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Let’s Talk Tea – Two Sisters Tea – Hibiscus with Cinnamon |Review

Hey there Teacups! It’s time for another Let’s Talk Tea post this time around I’ll be reviewing Two Sisters Tea’s Hibiscus with Cinnamon blend. You’ll probably recognise their name from my review of their original hibiscus blend last month in which I told you that they had pretty much managed to change every opinion I have ever had on hibiscus so when it come to trying the next blend they had sent to me I couldn’t have been more excited. They very kindly sent me 4 different blends to try and after their original blend it was quite hard to choose between the three that were left but since I’ve been loving cinnamon lately this one stood out to me much more than the other two.


Dry ‘Leaves’

Spicy – Sweet – Slightly Floral

Ingredients: Hibiscus & Cinnamon



Tisane Tasting Notes

Like I’ve already said the original version of this tisane was a game changer for me, so I went into trying this one with great expectation and it really didn’t let me down in fact I think I enjoyed this more than the original one because the added cinnamon just took it to a whole new level. You all know what I’m like when it comes to hibiscus I hardly ever drink it hot unless its part of a blend I’m trying but this time around with it having the cinnamon in there I simply had to see what it would be like both hot and cold and I was far from disappointed. The cinnamon helped to balance out the tart notes of hibiscus and made for a delicious natural sweetness that I didn’t expect. Because the original one I tried was incredibly tart and I had to add honey to balance it out I thought I would have to do the same with this one, but it really didn’t need it (not for me anyway) This has much more of a well-balanced flavour profile that makes it so incredible moreish.

I have to say that I’m honestly gutted that I don’t have more of this for throughout the rest of the summer it’s so hot here in the UK at the moment and this tisane would be the perfect thing to ice and drink to cool down. Two Sisters Tea suggest steeping this for 15 minutes but I’ve found that for me it just ends up to strong and I can’t drink it so I’ve taken to steeping these tisanes for 8 minutes, everyone is different though so if you’re going to try these tisanes I would suggest experimenting with steeping time and seeing what works best for you. After trying this both hot and cold I still had some left over, so I made some tisane ice pops with it which is one of the best ideas I’ve had they were so refreshing and made for such a tasty sugar free treat on the last few hot days we’ve had. I might do a post all about tea ice pops soon if that’s something you would all want to see (let me know)

Overall Teacup Rating: 5/5

If you want to find out more about Two Sisters Tea and purchase this tisane for yourself here. As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping! – Kimberley


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Tea – Two Sisters Tea – Hibiscus with Cinnamon |Review”

  1. I’ve recently tried a hibiscus tea and it was lovely, only steeped for about 5 minutes and it was plenty enough time for a tart fruity drink. I wonder if you could add your own cinnamon to a plain hibiscus tea?


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