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Let’s Talk Tea | Hope & Glory – Maharajah Collection Organic Assam | Review

Hey There Teacups! I’m back today with another Let’s Talk Tea post and this time around I’m going to be reviewing Hope & Glory Tea’s loose-leaf Assam black tea. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I tried my first blend from Hope & Glory last month and I loved it so going into this tasting session I did have a few expectations (if you haven’t read my first post featuring them you can find that here). You all know just how much a black tea fan I am so when I saw that they had sent me some of their Assam I couldn’t have been happier because it’s not very often I’m sent pure black teas to review (I’m not complaining) so this was a very nice welcome change from the norm. Black Tea wise Darjeeling and Assam are my favourite, so I had no doubt about the fact that I was going to enjoy this tea and wind up wanting so much more of it in my ‘collection’.42691360_721536824861339_6416053306199638016_nHere what Hope & Glory Tea had to say about this Assam on their website: ‘’ A full bodied, organic black tea sourced from the Assam region of North East India. The tea estates of Assam follow the fertile floodplains of the mighty Brahmaputra River, a hot humid region, at sea level. Assam teas are renowned for their strength, thickness and malty character and are best served with milk. Second flush Assam is a seasonal tea, with the best quality teas being plucked during the month of June. This Tea Is Best Served with Milk’’ (For most anyway but I enjoy it much more on its own with a teaspoon on honey when I need something a little sweet)

Dry Leaves

Leaf Grade: TGFOP | 100% Organic Assam Black Tea42667492_1906672212742246_7975560806165118976_nThe aroma of the Assam was much lighter than I thought it would be I was expecting much more from it as the pure Assam’s I’ve had in the past have had strong & robust aromas that are unmistakably Assam and I just didn’t get that from this one. I could pick out slight Malt and wood/damp wood like notes but apart from that not much else but an incredibly muted vanilla note. My only hope going into the tasting session is that the tea would deliver much more in it’s taste than it did in its aroma.

Brewing Guide: Add 1x 10gm sachet of tea (enough for 3-4 cups of tea) to a teapot. Bring water to a boil (100oC). Infuse for 4-5 Mins. (I normally do 4:30 mins)

For this tasting session I used 4g of tea | My 150ml teapot and tumbler and 150ml of 100o Water


Tea Tasting Notes

It’s much stronger in taste than it is in aroma and I couldn’t have been happier about that, I was expecting it to be quite light as the dry aroma was lighter than I have ever smelt in an Assam. It’s full bodied, with a great strength and thickness and isn’t drying to the mouth at all which in quite unique as almost all the Assam’s I’ve had have been very drying and leave me thirst after tasting sessions. The muted vanilla notes from the aroma didn’t come through in the taste at all which was a little bit disappointed but without light it was in the aroma I shouldn’t have expected it to come through in the taste.42666642_273644969947856_3467197059335979008_nWhile most people say that Assam is best served with milk I prefer it either on it’s own or with a very small amount of honey. Some Assam can be very astringent and they need that little added sweetness to round them off a little bit and sadly that was the case with this one. It was easily fixed though and once I added that honey it was much more well balanced and I was reminded of exactly why I love Assam it’s my second favourite black tea and I don’t have enough of it in my tea collection right now (that will be changing as soon as my tea buying ban has stopped). I’m really thankful that I was given the chance to try this Assam because I don’t get to review many pure black teas and It was nice to have a break from only reviewing black tea based blends. I love them just as much but I think I just needed a little bit of a break from what has seemingly become my norm.

Overall Teacup Rating: 4.8/5

If you want to find out more about Hope & Glory Tea and purchase this Assam for yourself, you can do both here. As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

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