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Let’s Talk Tea Rooms – Just Grand Vintage Tea Room | Leeds | Our Experience

Hey there Teacups! As a tea lover and blogger I tend to end up visiting a lot of tearooms but  I’ve never really thought about blogging about them (I don’t know why). Because I know you all love tea as much as I do, I thought I’d share some of my Tea Room experiences with you all throughout the year in a new blog series. I’ve decided to keep with my series title theme and call it Let’s Talk Tea Rooms. I don’t know how regular this series will be or how long it will last, but I’ll try and feature as many tea rooms as I can. They won’t all be based in one city and may even be in completely different countries, so I would like to hope this series will act as somewhat of a helping hand in helping my teacups find the perfect tea room to visit.

The first tearoom I’ll be featuring for this series is the Just Grand! Vintage Tea Room in Leeds. My fiancé and I recently had the opportunity to visit tea room on a recent visit to Leeds and I’m so glad we gave it a chance.


Just Grand! is a little touch of nostalgia based in a Victorian Arcade in Leeds City Centre. OPENING TIMES:  Monday – Saturday  10am – 5pm & Sundays 11am – 4pm (They are closed Xmas Eve, Xmas Day, NY Eve and NY Day, Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday’s).

The day we finally managed to visit Just Grand! was incredibly cold, aside from a little sun in the morning it had pretty much snowed all day and the wind chill was crazy Just grand was pretty much our last port of call before getting back on the train to Rotherham and I had been looking forward to it all day. As soon as we walked in I saw all of their vintage décor I know I was going to love it. One thing you may or may not know about me is that I’m mad of the aesthetics, fashion and music of the 50’s so this tea room is perfect for me. I’d definitely say that if I had to describe what goes on inside my head this tea room would be the perfect visual.

(Image Credit – Just Grand!)

another aspect of Just Grand that I loved was the fact that the have hot water bottles and cost blankets on their outside seats throughout the winter months. Although it’s all technically indoors it can still get really chilly in the outside bit of the arcade. They’re level of service and customer care really is amazing. Though we sat indoors we were very glad to know that if we had have had to sit outside it still would have been an amazing and incredibly cosy experience.


Each of the tables has a different theme and on this visit we were sat at the my fair lady table. you can identify which theme your table follows by the vinyl that your menu is attached to (At least I think that’s true for some of their tables). As a vinyl lover that small detail made me very happy. I will admit that before our visit I did do a little bit of menu research mostly to see what teas they did and try my best to decide before hand. Whenever I visit a tearoom I always tend to go for a scone with my tea so as soon as I sae them on their food menu I didn’t need to look any further.


Here’s a closer look at their food & tea menus :



Food wise my fiancé and I both went for one of their daily special scones, on the day that we visited they were caramac scones. I just couldn’t have said no to a caramac scone they sounded far to good to be true and that’s exactly how they tasted as well. (Yes they really were that good)


Seriously of all the flavoured scones I’ve had in my lifetime this one has to be one of the best that I’ve ever had. It was so incredibly soft and had just the right amount crumble, the caramac flavour wasn’t too strong but was definitely noticeable and perfectly complimented the jam and clotted cream (which were  also incredible – I don’t know if they home make their own jam but if they do hats off to whoever made it, it was phenomenal) I can’t wait to see what the daily special scone is the next time we visit.


When it comes to the tea even though I tried to decide what to have before we got there I simply couldn’t quickly choose what I wanted off their extensive tea menu. There were just far to many tasty sounding blends on the menu to make a fast decision. In the end I went for the coconut truffle (Black Tea) and my fiancé went for the Leaves Of Province (Black Tea) – Though if we had the time I could have easily stayed in there for hours and tried so many more of their blends.

Coconut Truffle: Chinese Black Tea, White Chocolate Chips, Milk Chocolate Chips, Cocoa Bits and Coconut Flakes. | This one stood out to me the most out of all the blends on the menu probably because of the Coconut and the mix of two different chocolates. Both pair really well with black tea and make for a pleasant heart warming cup. This was incredibly reminiscent of T2’s Lamington (which I also love). Aside from the tea the coconut was deffienlty the top note. The chocolates provided a slight creaminess in the mouthfeel but not much when it came to taste. I’m so annoyed that I didn’t get a pouch of this to take home with me because after writing this I’m craving it.

Leaves Of Province: Verbena, Lavender, and mild peppermint blended with black tea leaves and fruit. I was so glad that my fiancé picked this tea because it was another tea on the menu that I really wanted to try – My love of tea really is rubbing off on him and I’m enjoying it so much. We both really enjoyed this tea and while I only had a sip or two that was more than enjoy for me to enjoy it’s full flavour profile. For me this was a little bit more herbal and savoury than I would have liked it to be and had it have been my own cup I probably would have added a little sweetener just to balance it all out. Overall though it made for a really pleasant and refreshing cup.

Overall we really enjoyed our time at Just Grand and we know it won’t be long before we’re back an indulging in tea and scones again. Just Grand is such a perfect vintage escape in a busy city centre and I highly recommend it to anyone planning a visit to Leeds… especially the tea lovers. Thank you to the staff at Just Grand! for providing such amazing customer service and making our experience in the tea room amazing.


As always teacups if you have any questions at all about Just Grand! or my new series either stick them in the comments or send them to me on twitter (@teaisawishblog) and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again on Monday. Happy Steeping! – Kimberley



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  1. Hello, congrats for the new series! Looks wonderful!

    I have a tiny little blog and on Mondays, I write about travels. I linked ypur blog article and hopefully some of my readers will find your blog.

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