How Do You Brew? – Tea Infused Mothers Day Chocolates | Featuring Leaves Of The World’s Elderflower Matcha.

Hey there Teacups! Happy Mothers Day, I hope you and your loved ones are having an amazing day celebrating mothers of every kind. To those of you who can’t be with your mothers today I’m so incredibly sorry and I hope that today can be a day you can celebrate your mums life in the best ways possible. When the months Leaves Of The World T-rep box arrived and I saw there new elderflower matcha in there I knew straight away that I had to use it in a recipe. Nothing is better than a handmade gift on mothers day and a lot of people always go for the classic gifts of flowers and/or chocolates so I thought why not combine the two and make some homemade elderflower matcha white chocolates.

When I heard that leaves of the world were bringing out a new matcha blend for spring I was so excited to find out what it was and when I find out that it was Elderflower I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve been loving Elderflower lately and I had never thought of pairing it with matcha. It lead me to think of the most perfect tea infused mothers day recipe that I had to share with you all. The best thing about it is that It’s so incredibly easy to create.



Leaves Of The World Elderflower Matcha

A White Chocolate Of Your Choice – This Works amazingly with both Dairy and Vegan Chocolate.


What You Will Need

A Chocolate Mould

Matcha Bowl & Whisk

 One Perfect Scoop Tea Spoon (You can find those here)

A Saucepan

A Small Glass Mixing Bowl



How To Make Them

–  Turn your hob to a medium flame / temp (depending on what kind of hob you have). Place your saucepan on the hob and fill it up to around half way with water. On top of your plan place your glass mixing bowl. I’ve tried to use a metal mixing bowl before but its makes the whole process so much slower.

– Break your chosen chocolate into small pieces (this will make it melt a little faster) While it’s melting make sure you don’t take your eyes off it and keep stirring it.

–  While your chocolate is melting start to prepare the matcha. Place on perfect scoop of elderflower matcha into your matcha bowl and add an add a very small amount of heated milk (I used sweetened soya milk) you literally only need a dash as you want to try and make quite a thick paste with it. (The reason I chose milk is because it makes the chocolates so incredibly creamy and I love it)

–  Once all of your chocolate is melted add the matcha and stir well. You want to make sure that chocolate and matcha are mixed equally.

–  Once they are thoroughly mixed together Leave it to cool a little bit and then transfer it to your mould. Make sure they are room temperature otherwise you’ll create condensation which will water down your chocolate.

–  Once they are in the moulds leave them to cool a little and then place them in the fridge.  You may have to chill them overnight if by morning they haven’t fully set stick them in the freezer for a little while.

– Pop the chocolates out of the mould and gift them to your mum or enjoy them yourself. No matter if they are a gift or a self treat they will go down a storm.


I’m so glad that these chocolates worked out as well as they did, I’ll certainly be making a lot more Tea infused chocolates in the future. This post is a one part of a two part collaboration with Becca from – She used another of Leaves Of The World’s Flower Power Collection teas to create an amazing tea infused balm so make sure you go and check out her post as well.

As always teacups if you have any questions at all be sure to either stick them in the comments or send them to me on twitter (@teaisawishblog) and I’ll answer them as soon as I can. Also if you have any specific tea infused recipes that you would like to see me have a go at for part of this series let me know (As long as they don’t involve meat I’ll be happy to give them a go.)

Head over to the Leaves Of The World website and check out their flower power collection. This is one of my favourite LOTW collections yet and I’ll be treating myself to more of the blends soon (especially the elderflower matcha) – If you want to treat yourself too remember to use the code TEANOMADKIM20 to get 20% off your first order.

Speak to you all on Monday. Happy Steeping! – Kimberley




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