Monthly Tea Empties (July 2018)

Hey there Teacups! I’m back today with my July Tea Empties post and before I get into it I just want to warm you that its going to be a long one so before you read on you may want to make cup of tea and grab yourself a snack. I know I promised I would try and make these posts shorter but it’s just not happening in fact I think their getting longer as the months go by. Speaking of the months going by can you believe that were in August already this year is going by so fast we’ll all be taking about Halloween and Christmas before we know it. The heatwave that hit the UK over the last month or so resulted in me drinking a lot of Col brewed tea Iced lattes so I think you’ll see a little bit of a pattern emerge as I go through my empties for the month (I didn’t notice it until I sat down to write this post with them all in front of me)


T2 Go Go Goa (Selfie) (1)

I won’t be reviewing this, but it will be part of a How Do You Brew? post very soon.

The T2 Website 38277423_1865764556813900_5718787123998359552_n.jpgThis is one of my favourite black tea blends that T2 do and I’m sad that I now don’t have nay of it left to be honest (Once my tea ban is over I’ll be buying some more). It’s a perfect blend to make a tea latte with especially when paired with chai spices. Keep your eyes peeled for a How Do You Brew? blending experiment post featuring this blend soon.


T2 Spi Chai (Selfie) (1)

I won’t be reviewing this, but it will be part of a How Do You Brew? post very soon.

The T2 Website 38208489_1865764430147246_8998023533854457856_n.jpg

I honestly forgot I had this Selfie sachet of Spi Chai left and came across by accident when I was sorting out and organising my collection. I’m glad I found it though because since we tried it the first time at out T2 masterclass I’ve been eager to drink it again but as I’m on a tea buying ban I’ve not been able to pick up some more. This is a perfect night-time drink that will help to satisfy any Chai cravings and still make sure you can sleep. This is yet another blend that will be featuring in a How Do You Brew? blending experiment post soon. (I’m finding myself writing for that series a lot more these days and I’m honestly really enjoying it.)



Tregothnan – Breakfast Black (Sample Sachet) (1) *

My Original Review

The Tregothnan Website 38190351_1865764186813937_5544542993744134144_nIf you’ve read my recent review of this tea, you’ll know I absolutely loved it and after my tasting session for my review I finished what was left in the sachet within the hour it was just far too good not to drink more of straight away. I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to try this blend because it did something that a lot of teas and tisanes these days don’t do and surprised me. It had much more of a complex flavour profile than I thought it would and the story behind it is so interesting. I’ll be buying some more of this for sure when I’ve listed my tea buying ban.


ICHAI – Classic Chai (Caddy) (1) *

My Original Review

The ICHAI Website 38267317_1865763816813974_7497361788833366016_n.jpgI drink a lot of chai but until I tried this one I had never found a chai that was perfect for lattes. It’s not specially blended to make latte but it just works so well I made so many iced chai lattes with this through out the month and now it’s all gone I couldn’t be any sadder. To put into perspective just how quickly I went thought this caddy I had over half of it left at the start of the month and by the time I got to around the 20th it was all gone. If you are going to buy anything from ICHAI anytime soon I highly suggest you include their classic chai in your order.



The Tea Brewer – Earl Grey (1) *

My Original Review

The Tea Brewer Website 38213616_1865764413480581_7299977783537565696_n
The Tea brewers really do come in handy on days where I need to get lots of blog posts done and need tea to power me through they make everything so much easier and I can wait to take some on my future train journey or holidays. The Earl Grey one was the first one I tried, and I managed to get 6 cups out of it (each time you fill it yields two cups of tea) which I think is amazing for the price you pay for them. They are perfect for travellers, office workers and bloggers who need teas to power them through full days of writing.



Good & Proper Tea – Hibiscus w/ Rosehip & Ginger (Iced Tea Collection) (2 Bags) *

My Original Review

The Good & Proper Tea Website 38195937_1865764373480585_6915804808725135360_n
My favourite blend from Good & Proper Tea’s new iced tea collection. I’m sure you all know by now how much my views on hibiscus have changed recently so you won’t be shocked to hear that I absolutely loved this its been a sweet saving grace throughout the heatwave we have had recently.



Good & Proper Tea – Green Tea w/ Lemon Balm (Iced Tea Collection) (2 Bags) *

My Original Review

The Good & Proper Tea Website 38140435_1865764363480586_5401134976328531968_n.jpg
A complete game changer for me! Normally its either hit or miss when you cold brew a green tea it either works amazingly or becomes overly vegetal and grassy. This was an absolute hit and with the added citrus kick from the lemon balm it made for such a refreshing iced tea.



Good & Proper Tea – Rooibos w/ Orange (Iced Tea Collection) (2 Bags) *

My Original Review

The Good & Proper Tea Website 38194132_1865764140147275_1989780695228088320_n.jpgThe blend that showed two things 1) Rooibos & Orange are the perfect pairing and 2) that I enjoy rooibos a damn site more when it’s iced/cold brewed. Since trying this I’ve cold brewed so many rooibos blends that had almost given up on because I didn’t enjoy them hot.



Leaves of The World – Fruit Salad (Organic Green Tea Blend) (Sachet) *

The LOTW Website 38267389_1865763963480626_375933698530344960_n.jpg
I went through the bag I was sent of this in two days that’s how good it is!! Another great green tea-based blend to cold brew. It doesn’t get overly vegetal or grassy when cold and the fruit is still able to shine brightly. If you love fruit salad sweets I would suggest you treat yourself to some of this, you won’t be able to put it down. Treat Yourself to some and use the code TEANOMADKIM20 to get 20% off your order.

