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Let’s Talk Tea – Cheeky Chai | Blackcurrant With Leaves | Review.

Hey There Teacups! For today’s let’s talk tea post I’m going to be reviewing another tea from Cheeky Chai. You’ll all remember Cheeky Chai from a post I did last month featuring their Earl Grey (if you haven’t read that yet you can find it here) – I told you that they’d be featuring again soon didn’t I?!

Cheeky Chai’s Blackcurrant with leaves is a delightful mix of Black Tea, Strawberry Leaves and Blackcurrant. That can be enjoyed both hot and cold (I haven’t tired it iced yet but I’m sure it would be amazing and I’d probably add a little slice of lemon in there as well)

Dry Leaves


Aroma:  Malty, Woody, Earthy and Slight Sweet.

Shape: Medium Broken Tea Leaves – Small Broken Strawberry Leaves.

Colour:  Black, Dark Brown and Green.



Wet Leaves


Aroma: Malty, Woody, Earthy and Slight Sweet.

Shape: Large Broken Leaves – I was really surprised by how much larger the leaves got while steeping. They were quite small in their dry form so it took me by surprise.

Colour: Dark Brown – Black and Dark Green





Overall I really enjoyed this tea (I know right shocker – you should all know by now there are hardly any teas out there that I don’t enjoy) Tea strength wise this was very similar to Cheeky Chai’s earl grey in that it was rather mellow (If you’re a fan of stronger tea stick a little extra in when you brew) The fact that it was mellow wasn’t a bad thing though as it enabled me to drink a black tea much closer to bedtime than I normally would. The strawberry leaves and the blackcurrant did add a little earthiness to the flavour but other than that not much. If I were able to notice them a little more in this blend it would have been perfect. I would say that this is a great tea to drink while eating something really sweet as it’s not sweet at all when it comes to it’s taste and it would pair with it quite well.

Overall Teacup Rating: 4/5

(As I always say the ratings I give are completely down to personal taste my opinions will be different from yours so don’t let them stop you from giving this blend a try.)

You can find out more about cheeky Chai and purchase this blend for yourself here. As always Teacups if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on twitter (@teaisawishblog)

Speak to you all on Wednesday. Happy Steeping – Kimberley


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