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My Time at T2’s National Tea Day Blending Event

Hey there Teacups! as you all know the 21st of April 2018 was National Tea Day and while sadly I couldn’t be at The National Tea Day Festival this year (I’m working on attending next year though) I still found something fun and tea centric to do. While traveling back to Rotherham from Manchester I saw that T2 Meadowhall had tweeted that they were doing an event/promotion in store specifically for National Tea Day in which you could custom blend your own tea and take a tin of it home when you bought just one of their tea gift cubes. I simply couldn’t turn down the opportunity to do this, not only was it a great opportunity but an amazing deal as well as you were basically paying £7-£8.50 (depending on the gift cube you bought) for double the amount of tea and a medium size square tin. You all know just how much I love doing my How Do You Brew blending experiments so to have the opportunity to do that with the team in store and use teas and tisanes that I don’t have in my collection at home was exciting.

When I went into T2 Meadowhall I went straight for their tea wall to pick which gift cube I was going to buy which normally take me a lot longer than it did this time around but because I’m loving cold brewed tea and tisanes right now I knew exactly which one I wanted to go for… Geisha Getaway. I had tried it before as it was in of the boxes of selfies I bought at Christmas and I instantly loved it because of my tea ban I hadn’t had chance to buy a full cube of it so this event/promotion really did arrive at such a perfect time and was worth breaking my tea buying ban for. Whilst making my decision one of T2 Meadowhall’s lovely team members handed me a clipboard with the list of option I could pick to make my custom blend, so they could work on blending it while I was checking out.


I had seen a few pictures on twitter of the list and what other people were picking so before going into store I had almost an hour on the train to decide what I wanted to include in my blend and think about what I wanted to call it. Which helped a lot because everyone that knows me knows that I struggle with making decisions on the spot and will often worry about the decision I do make afterwards so being able to go in there with a clear mind and know exactly what I wanted to do made it much easier for me. As someone who frequents T2 Meadowhall quite a lot and had tried a huge amount of the teas and tisanes they sell my aim with this blend was to isolate the teas and tisanes on the list I hadn’t tried and use them to create my blend. To add something new to my collection and try some more of the teas & tisanes that T2 have to offer.

From the list we were given you could pick 1 base tea and then 2 additional teas or tisanes to blend it with. So, for my base I chose Gorgeous Geisha (Another blend I enjoy cold brewed) and I mixed it with Strawberries and Cream & Just Peppermint. Gorgeous Geisha is a green tea with bits of Strawberries in it so I wanted to further enhance that strawberry element and add a little hint of creaminess by pairing it with Strawberries and Cream. Everyone knows that strawberries are amazing together so when I saw that Just Peppermint was also on the list my decision was made. While I made the decisions on what went into my blend quite quickly what I wanted to name it was a much harder choice. In the end I took inspiration from the landscape around me on the train (the Manchester – Rotherham train goes through the peak district) and named my blend Strawberry Fields.


I’m thankful that I was able to make the most of this National Tea Day Treat and I hope that T2 consider doing it again in the future I’m sure it went down a storm with all the Uk’s tea lovers. If they do, do it again I can wait to see if next years list has different teas and tisanes on it. If you went to your local T2 and made the most of this opportunity like I did let me know what you chose for you blends I’d love to give them a go myself and if you didn’t get to take part what would you have chosen if you did? To take part in this event you had to be a member of T2’s Tea Society so if you haven’t signed up to that make sure you do because they do things like this at different times throughout the year and they offer exclusive discounts and things like that too. So, it’s worth signing up for even if the nearest one to you isn’t very local.

As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comment or send them to me on either Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Speak to you all soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley


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