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Let’s Talk Tea – Jolly Brew Tea Co – Celtic Campfire | Review

Hey there Teacups! Today’s post is another let’s talk tea review but this time around it won’t just be me that’s doing the review. My fiancé will be joining in fact he’ll be taking the wheel for most of the post. He asked me recently if he could start helping me write reviews for this series and there was now way at all that I was going to say no to him. I’m so happy that my love for tea is slowly rubbing off on him, he tries almost every tea I brew now which is amazing because there was a time when he wouldn’t have tried any of them and I’m proud of how far he’s come.

In this Let’s Talk tea post we will be reviewing Jolly Brew Tea Co’s – Celtic Campfire blend. My fiancé offered to do this review for me in the most part because he knows I’m not a huge fan of smoky teas and he is a fan of them, so it makes sense really doesn’t it. To make this review a little more well-rounded when it comes to the Tasting notes section of the review there will notes from each of us as I thought it would be interesting to see how contrasting out opinions are. (I really hope we can do more posts like this in the future)

Dry Leaves

Smoky – Slightly Sweet – Woody – Nutty – Tobacco – Strong – Robust

This tea smells great! It reminds me of the smells of a dying campfire. The slight hints of sweetness really compliment the deep rich notes of the wood and smoke. As a fan of smoky whisky, this really got my nose tingling! – T39274621_462499087599893_3256775934216241152_n.jpgWhen it came to the aroma of the dry leaves of this tea as soon as I smelt it I knew it was going to be too much for me even though I’ve tried a few moderately smoky teas recently they were all rather light on the smoky front and were much easier to drink and had lighter aromas in which the smokiness was much more of a underlying note that a top note. When I first smelt the dry leaves, I knew this was going to be to strong for me and I couldn’t have been happier that for the most part my fiancé was doing most of this review. – K

Tea Tasting Notes

The first thing you get when tasting this tea is that lovely deep smoky flavour on the nose, and this carries through to the pallet with ease, although in a more mellow fashion. The tea is smooth to drink and evolves well as you drink it. It reminded me a little bit of camping in a forest, as you get the earthiness, followed by the wood and smoke. Personally, I would have liked a bit of the sweetness from the dry leaves to carry on through, but I can live without that. While this tea is obviously for drinking, I think it would be great for smoking meats or other barbeque foods in a smoker.
In the end, the tea is branded as a smoky black tea, and that’s certainly what you get. If you’re a fan of smoky black teas, then pick up some of this for yourself! – T39195315_225713884742768_8981002088834138112_n.jpgWhen it comes to this blend all I can say is it does what it says on the tin if you are already a fan of smoky black tea you will love this and at the end of the day that’s who this blend has been made for. For me the smokiness of this blend was too strong and while the malty notes of the black tea were push to the back and were much more present in the aftertaste than in the mouth. For the most part this tea is smoky and woody and reminds me taste and aroma wise of the smoke that comes from a fire that is slowly going out. Burn Wood is its strongest note flavour wise I can’t quite pin point what kind of wood it is as its come across as much more of a mix than one specific wood. When it come to smoky teas I don’t drink a lot of them but out of the ones I have tried in the past this is one of the best I’ve had. It’s not something I would reach for daily but maybe overtime it will grow on me – K

Overall Teacup Rating: 4/5

If you want to find out more about Jolly Brew Tea and purchase this tea for yourself, you can do both here. As always Teacups if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to us on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and we’ll answer them all as soon as possible. We would love to hear some feedback from you all in regards to the new format of this post, we would love to do more like this but obviously as the readers your opinions are the ones that matter the most so please let us know in the comments whether or not you like the way that this post was done.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – K & T

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