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Let’s Talk Tea – MoxTea – Viking Moxie | Review

Hey There Teacups! I’m so glad to be starting off this years new blogging schedule with a lets talk tea post. My first Let’s talk tea post this year is all about a company by the name of MoxTea and Their Viking Moxie Tea Blend.

I found MoxTea through Instagram and knew I had to try their Viking Moxie blend from the moment I first saw them post about it. I find the ideas behind this blend really intriguing and could not have been more thankful when MoxTea offered to send me some to try. Its obvious when you read about this blend that a lot of hard work and though has been put into creating it.

MoxTea gives you a healthy energy boost that lasts! A tea without the harmful crash effects of coffee. If you often feel nervous, or live with OCD or other anxiety disorders, MoxTea helps bring calmness to your day.


You may or my not know that I struggle quite a bit with anxiety and have done for quite a few years now. I hated taking tablets for it though (in fact I hate taking tablets altogether) and if I can find a natural way to fight it, I will always try it. I was so excited about trying this blend out and seeing if it would help that I had to make it my first featured tea of this year (I couldn’t have waited any longer).

Viking Moxie 

100% Natural blend that gives a powerful energy boost to your body & mind without the jitters or crash of coffee. Ancient Viking herbs, like Rhodiola & Icelandic Moss, combine to magically lower stress and increase mental stamina so you feel healthier, brighter, and better able to take on the day.

The Ancient herbal blend releases energy throughout the day to help keep you calm, alert & focused!


Ingredients : Rhodiola Rosea; Gotu Kola; Gingko Biloba; Icelandic Moss, Green & Black Tea leaves; Rose Petals; Cinnamon; Cloves (Vegan Friendly | Suitable For Those With Nut Allergies)

This tea is fantastic! I’ve been having a cup everyday since it arrived. I will admit that when it first arrived and I read the ingredients I was a little bit intrigued as I’d never heard of a few of them and was taken a back a little by the inclusion of Icelandic moss. As I’ve already said I was so excited to try this blend that all of my hesitations when it came to the ingredients went right out of the window and I just jumped right into trying it.

As you will know I’m not a huge fan of cloves but I didn’t just want to remove them from the blend before trying it as they’ve obviously been added for a reason. So I steeped up a small batch of this with the cloves still in it to try and a small batch without to see which one I enjoyed the most. (I didn’t add any sweetener at all as I wanted to try this straight first).

I much preferred the batch I brewed up without the cloves (I know no surprise there right) – Cloves just overpower everything and my tastes buds hate it. If you can handle cloves though be sure to try this with them still in there because you never know you might enjoy it. It is 100% down to personal preference and I don’t want my opinions to stop you all from trying anything you might end up loving.

When I read that this blend had both green tea and black tea in it, I couldn’t help but just assume that the black tea was going to overpower the green. I couldn’t have been more wrong. You can still taste the black tea in there but overall this is very vegetal and the green tea is the shining star. Aside from the green tea and its earthy notes this is a very cinnamon forward brew but it’s not overpowering at all. If you can imagine a green tea based Chai that’s exactly what this is like. I’ve been drinking this blend black but I can imagine that I would make a great base for a tea latte. There’s no bitterness or astringency and the cinnamon makes it taste almost kind of sweet on its own (though I will say I did add some honey and it made it even better).

I would definitely say that after drinking this tea I feel a do actually feel a lot more relaxed. I can’t say that it’s completely taken all of my anxiety problems away but it certainly has helped to calm them down. As well as doing that though it has also helped me to stay focused which has worked wonders for my creativity and my motivation.

Overall Teacup Rating: 5/5

As always if you have any questions at all be sure to either stick them in the comments or send them too me on twitter (@teaisawishblog) and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

To find out more about Moxtea and purchase this blend for yourself head to : www.moxtea.com

Have an amazing day Teacups – Speak To You All Soon – Kimberley

11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Tea – MoxTea – Viking Moxie | Review”

    1. awww I’m glad that you feel a part of my little community – That’s how I want everyone to feel. It’s such a powerful blend and I can’t recommend it enough.


  1. I love tea! Especially unique blends like this. A friend of mine made me really jealous of a Dr Who themed tea blend she had the other day. If you ever want to collaborate on a post let me know as I’m starting to add teas and coffees to my blog as of tomorrow. Nicely penned post x
    Love Penny x

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  2. I am reading this blog while drinking a cup of tea. Earl grey though from Sainsbury’s ahah. I had never heard of this brand but the blend sounds incredible! xx corinne

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  3. Hi, I need to try this brand I to have seen them on IG. The picture of the Viking Moxie looks colourful and made of good quality ingredients. I like cloves so this would be perfect for me.

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