| Blogmas Day 11 – The Green Living Guide – The Best Milk Alternatives To Use With Tea |

Hey There Teacups! It’s been a while since I’ve had a Green Living Guide post up hasn’t it? The last few weeks Tea has just taken the forefront ( not that, that’s a bad thing ). But I thought it was about time that I brought this series back. With me posting everyday for blogmas I thought that now was the perfect time to make it a regular part of my posting schedule again.

You’ll all know that this year was the year I decided I was going to take the steps I needed to take to try and become vegan. As you’ll all know though even before deciding that I was already drinking milk substitutes but it has taken me a very long time to find a milk substitute that works well with tea (and other hot drinks).

I think I’ve finally worked out the best combinations though!


Different substitutes work in very different ways. So what I’ve found is that I have to use a few different ones dependent on what I’m drinking at the time. So I thought I would share my finding with you all and hope that they’ll help you as well.

Soya Milk 

When it comes to Soya milk I absolute love it! . My go to brand for soya milk is Alpro (not spon) and I use their Original Soya Milk for EVERYTHING. I even drink it on it’s own and it makes a great base for smoothies and milkshakes. I honestly don’t understand why the majority of people consider Soya milk to be the least tasty of all the alternatives out there. It has a good nutrient content for steaming and frothing which creates a creamy and rich mouthfeel not too dissimilar to that created by using dairy milk. I will say that it’s flavour can sometimes be quite strong though so it probably wouldn’t be the best idea to use this with a lighter tea. It can sometimes curdle a little but only if its introduced to your hot tea cold, if you warm it up a little first you won’t have this problem.


I mostly use soya milk with strong full bodied black teas (I there aren’t many teas out there that I will actually have ‘milk’ with though) because the soya milk doesn’t effect their flavour at all. (It’s also great with latte’s but I’ll speak more about that later on in the post)  – This is also the best milk to use with cold brews teas as well.


Almond Milk 

Almond Milk really didn’t hit the mark for me at all, Although it’s great on it own it is NOT good with tea (or any hot drink for that matter.) I know a lot of people out there  prefer it over soy milk for its less overpowering flavour than soya, but it has a distinctly ‘nutty’ flavour which is very  overwhelming when paired tea. It cancels out most other notes you would otherwise get from any tea you pair it with. It has a fat content that is somewhat similar to skimmed milk which means it’s really hard to produce a long lasting foam (for lattes) and you can’t get a creamy texture out of it at all. It also splits even more than soy milk no matter what you do with it. nothing I’ve ever tried has been able to stop an almond milk of any kind from splitting. If you are going to use almond milk I would highly recommend making your own so you can bulk up its fat and protein content.

Rice Milk

Rice milk is another milk alternative that I have had a lot of problems with. While it is incredibly good for you due to it’s low fat content it has next to no protein at all. So if you are considering rice milk as your alternative try and look for one that has added protein. I would even choose almond milk over rice milk that how much trouble I had with it (I tried it once and will probably never use it again) My best advice when it comes to rice milk is to try and maybe find one that combined with something else. I’m yet to find any myself but I’ve heard that there are some on the market.

Hazelnut Milk

I will admit it took me a while to try this because I was hesitant that it would just be like the almond milk and over power anything I paired it with an overly nutty flavour. But it’s actually got a much lighter flavour to it Hurray!!. I will admit I picked this up because I thought of Nutella when I saw it in the fridge and I wasn’t disappoint it did have a light Nutella like taste that pairs greatly with chocolate inspired dessert like teas.


This is the milk substitute I reach for when having dessert teas now. I think that throughout next year this is going to be a staple in my fridge. I had very little problems with this splitting, it did happen but in very little amounts – I’ll probably find a way to combat that though.

Coconut Milk

If you care about any of the teas that you drink don’t use coconut milk in them at all! As much as that sounds like an over reaction it really isn’t. It really doesn’t work well hot, as nice as it is cold and as great as it is in smoothies, it is absolutely disgusting in tea. It’s far to watery and separates like nothing I’ve ever seen which results in a really off putting look and honestly makes me feel sick. I wouldn’t pick coconut milk even if it was my only choice.

So there you have it those are my opinions on which milk alternatives really are the best to have with tea. All of these opinions are based on personal experiences I’ve had when trying them out. If you think I’ve missed anything off this list that I need to try, let me know in the comments.

The Best Milk Alternative For Lattes

You’re all probably well a wear of my new found love for tea lattes so I couldn’t leave them out of this post. Luckily my search for the perfect milk substitute for them was very quick thanks to the team at T2 Meadowhall and the chai masterclass I did them with. By far the best milk to use for tea lattes is Soya milk, it produces the best froth and makes for a creamy indulgent latte.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this somewhat of a comeback post for The Green Living Guide I can’t wait to bring it back in full force in 2018.

Speak to you all again tomorrow, Happy Steeping – Kimberley

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