Let’s Talk Tea – Leaves Of The World T-Rep Package Unboxing (February)

Hey There Teacups! February’s Leaves Of The World T-rep Package arrived a few days ago and I couldn’t have waited any longer to share what was inside it with you all! With Leaves Of The World turning one this month and Valentines day being just around we are all feeling the love this month and that it’s reflected in this months package. In this months package is their very special ‘Oh You Valentino’ love bundle  (currently available via pre order)

I’m the soppiest person on the planet so when I opened the box to see that this months theme was valentines day I honestly couldn’t have been happier. I always love this time of year seeing all the reds, pinks and florals in the shops just fills my heart with joy. I’m sure you can only imagine how excited I was when I opened the box to see this…



I mean how cute the that packaging?! Sam & Jason over at Leaves Of The World really have out done themselves this time around. I can’t wait to see what they have planned for the rest for this year. But let’s get back to today’s box.. what exactly is included in the ‘Oh you Valentino’ bundle?

The ‘Oh You Valentino’ bundle includes:

7Two Limited Edition Bath Bombs

Leaves Of the World have collaborated with Vegan Beauty Cosmetics, to create these very special tea infused bath bombs, using two of their Valentines themed teas, Cherry Pie Coconutty, and Rosy Cheeks. Using only natural oils and ingredients. Sweep your valentine off their feet (and into the tub!) & Let the tea do the talking!  (Vegan Friendly) – Fine out more about Vegan Beauty Cosmetics here



 Nuts About You – Black Tea Blend

My favourite Leaves Of the world black tea. Its creamy, nutty and sweet with a delicious black tea base. (It makes for a perfect latte) If your significant other isn’t a fan of actual chocolate this is the best replacement present for valentines day. I think this was the first ever Leaves Of The World black tea I tried and I’ve been hooked on it ever since. (You’ve been warned it will cause a serious LOTW addiction)


4.jpgHoney Bear – Rooibos Blend (Tisane)

This is a new blend for me! I’ve not yet had the chance to try it but I’m really looking forward to trying it. There’s never actually been a Leaves Of The World tisane I haven’t loved and I’m sure this one won’t be any different. I’m really intrigued to see how the paprika flakes and turmeric in this pair with the rooibos. I’ve heard this makes for an amazing latte so if any of you would like a post on that let me know.




Cherry Pie Coconutty – Rooibos Blend

Another classic Leaves Of The World blend that I love. I tried this for the first time many moons ago and had been meaning to order more since but just never gotten round to it (I was so excited to see it had been included in this bundle) This make for a floral and fruity cup of magic that it perfect iced (and as tea Ice pops). If your significant other loved iced tea this is the perfect blend for them. I highly recommend giving tea ice pops a go they are magnificent.



Beets Of Passion – Green Tea Blend

Another new blend for me. You all know I’m a fan of green tea so there’s no doubt in my mind I will love this blend once I get the chance to try it. I’m really excited to see how the beetroot works in this when paired with the tea and orange. I’m not usually a fan of beetroot so I’ll be going out of my comfort zone in trying this but I’m sure it will be worth it. Again I can imagine this blend would be perfect iced.




Rosy Cheeks – Black Tea Blend

Yet another new blend for me but you all know how much I am obsessed with black tea. I’m so excited for how many new blends Leave Of The World have released for valentines day – This blend sounds like it will be deliciously floral and sweet and again make for a great latte (which is perfect for me). I can wait to dive into this box and try all the new blends and return to some old ones.


 I think these valentines day bundle and the teas and tisanes that are included in it, is one of my favourite exclusive bundles that Leaves Of The World have ever done. They always managed to raise the bar even higher with everything they release. I’m incredibly thankful that I get to work with them so closely and introduce you all to their amazing teas and tisanes. They work so hard and deserve so much more attention.

To pre order you valentines tea bundles head to the leaves of the world website and get your orders in before the 5th to insure delivery in time for V day. Remember to use the code  TEANOMADKIM20 to get 20% off your order.

As always Teacups if you have any questions either stick them in the comments or send them to me on twitter (@teaisawishblog) and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Speak to you all on Monday. Happy Steeping – Kimberley




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