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Let’s Talk Teaware – Tesane Tea Co | Tea for One – 4 Piece Ceramic Travel Tea Set | Review

Hey there Teacups! I’m back today with a Let’s Talk Teaware post this time around I’m going to be reviewing a tea for one tea 4 piece ceramic travel tea set from Tesane Tea Co they very kindly sent me this set to try out and I’ve been putting it through its paces the last few weeks to really make sure that my review could be as rounded as possible. I’ve been following Tesane Tea Co for a while now on Instagram so when they said they would love to collaborate with me I could have honestly jumped for joy, all their Teaware is amazing and I never expected them to send me something as amazing as this little kit. Before this arrived, I wasn’t too sure what to expect from it as there’s very little information online and only a few pictures so I’m hopeful that this post will give people who are thinking of buying it an idea of what It’s like. (I promise I’ll try and make this post as in-depth as possible without boring you all)41148423_708717729490737_1155159723733942272_n.jpgHere’s what Tesane Tea Co have to say out their Tea for One – 4 Piece Ceramic Travel Tea Set on their website. ‘’A tea for one set that scream sophistication! The Sleek ceramic design has the everyday look of 4-piece thermos with a fashionable coloured accent to show your style. Comes with a travel carrying case!’’ – Tesane Tea Co

Drinkware Type: Tea Set / Tea for One
Pieces: 4
Ceramic Type: Porcelain
Technique: On-Glazed
Available Colours: Red, Grey & Brown
Materials Used: Porcelain & Silicon (The red accents)

I was very kindly sent the red version of this set which is for the most part bright white in colour and the red comes to play in the accents and the travel case it’s has a very clean and sophisticated look to it which I love. I have lots of colourful Teaware so it’s nice this is a welcome addition to my collection that I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of use out of throughout the next few months.

As you all know I often take train journeys back to Manchester to visit my family, so you probably won’t be surprised to hear that one of my favourite things about this tea set is that it is made purposefully for those who travel and it’s carry case is not only brilliantly colourful it’s also really sturdy. I mean I plan on throwing this about, dropping it or anything like that but I’m 100% sure that if anything like that happened accidentally this case would be able to stop it from smashing. Aesthetically I also love that the case matches the silicone accents on the flasks I’m such a visual person that minute details like that are some of my favourite things and probably make me a little happier than they should. I’ll be taking this to The Great British Tea Festival in October as they are going to have a pop-up tea room and I can’t wait to take a little bit of time in that busy day to sit use this set and sit an enjoy some excellent tea from their exhibitors. I think this would also be perfect to take on holiday as well because it’s so incredibly compact it would be perfect for the plane and doesn’t take up much space in a bag at all (I think I’ll be taking it to Vegas and Florida with us in the coming years41039247_307201543346275_9060442512610557952_n

As you can see in the picture above the way this kit works is so incredibly simple it has for pieces – The Cup (The Larger White Part), The Infuser, A Stand for The Infuser (The Smaller White Part) and A Silicon Cover for the cup (so you don’t burn your hands) there are no added useless bits it simply just does what it says on the tin and that just gives me yet another reason to love this little kit. I’m not 100% sure if I’m using it the right way but I’m using it the way they it works for me and that’s what matters isn’t it, the thing about tea and teaware is that it can be incredibly versatile so no matter the way you use it if it works for you that’s what matters.

The one and only way in which this set fall flat for me is that the holes in the infuser are quite big, so you can’t brew finer teas in this without them going into you cup but it’s perfect for whole leaf teas and I’ve been drinking at lot more of them regularly because of that fact. I’ve notice that the porcelain has actually affected the way some of my teas taste as well and brought out some notes in them that I was never able to taste when using glass or stoneware that alone has made me want to do my blog tasting sessions with this and experiment with teaware made of different materials (if any of you would like to see a comparison post let me know). I would highly recommend that you use the silicon cover for the cup because it can get quite hot and you will probably burn your hand like I did if you don’t use it, The first time I used this I forgot to use the cover and burnt my hand but I learnt from my mistake I’ve used it each and every time since.40868875_319857518762954_664369979709194240_nA huge thank you to the team at Tesane Tea Co for being incredibly generous and sending me this brilliant set to try out, I have no doubt that it is going to see a lot of use over the next few months/years (if I’m not clumsy with it). I think it’s one of the best pieces of teaware I have in my collection right now and I can’t wait to take it travelling with me (hopefully further than Manchester at some point). I would highly recommend this to people who travel a lot especially by train and lovers of whole leaf teas as your teas will well and truly shine and you may even see them in a whole new light after steeping them in a porcelain vessel. I can’t wait to treat myself to more Tesane Tea Co teaware in the future, if this set is anything to go by my teaware collection is in for an incredible treat.

Overall Teaware Rating: 5/5

If you want to know more about Tesane Tea Co and purchase this set for yourself, you can do both here. As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley


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