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Let’s Talk Tea – T-Sticks Review

Today’s Let’s Talk Tea post is all about T-Sticks of London.  A tea company based in the UK that created Tea Sticks, a product that is absolutely perfect for all of you tea loving, travellers out there.

So what are Tea Sticks? Tea sticks are an innovative and convenient approach to modern day tea brewing. They are small aluminium sticks that hold high quality loose leaf tea. Perfect for steeping on the go. The tea is released via the specially made micro perforations. In fact there are 400 evenly-spaced micro perforations of 0.08mm on each of their tea sticks. They really are the ultimate convenience – The unique shape of the sticks means they double as a stirrer so  you can enjoy a cup of tea no matter where you are, because there’s no need for a spoon! – They’re also really small and light weight so their easy to travel with and take up the smallest amount of space. I was really surprised about how many different flavours they have it makes it so hard to choose which one you want to have first.


So as I said before they have a great variety of flavours to choose from, in fact there are 10 & T-Sticks were kind enough to send me all of them to try! I was so shocked to see all of them in the box when I opened it up. Just to make it a little bit easier to review them all I’m going to split them up into 3 different groups : The Black Teas, The Green Teas & The Tisanes. Due to the sheer amount of flavours I’ll be writing about in this post I won’t be able to be as in depth as I normally am with my reviews. If you would like to know more about any of the T-stick I’ll be talking about please don’t hesitate to ask.

The Black Teas

26234932_1631359963587695_1229662708_nThe Earl’s Favourite : So of course were going to start of with their Earl Grey, you all know how much I love Earl Grey so you wont be surprised that I tried this one first. Bergamot is the only thing I could smell in the aroma which is often the case with earl grey normally it mellows out about in the taste. Sadly that wasn’t the case with the case with this and it was still very strong in the taste and almost overpowered the tea. Don’t get me wrong this was a tasty earl grey but could have done with being a little bit stronger on the tea side of things.

Overall Teacup Rating  : 4 / 5

26234951_1631359940254364_77890763_nBreakfast Brew Tea : As a huge black tea fan I was expecting a lot of this classic English breakfast & it absolutely delivered. The one bad thing I have to say about this tea is that it just wasn’t strong enough for me. If you enjoy a strong English breakfast like I do I would suggest using 2 sticks. Everything else about this tea I loved. It was naturally quite sweet and had a slight Vanilla hint to it. It did have quite a dry mouthfeel but I’ve come to expect that with English breakfast.

Overall Teacup Rating : 4 ½ / 5

26235363_1631360040254354_423144974_nForest Fruit Tea : This is one I was actually really excited to try as I often love forest fruit based foods and drinks. The dry leaves had a beautifully fruity aroma and reminded me of black forest gateau. The tea itself was rather sweet and jam like, with strong notes of blackcurrants, blackberries and raspberries. I will say that the fruity notes were a lot more prevalent in the taste than they were the aroma which surprised me quite a bit. The Ceylon is defiantly the shining star and was the perfect base to use for the tea.

Overall Teacup Rating : 4 / 5


Zesty Lemon Tea : This is a very well balanced tea, the lemon pairs extremely well with the natural citrus & floral notes of the Ceylon base. At first the lemon can be very sharp but one you add a little of your chosen sweetener that mellows out quite a bit. It has quite a dry mouthfeel but overall that doesn’t really change how much I enjoyed it. If you’re not a fan of sharp lemon make sure you add sweetener because it will hit you quite a bit at first but that’s easily fixed. This is a great tea to start off a morning with.

Overall Teacup Rating : 4 / 5

26551640_1631360020254356_2036723746_nOrange Tea :  Just like the lemon tea its perfectly balanced and the citrus provided by the orange really makes the Ceylon base shine. The dry leaves had a very strong aroma of orange, this disappeared while steeping but was actually really strong in the flavour. It definitely needs a little sweetener to mellow the orange out a little bit. Ceylon was 100% the right choice for the base of this even more so than the lemon.


Overall Teacup Rating : 4 ½ / 5

26241444_1631360043587687_166932335_nStrawberry Tea : Incredibly reminiscent of strawberry jam this blend is so naturally sweet and down right delicious! In fact it also reminds me of quality street strawberry creams (my favourites in the tubs). It needs no sweetener at all & is incredibly refreshing. I will say the strawberry is much stronger in the aroma than it is the taste but it really pairs with the Ceylon base quite well and more strawberry and it would just be over powering. So far I’ve only had this hot but I think it would make for a great iced tea.

Overall Teacup Rating : 5 / 5

26241010_1631360053587686_957855215_nPeach Tea : Just like the strawberry tea this is really naturally sweet. It really reminded me of a peach gummy sweet that I have every now and then from The Good Stuff. I have always loved peach teas and knew before even trying this that I was going to love it and I wasn’t wrong. Again the peach is much stronger in the aroma and that taste but just like the strawberry and stronger and it would completely overpower the Ceylon. Again this is incredibly refreshing and would make for a delicious iced tea with a little honey and slice of  lemon.

Overall Teacup Rating : 5 / 5


The Green Teas

Before I go into the section I just want to say that the green tea t-sticks weren’t my favourite and as a result they will probably have lower overall teacup ratings. I don’t want that to put you off trying them for yourself. Tea is a hard thing to blog about because it’s all about personal taste. So by all means take what I say / the scores I give into account but please don’t be put off giving a certain company your business because of my personal tastes.


26241038_1631359926921032_44646467_n.jpgZesty Green & Lemon Tea : All this was for me was lemon. Which was disappointing because they tea itself smelt so nice when dry and I really wanted it to be the same taste wise. Sadly this was no the case, the lemon was far to strong and incredibly sour. I even added a little agave and it couldn’t balance it all out. With a lot less lemon and a little more work on blanacing out said lemon with the tea and letting them both shine I’m sure this would be really great. I’m going to try this iced and see if I enjoy it more. – I’ll update you all on twitter.

Overall Teacup Rating : 2 / 5

26234378_1631359936921031_677329687_nMoroccan Minty Green Tea : I’m really undecided when it comes to mint based green teas. They are either amazing or horrible there is never any in-between. Just like the lemon green tea all I could taste with this one was mint. I really wanted this to be well balanced because I think if it was it would have been beautiful. the mint was just as strong in the aroma as it was in the taste. Had I had chance to be able to taste the tea itself I’m sure it would have been great.

Overall Teacup Rating : 2 / 5


The Tisanes

26551700_1631359933587698_610640041_n.jpgRooibos Tisane : You’ll all know from a very recently post that I’ve gain a whole new love for rooibos since trying it unblended for the first time. Just like the first unblended rooibos I tried this tease has quite a strong alcoholic smell but this never carries through into the flavours at all which is amazing. Overall this is a really pleasant rooibos and actually helped me to relax a bit. More than anything I actually got a slight nuttiness from this which look me buy surprise. No sweetener is needed for this at all.

Overall Teacup Rating : 4 / 5

I really enjoy being able to try out T-sticks for the first time and getting to know which flavours I did and didn’t enjoy. I would highly recommend these to those of you that travel a lot they really do make everything incredibly convenient. I’m thinking about taking some of these with me on my next trip to Walt Disney World they would be perfect for the parks.

As always Teacups if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on twitter (@teaisawishkim) and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Speak to you all on Sunday. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

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    1. I’m super picky with Earl Grey because it’s one of my favourites! After writing this post I found out that the company are already in the process of re blending so I hope that it will be much better after that

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