Twining’s Cold Infuse – Strawberry, Watermelon & Mint (1 Bag)

When my fellow Leaves of The World T-rep Becca posted about Twining’s new cold infuse range on her Insta stories I knew I was going to have to try them out for myself and see what they were like. I couldn’t find them near me for a while but my mum (god bless her) managed to find one of their starter kits in her local Sainsbury’s for half price (£5 instead of £10).38135292_1865764330147256_7374240624238657536_n.jpgWhich I’m honestly glad about because there’s no way I could have justified £10 for it. This was the first out of the three blends in the starter pack which surprised me because I’m not a fan of watermelon at all and I really didn’t expect to enjoy it. Luckily the strawberry was much stronger than the watermelon and it was enjoyable and quite refreshing when ice cold.



Twining’s Cold Infuse – Apple, Blueberry and Blackcurrant (1 Bag)

After the first of their cold infuse blends that I tried made such a great first impression I went into trying this with a few expectations if I’m honest and it met all but one of them. Flavour wise I think this is my favourite out of the three in the starter pack it’s really well balanced and you can pin point each of the ingredients separately.38212439_1865764216813934_6838453508581097472_n.jpgBut it wasn’t very strong which let me down a little bit but seems to be a running theme with this cold infuse bags. As you all know I cold brew a lot of teas and tisanes and they always pack such a punch flavour wise, so I suppose that’s what I was expecting from these.



Twining’s Cold Infuse – Passionfruit, Mango & Blood Orange (1 Bag)

Just like the other two cold infuse blends I’ve already mentioned this was nice and very well blended but it was just a little bit of a let down when it came to the strength of it. 38140404_1865764250147264_894246293067530240_nIf you’re going to purchase any of this cold infuse bags I would suggest using two if you want something that close to the strength you would get from cold brewed loose-leaf tea or tisane.



Magic & Science Gals – Burberry Thrill – (1 Sample Canister) *

My Original Review

The Magic & Science Gals Website 38118640_1865763826813973_4628621534037016576_n.jpg
If you’ve read my recent review of this blend you will know I love it and you’ll also know that I was planning to bake with it as it smells and tastes so much like blueberry muffins. Well towards the end of July I finally got to do some tea infused baking with this blend (used all of what I had left) and I made a Blueberry Black Tea Victoria Sponge filled with Lemon Curd and Honey Whipped Cream if you want to see some pictures of it check out @thebrewteafulbakery on Instagram (I post all the tea infused baking I do on that account).



Leaves of The World – I’m So Currant – (1 14g Sample Sachet) *

The LOTW Website 38260490_1865763970147292_1844259120111157248_n.jpgThis was a blend that was included in one of my recent LOTW t-rep boxes and which everything I’ve been doing for this blog recently I almost forgot about. With this being a fruity green tea blend, I knew that I had to cold brew it and I’m so glad that I did because it turned out well. I didn’t cold brew it for as long as I normally would as I was worried that the green tea would end up over powering everything else and I think I made the right decision because the fruit was still able to come through and it was overly vegetal or grassy. I think I’ll have to order some more of this before summer is over. (If you’re planning on ordering from LOTW soon remember to use the code TEANOMADKIM20 to get 20% off your first order)



Leaves of The World – If You Like Pina Coladas (1 Sachet) *

I won’t be reviewing this, but it did recently feature in a How Do You Brew? post that you can find here.

The LOTW website. 38391515_1865763903480632_515115322097795072_n.jpgIf you want to try a blend that is literally summer in a cup, then you need to try If You Like Pina Coladas. Not only is it a perfect summer blend it is incredibly versatile I’ve cold brewed it and had it iced, I’ve used it to make tea mocktails and I’ve used it to make sorbet there is no end to what you can do with this blend. I’m sad that I don’t have any of this left, so I’ll be ordering some more of this very soon despite my tea ban because it would be silly to not make the most of this blend being around through out the summer. (If you’re going to order any summer blend from LOTW I highly suggest this one it will result in the tastiest summer you will ever have – treat your self and use the code TEANOMADKIM20 for 20% off your first order)



T2 Indian Spice (1 Selfie)

I won’t be reviewing this, but it will be part of a How Do You Brew? post very soon.

The T2 Website 38164164_1865764600147229_2537450658248785920_n

I was so happy to find that I had a Selfie sachet of this left because it was the perfect spice kick I needed for a How Do You Brew blending experiment post that will be going up soon. If you like to experiment with tea blending you should pick a box of this tea up as soon as you can.



Leaves of The World – Sicilian Sunshine (1 Sachet) *

The LOTW Website38294556_1865763893480633_6802578406966820864_n.jpg

This has to be one of if not my all-time favourite white tea-based blend out there I really didn’t want to finish this before I had the chance to buy some more but I just couldn’t help but cold brew it to help me stay refreshed throughout last month. I almost exclusively cold brew white teas now as they just seem to be much more flavourful and a little sweeter when brewed that way (they also give me bad heart burn when steep hot, so I tend not to do that). I’ve used the word refreshing a lot on this post but if you’re looking to stay refreshed in hot weather this is probably the most refreshing blend out there. If you’re new to white tea-based blends this is probably the best one out there you could start your journey with… I’m sorry if you try it and become addicted I really am. (Remember to use the code TEANOMADKIM20 when ordering with Leaves of The World – It will get you 20% off your first order)


So, this is normally the part of this post where I would promise you all that I will try and make next month’s post a little bit shorter, but I don’t want to lie to you all I want to be completely honest. Next months post will probably be just if this post if not longer I just don’t realise how much tea I’m drinking through the month and when it comes to the end of this month and I have all of the empties in front of me it honestly surprises me.

As always Teacups if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Speak to you all soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

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