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| Blogmas Day 24 – My Top Ten Teas Of 2017 |

Hey there Teacups! How is it Christmas eve already? This year has gone by so fast hasn’t it. Not to long ago as part of blogmas I wrote a post all about my top ten tisanes of 2017, and told you all that before blogmas was over I would let you all know what my top ten teas of 2017 were. We’ll I took a little bit longer to decide that I thought it would and I’ve had to swap this post with so many others because I couldn’t make the decisions quickly enough.

As a tea blogger I try a lot of new teas on a daily basis, some of the teas that I’ve had the pleasure of trying over this year that were sent from lots of different companies have become life long favourites. Before this year I was very hesitant when it came to trying new teas, but collaborating with so many amazing brands this year has really opened me up to so many new flavours and has enabled me to find so many new teas that I love, and could honestly say that I drink everyday now. I can’t wait to see what 2018 holds when it comes to teas.


10 – Coco Loco Pouchong (AH Tea) | A tea I tried toward the start of this year that I loved to no end. So much in fact that I had finished a full caddy of this around 2 months after it arrived. If you haven’t read my review of this and the other teas & tisanes that I was sent by Ah Tea you can find the review here.

9 – Pineapple Green With Matcha (Tea People) | This green tea made for a perfect cold brew and it was so incredibly refreshing over the hot days we did end up having this summer. I’ll definitely be ordering some more of this for summer 2018.

8 – Caramel Swirl (T2) | A Tea I treated myself to after my chai masterclass at T2. I’m very glad I treated myself to this because it’s so tasty and makes for amazing lattes. If you want to make a Caramel Swirl Latte for yourself check out my recipe that I posted not to long ago here. I’ll be posting a review of this blend in 2018.

7 – Autumn Fire (Leaf Tea Shop) | A blend that was included in one of this years Teatouirst boxes that I loved instantly. It was autumn in a cup and I simply couldn’t get enough of it. I’m so sad that I now have non of this left.

6 – Lavender Earl Grey (Rutland Tea) | A blend that has been such a big help when it comes to relaxing. You all know how crazy I am about Earl Grey so I don’t think anyone will be surprised that this one made it onto my list. If you haven’t read the review of this blend and the other Earl Grey that Rutland very kindly sent me you can find the review here

5 – Orange Blossom Oolong (The Tea Experience) | The tastiest flavoured oolong I have ever tasted, And the first oolong that I ever cold brewed. When I made the decision to cold brew this I never thought it would yield such amazing results. I’m looking forward to cold brewing more oolongs in 2018. You can find a review of this blend here.

4 – Honeycomb Chai (T2) – A chai I was able to try and brew traditionally for myself at my chai masterclass with T2. I’m still incredibly gutted I didn’t make the decision to bring any of this home with me after my masterclass. I’ll definitely be ordering some of this to drink throughout the new year. Read all about my T2 chai masterclass here.

3 – Nuts About You (Leaves Of The World) | A sample of this blend was included in one of my orders from Leaves Of The World and from the first sip I loved it. It makes for a beautifully indulgent latte too. The sample lasted about a week (if that), so you can only imagine my excitement when Sam and Jason very kindly sent my fiancé and I a personalised bag of this to congratulate us on our engagement. Sam and Jason are such great people and it’s a pleasure to work with them.

2 – Darjeeling First Flush FTGFOP1 – Organic (Hebden Tea) | A tea I treated myself to when visiting York very recently and can’t get enough of. I adore Darjeeling and I always have so it’s probably no shock to any of you that this has such a high spot on my 2017 list. I’m determined to feature more Darjeeling on my blog in 2018 so keep your eyes out for it.

1 – Banana Bake (Black Tea) (T2) – A black tea has taken the top spot in my 2017 list .. is anyone surprised because I know I’m not. This is a blend I treated myself too after visiting T2 Meadowhall for their Joy 2 The Wild Christmas party event (I had to make the most of the store wide 10% off didn’t it). It took me a while to finally treat myself to this but it was well worth the wait. This is perfect on its own and as a latte you really can’t go wrong with it. I can see myself having re-buy this a lot in 2018. (I’d be so sad if this ever ran out.)

So there we have it my top ten teas of 2017. I can’t wait to see how different next years top ten lists will look.

As always if you have any questions either stick them in the comments or send them too me on twitter and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Have an amazing Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and ill speak to you all again towards the end of the month.

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