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Monthly Tea Empties – August (2018)

Hey there Teacups! We’ve come to the end of another month and so it’s time again for another monthly empties post. This one is a little bit shorter than the rest have been (I finally managed to do it!) but it includes some absolute gems that I’ve been loving throughout the month and I’m rather sad that I don’t have any of them left they’ve made for an incredibly varied and tasty month. As always if a tea or tisane has a * next to it that means it was gifted to be featured as part of my Let’s Talk Tea series or in the case of Leaves of The World blends because I’m a t-rep. For each tea/tisane I’ve reviewed or featured before I’ve linked to those original posts and the company websites.40610491_410675302794113_3385705204560166912_n.jpg


Pu’erh Wellness Gruana | Tea House Emporium (1 Bag) *

My Original Review

The Tea House Emporium Website40592196_243896652985874_5412602921260941312_nI’m so surprised that this blend lasted as long as it did because I really enjoy it and it made for a great latte. It would have been great for throughout the autumn months and now I think about it I’m sad that I don’t have any left.



Saffron Fields | Tregothnan (1 Sample Sachet) *

My Original Review

The Tregothnan Website40502032_749052318779913_1857291120334077952_n.jpgMy favourite blend of all the blends that Tregothnan make I made a sample sachet of this last so long because I really don’t want to run out of it. I’m really hoping that they will be selling this at their stall at The Great British Tea Festival in October as it’s a blend that my ‘collection’ is not complete without.



Yixing Souchong | Grand Tea (1 Sample Sachet) *

My Original Review

The Grand Tea Website40553405_380292215847565_69547606560210944_n.jpgA tea that caught me completely off guard and really surprised me! Check out my original review to find out why. I’ll be buying lots more of this in the future so you’re bound to see it feature a lot over on my Instagram & Twitter.



Pink Flamingo (Tisane) | Leaves of The World (1 – 40g Sachet) *

I haven’t reviewed this yet, but it was part of a How Do You Brew recipe post recently and you can find that here.

The Leaves of The World Website40545259_373987693139225_1656744855172284416_n.jpgA tisane from LOTW that was perfect for summer! I loved the mocktail I made with it and even though I’m on a tea buying ban I might have to sneak a cheeky order in before it’s gone for the rest of the year. I’m note sure I can wait until next summer to have this again.



Hibiscus with Cardamom | Two Sisters Tea (1 Sachet) *

My Original Review

The Two Sister Tea Website

40534000_277213806225812_1463466421999632384_n.jpgThe last of the tisanes that Two sisters sent to me this one was much more unique than the rest and I really enjoyed it. I’m so excited for when they start shipping to the UK because I’ll be ordering so many of their blends.



Green Refreshment | The Tea Brewer (1 Brewer) *

My Original Review

The Tea Brewer Website40501207_222100401992687_1994781145262194688_n.jpgI didn’t enjoy this as much as their earl grey brewer but if you are a fan of mint and light green teas this is the one for you. Check out my review to find out more.



Red Velvet Tisane | Hope & Glory (1 10g Sachet) *

My Original Review

The Hope & Glory Website40472412_1954334351525627_8059951841175142400_n.jpgOne of the only tisanes with Hibiscus in it that I have ever enjoyed hot! Yeah that’s right you heard me I drank a tisane with hibiscus in it hot … are you proud of me? This was nice and I’m so glad that I have some more of this left to enjoy over the next month or so.



Authentic Whole Spice Masala Chai Latte | Aura Chai (1 Sample Sachet) *

My Original Review

The Aura Chai Website40418496_2111721959043562_337689647574417408_n.jpgThe best and most authentic Chai Latte blend that I have ever had. This gave me an amazing first impression of Aura Chai and I’m beyond excited to try their chocolate chai latte blend. If you love chai lattes, you have to check them out when you have the time their online store just opened!



Daily Matcha | Mizuba Tea Co (1 – 10g Sample Sachet) *

My Original Review

The Mizuba Tea Co Website40628793_2234531343448137_8963396257678622720_n.jpgA very surprising Matcha that was a welcome savoury break from the norm. Check out my review to see exactly what I mean by that. Another one that gave a great first impression and has left me excited to see what all the other matchas they sent are like.


As always Teacups if you have any questions about any of the teas, tisanes or brands featured in this post stick them in the comments of this post or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can. I always look forward to when it’s time for another one of these posts because when I’m going through the month I never really realise how much of a wide variety of teas/tisanes I drink sand it’s nice to look back on it all.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley



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