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T2 Tea | Boxing Day Sale Haul

Hey There Teacups! Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that I treated myself to some bits from the T2 boxing day sale (I just couldn’t help myself) . When I asked on twitter and instagram if you’d like to see a haul almost all of you said yes (I  probably would have done this post anyway but – hey at least I asked right?).  Everyone loves a good haul post though don’t they.

Before we get into todays haul I highly recommend you check out the Sale section on the T2 website their are a lot of absolute bargains on there, that would be stupid to miss out on. As well as that T2 also have a great tea deal on at the moment ……….. (This post isn’t sponsored (i wish) before anyone asks. I just love T2 and their products. But hey T2 you know where I am if you want to get in touch) 

The products in this haul were either through the T2 UK website or in store at T2 Meadowhall. A lot of the things in T2’s sale section sell fast so you may not be able to buy some of these items anymore. Anything that you can still buy I will leave a link too.


Black Teas


26647986_1636646456392379_739749742_nBollywood Breakfast – A tea I first tried in store a long time ago that I really enjoyed, but just never remembered to pick any up when I went in store. When I saw that it was in the sale I was instantly remembered how much I enjoyed it and knew I had to pick some up. This bag would normally be £16 but in the sale I picked this up for £5. Sadly this isn’t available anymore – This is another one I really hope they bring back though.



26638096_1636646543059037_2017104198_nTerrific Toffee – As part of their end of year sale T2 were running a 3 for 2 offer selected teas so of course I jumped at the chance to pick up 3 new teas. T2 have over 260 different teas so I can imagine that there will always be one or two I haven’t tried which is perfect. This time around my aim was to pick up 3 teas that I had never had before (I almost managed to do that) – I recently saw a video in which terrific toffee and how indulgent and delicious it was was mentioned. From that moment on I knew I had to try some and pick some up the next time I was in store. Before going in store I had no idea the 3 for 2 offer was on and when I found out there was no question that this tea would be one of the ones I picked up. You can find this here – It’s available all year round.

26754127_1636646563059035_1560413326_nSingapore Breakfast – While in store the team brewed up some of this for another customer and as soon as I smelt it, I was instantly drawn in and knew I had to try some. Another reason I knew I had to try this is because the black tea used in it is a pureh and one of my biggest aims of this year is to drink more pureh (I won’t lie I’m a little scared of it). I was also incredibly intrigued by the fact that this blend is a mix of both black and green tea. I won’t go into reviewing this now (that will be a separate post coming soon) but this was one of the first teas I tried from this haul and I’ve not been able to stop drinking this since it’s delicious and my even have a spot in my top 5 blends now. You can find this here – Again it’s another that’s available all year round.

Green Tea

26696769_1636646483059043_659768668_n.jpgGenmaicha Matcha – You all know how mad I am about matcha and I’ve never actually tried any of T2’s matcha so when I saw that this was in their sale there was no doubt in my mind that I was purchasing some. This 1oz Tin is normally £24 and was in the sale for £10 (non of you out there can tell me you would have turned that offer down)– I’m yet to try this but from the smell alone I can tell this is going to be beautiful. This is no longer in the sale or on the website sadly – I really hope they bring this back at some point.


Vanilla Matcha– After buying the genmaicha matcha in the sale I wasn’t really planning on buying anymore matcha but then I visited the Meadowhall store and saw that the items that were already in the sale, had an extra 75% off on them which made this normally £24 matcha .. £5. You all know that I couldn’t have turned that down. You can find this here – It’s currently out of stock but I highly recommend signing up for notification emails for when it comes back into stock.


Jade Mountain – I tired this for the first time a long time ago in a set that my other half very kindly gifted me. Recently when I saw someone mention it on twitter I was reminded of just how much I enjoyed it the first time around and knew that I had to pick some up the next time I went into store. I picked this up in store just after boxing day have drank it non stop since. It one of my favourite green teas out there and I could honestly drink nothing but this for days on end. – You can find this tea here – This is available all year round (thank god)


26696528_1636646499725708_944102180_nTutti Fruity – If you follow me on twitter or Instagram you’ll know that since trying this at T2 Meadowhall’s Joy 2 The Wild Christmas party event I have regretted not bringing some of this home with me. before even seeing that this was in the sale I was planning on picking some up (It’s totally worth the £6)but when I saw that it was in the sale for £2 I couldn’t have been happier – in fact it was the first item I decided on sale wise. You can find this here (Because of further reductions its not only £1)




White Patterned Stoneware Tumbler – I had, had my eyes on this tumbler for a while and again just like the tutti fruity had nothing but regret after not picking it up in store any of the times I went in. When I saw that it was in the sale I couldn’t have been happier and a long with the tutti fruity it was on of the first things in my basket. -Sadly this isn’t available anymore – I cant wit to see what teawares T2 release in 2018.



T2 Tin Magnets – Even though these were in the sale I actually didn’t plan on buying them. When I put my order in I actually order one of their mini apples but while they were processing my order this product went out of stock. I was quickly contacted by one of their logistics team leaders (Huge shout out to Heather for being so helpful) and she asked if I would like to replace the sold out item with anything else. When she asked these quickly came to mind, I’m really glad that this happened because I’ve been wanting to pick some of these up for a while.

So there we have it! I think I was pretty successful with my sales finds this year don’t you? Which of the items I bought is your favourite? If you’d like to see reviews of any of the products mentioned in this post let me know in the comments! – As always you know what to do with any questions you have as well.

Speak to you all on Wednesday. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

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