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Blogmas Day 8 – Let’s Talk Tea – Chateau Rouge Review | Part 2 |

Hey There Teacups! Not to long ago now you’ll probably remember seeing a Tea company by the name of Chateau Rouge featured in one of my Let’s Talk Tea posts. If you’ve read that post you’ll know that due to the kindness of the team over at Chateau Rouge (they very kindly sent me 6 full caddies of amazing teas & tisanes) I had to split my collaboration with them over two posts, So that I could be as in depth as possible with my reviews of each tea and not completely bore you guys with a super long post.

I wanted to make sure I got both of my Chateau Rouge posts up before the end of this year so I thought I might as well use blogmas as an opportunity to make sure Part two was up before 2018 got here. If you want to go back and read part one of this collaboration before starting this one you can find it here .

In today’s post ill be featuring their : Midsummer Dream – Fruit TisaneButterfly Lovers – Organic Green Tea, Wiedouw Organic Rooibos.

Midsummer Dream – Fruit Tisane

A refreshing medley of fresh, dried summer fruits, rose hip and fragrant hibiscus blossoms. Our 100% natural organic fruit blend is inspired by the refreshing summer flavours of northern Europe. Delicious as an after-dinner digestive, après-ski winter warmer or enjoy cold on ice with fresh fruit. Serve as is or sweeten as desired.


Ingredients : 100% Organic: Apple, Rose Hip, Hibiscus, Mango, Redcurrant, Orange peel (Vegan Friendly | Suitable For Those With Nut Allergies)

As you all know my taste buds won’t let me enjoy many fruit based tisanes hot. I’m completely fine with them if they’ve been cold brewed but there’s just something about the taste of both hibiscus and fruit hot that my mouth just doesn’t agree with. I find that when brewed hot Hibiscus can have quite a balsamic flavour and sometimes its just to strong and If I ever have a tea with hibiscus in it I always cold brew it. It results in a much lighter taste that I actually really like. (Strange how tastes buds work isn’t it).

With that in mind you probably won’t be shocked to hear that when I first tried this tea I cold brewed it. (I’m very glad I did) The resulting brew was phenomenal. Overall I would say that the Redcurrant, Mango (Which I love and would like to see more of in tisanes)  and Hibiscus were definitely the stand out notes. Towards the end I noticed the apple and a little but of the orange but mostly in the after taste. (If you cold brew this like I did add just a little bit of honey before drinking – It really makes the flavours pop).

Overall Teacups Rating : 4 1/2 / 5

Butterfly Lovers – Organic Green Tea

Their signature ‘house green’ tea blend. We have wanted to create a classic green tea, for tea newbies and connoisseurs alike! A deliciously refreshing 100% organic green tea blended from China, India and Ceylon green teas; delicately flavoured with sweet dried Seville oranges, wildflower petals and bergamot oil from Calabria, Italy.


Ingredients : 100% Organic Green Teas, Seville orange peels, Italian bergamot oil, marigold petals (Vegan Friendly | Suitable For Those With Nut Allergies)

You all know I’ve been trying to be a much more confident when it comes to trying new Green Teas and Green Tea blends mostly to try an broaden my flavour palette a little more and give myself even more kinds of tea to become addicted to. When I was waiting for the package from Chateau Rouge to arrive I obviously had to browse through their website and hype up my excitement for what was possible to come, when I came across this particular blend I knew that I had to try it no matter if they sent it to me or not (luckily they did – I couldn’t have been happier). I couldn’t have gone without trying this blend it simply sounded far too good.

I have to say that I think this is one of the nicest green tea based blends I have ever tried (and you all know how much new tea I try on a daily basis). What amazed me about this blend is how much the bergamot and the orange really mellow out the vegetal notes of the green tea. The pairing of Green tea and orange pairing honestly couldn’t have blown my mind anymore than it did.

I finished one cup and was instantly left wanting more and more. Obviously we all know how much of a great pairing citrus and bergamot is (though I will admit I’m used to find those ingredients In a earl grey). but what I didn’t expect was for them both to pair with the green tea so well. I say pair because neither over powered the tea it and just danced merrily along side it and made my taste buds very happy. I also have to add the smell of this tea when steeping is phenomenal. If only I could bottle the scent and make it into a perfume.

Overall Teacup Rating : 5/5

Wiedouw  – Organic Rooibos

A refreshing, natural caffeine-free infusion, high in antioxidants and minerals. Produced on a single farm in the Western Cape of South Africa that has been certified grown entirely organic since 1997, their Rooibos tea has a full flavour derived from their sundried extra-long-cut leaf. A vibrant red tea, with a distinctly naturally wholesome taste that is equally delicious with or without milk.


Ingredients: 100% Organic long-cut Rooibos herbal tea from Wiedouw, Western Cape, South Africa. (Vegan Friendly | Suitable For Those With Nut Allergies)

Considering how many new teas and tisanes I try on a day to day basis, you would think that by now I would have tried a straight (unblended) Rooibos but nope. This rooibos tisane was the first I had ever tired. Rooibos makes a great base for blends but I  will admit that I was a little hesitant about trying this and as a result it was the last one of the bunch that I tried. Rooibos is really unique because for some reason it has a rather strong Alcoholic scent to it (As someone who doesn’t drink this always throws me off a little). But  it doesn’t through in the taste at all, from such a strong smell you just kind of expect it to hit you with an alcoholic like punch but it never does. Instead of a strong alcohol like hit you get a fresh brew with hints of hazelnuts and caramel. I can imagine it would pair fantastically with chocolate.

It’s naturally sweet which is always a quality I love in tea as I like to avoid adding sweetener if I can. As of now I’ve only had this blend straight but I can imagine I would make a great latte for times when you want to relax (As always I suggest using Soya milk for the best results). Can you tell that I’ve become a little bit obsessed with making tea lattes?

Overall Teacup Rating 4 1/2 / 5

Having the chance to try so many of Chateau Rouge’s Teas and Tisanes this year has been an absolutely pleasure and I only hope I’ll have the opportunity to try more in the future. You can find out more about Chateau Rouge and purchase the blends I’ve mentioned in both of my posts here

As always Teacups if you have questions stick them in the comments and I’ll get to them as soon as possible.

I’ll speak to you all tomorrow, Happy Steeping – Kimberley

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