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Let’s Talk Tea – Haji Tea | Original Blend Review.

Hey There Teacups! Can you believe that were already two weeks into 2018? I know I can’t it’s going by so fast. I’m so thankful for how much I’ve been able to write already in these last two weeks, how many independent tea companies I’ve already had the pleasure of working with and how many amazing teas & tisanes I’ve been able to introduce you all too. This is just the start I promise you all that things are only going to get better throughout the rest of this year.

Anyway let’s get into today’s blog post shall we! Today’s Let’s Talk Tea post is all about Haji Tea ‘s No.1 Original Tea Blend. Their black tea comes from the hillsides of Gilan Province on the shore of the Caspian Sea. It is grown in Amlash County, the homeland of one of the most delicate black tea varieties in the world.


Ingredients : Amlash Black Tea (50% from certified organic agriculture), Cardamom and Rose Petals. (Vegan Friendly)

 I won’t lie this is the very first Iranian tea I’ve ever tried, obviously when it comes to doing / trying new things everyone is hesitant right? Last year I became a little more adventurous with trying new teas, and I only want to further that this year and open myself up to even more. So instead of letting my nerves put me off trying this I jumped straight into it only minutes after it first arrived at my house.

As well as sending me some of their tea to try out Haji Tea very kindly sent me a Persian Tea Glasses, a Saucer and a honey stick for sweetening. I really wasn’t expecting this it was such a nice surprise when I opened the box. (Thank you for such a sweet gift)


Iranian Tea has different steeping requirements than most other teas & like I said I’m completely new to it all. But Haji tea have a handy little How To Brew section on their  website that made sure I steeped this in the best possible way. You can find that here. As I was only steeping this for myself I used my T2 Perfect steeper. I was able to do 2 full steeps with this tea (which honestly surprised me) and that resulted in 6 full cups of beautiful black tea.

Steep 1: 95 degree Water – 2g Of Tea – 15 minutes (15 mins my sound like a lot but they say that Iranian Tea needs to steep longer than a normal black tea)

Aroma – mellow floral notes, Peach, jam, Honey.

Liquor : Strong copper with a little hint orange.

Mouth Feel: Incredibly Smooth -Doesn’t result in any dryness at all.

I honestly can’t believe how naturally sweet this blend is! There’s no bitterness to it at all and not even the slightest sign of astringency. The Rose and the black tea pair perfectly together and neither over powers the other. I don’t really have a lot of teas with rose in (I don’t know why because I love it) but I just don’t end up having too many of them. I tried this with and without sugar and I will say that adding a little honey bought out some delicious nutty notes. Sadly I didn’t notice the cardamom at all in the aroma or the taste adding just a little more would probably help it to become a little stronger. While you could absolutely have this without any sweetener at all I highly recommend adding Just a little bit to bring those nutty notes through.

Steep 2:

Aroma: Rose & Honey

Liquor: Very light Copper.

Mouth Feel: Still incredibly smooth – There was a little bit of dryness this time around though.

The second time around again I tried it both straight and with honey. Without honey the Rose was a lot stronger, it was still very naturally sweet though which is a huge bonus, I even got some slight vanilla notes which is great considering there’s no vanilla in this blend. Once I added the honey the floral notes mellowed out a little bit and those delicious nutty notes came back through. I did two full steeps with this tea and I think that is definitely as far as I would take it. I think that taking it to a third steep would ruin it. Overall I really enjoyed this blend. This was the first Iranian Tea I have ever had and it’s opened me up to a whole new avenue that I would have never known about before trying it. This certainly won’t be the last Iranian Tea that I have.

To find out more about Haji Tea and their original blend head to there website – You can find it here

As always Teacups if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them too me on twitter and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

Speak to you all again on Monday. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

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