lava into your teacup!


This is a new blend and of course as always I couldn’t keep away from a dessert inspired black tea (you all know what I’m like) I actually tried this last though believe it or not, I think I saved the best until last though. I had already put everything I wanted in my basket before I tried it and I thought I was done shopping but no I was wrong (as always). This went straight into my basket after trying it. I couldn’t have left the shop without it. On top of the fact that the tea is delicious the tin is beautiful as well. For the price you get a really good amount of tea as well. I find that to be a running theme with T2 though, their products are all very good value for money. I’ll have a review of this blend up in the new year.


Banana Bake | Loose Leaf – Gift Cube

A robust black banana tea with hints of vanilla and banana to take you away to a picture perfect winter’s day, all snuggled up with a cuppa and munching on a warm loaf of banana bread.


This is a blend I had been humming are haring on for a long time but I’ve just never gotten round to buying it. I know shocking right. With the 10% discount being on for the night there was no way I wasn’t going to finally treat myself to this. This was the first of all the teas I drank from my haul because I was so intrigued as to what it would be like, it’s absolutely delicious and I’ve not stopped drinking it. I think I might have had it at least once a day since the event. I’m actually surprised I’ve still got some left. I’ll have a more in depth review of this blend up at some point in the new year.

French Earl Grey | Loose Leaf – Gift Cube

Earl Grey gets a French twist which is oh-so-fruity. A medium-bodied black tea base with pretty petals and notes of fruit that play with classic bergamot in an inspiring, bold and refined infusion.


I’m more than sure I don’t have to explain why I bought this.. If you don’t know by now French Earl Grey is my favourite blend that T2 do. It has been since the first time I’ve tried I tried it. So I thought why not stock up on my favourite while the 10% discount was available. I’m so glad that I made that decision, Knowing I can now have this anytime I want to makes me a lot happier than it should. This makes for a great latte so if you’d like to see a post on how to make a French Earl Grey latte let me know.  –  read a more in depth review of this blend here.

Black Tea Tin | Small Square

Part of their classic storage range these tins are as practical as can be, They come in a great amount of colours that you can easily match to any kind of kitchen décor.


One of my favourite things about these tins in have flawlessly they stack. I have a lot of tea in my collection and from now on these will probably be the one tins I use to house them all. I bought three of these tins this time round but at £3 each I’ll probably be picking up quite a few more.


It was so hard to just choose a few bits that I wanted while I was there, I was quite restrictive though and I’m really proud of myself. Of course this won’t be the last T2 haul you see on this blog. I’m sure they’ll be many of them in the new year.

As always if you have any questions at all be sure to stick them in the comments and I’ll get to them as soon as I can! If you want me to answer a question straight away contact me on twitter.

Speak to you all again tomorrow, Happy Steeping – Kimberley






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