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| Blogmas Day 10 – Four Perfect Podcasts For Tea Lovers |

Hey There Teacups! I can’t believe were on day 10 of blogmas already its going by so fast.

As you’ll all know by now I’m a self confessed tea addict. Tea is one of my biggest passions which means not only do I love drinking it, but I also love learning about it and immersing myself in every aspect of the tea world. Podcasts are the most perfect way to do this. They’ve proved to be the best learning tool for me of the last few years. Not only that but its really fun to hear other creatives in the tea world get excited about tea as well.

So for todays post I’d thought I would share some of my favourite tea podcasts to help you guys further your fuel your love for tea as well. (You can thank me later)



The World Tea Podcast


The World Tea Podcast is a podcast I’ve been listening to for quite some time now. The one thing I love about this podcast is how it encompasses everything. You get tea reviews , industry insights, weekly tea world news roundups and more all in one place. You can’t really get better than that. I always listen to this podcast while I’m taking train journey’s and it makes them a lot better.


Hot Leaf Juice

170x170bbOn this podcast they discuss tea and tea culture with a member of the tea community. They discuss not just tea but Their personal experiences with tea, where its taken them, what they’ve  learned, who they’ve met, art they’ve created, or businesses started. When it comes to Hot Leaf Juice I’m very much a new listener and I’m working my way through they’re past episodes. I’m only a few episodes in but I’m loving it so far.

TeaLife Audio

untitledTeaLife Audio is a podcast about the Japanese Way of Tea and related arts. It is a round table discussion about various topics related to the way of tea, chado or cha no yu. Just like Hot Leaf Juice I’m quite a new listener to this podcast. But that not a bad thing because there a lot post episodes for me to go back and listen to. I always feel just a little bit smarter after listening to their episodes.

My Japanese Green Tea


My Japanese Green Tea Podcast consists of interviews with tea companies and other relevant people in the tea industry. Its focus is on Japanese teas. If you are a tea enthusiast, and want to learn more about Japanese teas such as sencha, matcha and gyokuro, this is the show for you. Plus, you’ll get to know more about each tea company and the people behind them. This podcast is where I go to learn everything I could ever want to know about Green Tea.

So there you have it my current top 4 perfect podcasts for tea lovers! If you think I’ve missed any off this list let me know in the comments. I would love to find some more to listen to. I’m sure there probably a lot more out there that I’ve just not come across yet.

I hope you’re all enjoying my blogmas posts so far, I’ve really enjoyed writing them all and being able to post every day. I’m glad I took the plunge and decided to go for it this year. I think I’ve already decided that I’ll definitely do it in 2018.

– Kimberley


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