| Blogmas Day 19 – The Green Living Guide – A Cruelty Free Christmas Dinner (My Plans)|

Hey There Teacups! Christmas is getting so close now and I know that a lot of my fellow vegetarians and vegans out there are on what feels like a  never ending search for a great alternatives for Christmas dinner. Well look no more! I’m here to help and your search is over. In todays post I’m going to share with you all my plans for A cruelty Christmas dinner. Everything include will have a link to where you can buy it /find the recipe for it.  (Everything I mention will be one persons portion worth)


So the main part of my Christmas dinner this year is from an amazing brand I’m sure that all of my fellow plant based followers know Vbites. I’m going to be having their Meat – Free Celebration Roast . Their Meat Free Celebration Roast not only includes their pork style roast bit it also includes fakeon rasher wrapped sausages and veggie friendly gravy.


I first tried this last year after I stumbled upon it in my local Holland and Barrett just before Christmas. I was so happy to see that it didn’t contain mushroom or mycoprotine (A protein taken from mushrooms) and that I could actually try something new for once. (being a vegetarian that’s allergic to mushrooms sucks) . Obviously I want into trying this incredibly hesitant because I always do when trying new meat substitutes.

But I honestly loved it and when Christmas time rolled around again this year I was so excited to be able to have this again. I will definitely be having half of it on Christmas day and the other half on boxing day because it is incredibly filling. This is one of, if not the best option for me out there right now.


When it comes to vegetables I used to be very very picky, until I became vegetarian and I’ve tired so much more than I would have when I ate meat. An of course I don’t have to explain to you all that vegetables are completely vegan. The reason I’m including them in this post is because a lot of the time its the way they are cooked that could make it so vegans could no longer have them.

This Christmas dinner I’m planning on having Parsnip, Peas carrots and maybe a little broccoli (we’ll see how I’m feeling). I used to absolutely hate Parsnips but in recent years I’ve started to become quite partial to them. The most popular way to cook parsnips is to honey roast them (that’s how my family normally do them) but of course honey isn’t vegan friendly so this year I’m going to try and make salted maple parsnips how good do they sound – check out the recipe here .  Of course the peas will come as they are I’ll probably only add the tiniest bit of salt to them, the carrots I’m going to try and thyme roast them (something I’ve never really tried before but it sounds like it would be delicious) – Again the broccoli if I have it I’ll just sprinkle with salt.



Of course I understand that potatoes are vegetables but believe me they need their own section.. right? For my roast potatoes this year I’m going to be simply herb roasting them. I’m going to be using a recipe I found on I Love Vegan that you can find here.  This recipe when I first came across it made my mouth water and I knew straight away that I had to have a go at making these this Christmas. Just look at how amazing these potatoes look.


Full Picture credit : I Love Vegan – http://www.ilovevegan.com

Yorkshire Pudding

Sadly I’ve not yet been able to find any vegan Yorkshire puddings in any of the supermarkets this year (they have lots of free from (gluten & wheat) ones but no vegan ones). So I’m going to have a go at making my own this year. I found this recipe on the BBC good food website and it seems quite easy to replicate.  I’ll let you all know how I get on with it.



As person that doesn’t eat many roast dinners throughout the year I always looks forward to Christmas dinner so much. I’m really excited to be able to be doing a completely cruelty free one this year. As you all know I’m taking the steps I need to take to become vegan and so far I’ve found it all quite easy. There’s so much you can do with substitutes that it would be silly to harm animals to make the same things.

If you want to see how I get on with some of the recipes I’ve mentioned in this post be sure to check out my social media accounts (I’m most likely to post all about it on my Instagram stories)

As always if you have any questions at all stick them in the comments or send them to me on twitter and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Speak to you all tomorrow, Happy Steeping – Kimberley


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