Migraine Moments (2) – Why Tracking Your Migraines Could Help You More Than You Think.

As you all know I’ve suffered with Migraines for a while now they started while I was in high school but at the time they were nowhere near as bad as they are now and I just thought they were horrible headaches as they were nowhere near as regular as they are now I would probably get one or two a month and for a while they were manageable but in the last year and a half they have been worse than ever so I’ve been doing my best to try to track them to help me understand them a little bit more and starting to track them was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in regards to my migraines. Tracking my Migraines has helped me to identify some triggers and helped me learn which relief methods help me the most which makes navigating attacks a little easier.

When I started tracking my migraines I did it in a bullet journal but it was hard to keep it up and when my migraine attacks start sitting and writing is just not something I want to do. Then I started using a migraine tracker calender that I printed off but it didn’t allow me to write down enough information so I went it search of an app and came across the Migraine Buddy app and that’s what I’ve been using ever since. (This isn’t a spon post I just love the app). My favourite thing about the migraine buddy app is how much information it allows me to put in and keep track of it really helps to have it all to look back on when figuring out triggers and patterns.


Picture Credit : The Migraine Buddy

Each Screen on the app is related to a migraine parameter. One question per screen is asked and a list of answers is proposed. You just need to select yours:

Date & duration: Do you know when it started?
Pain intensity: How bad was it?
Pain location: Where did the pain start?
Drug treatment: Did you take any medication?
Reliefs: How about any of these relief methods?
Symptoms: Were you experiencing any of these symptoms?
Auras: Did you sense it coming?
Impacts: How did it affect your activities?
Start location: Where were you when the migraine started?
Triggers: Can you guess what could have triggered it?
Menstruation: Were you having your menstrual cycles?

Each of those questions allows you to search for & input custom answers which is great because everyone who suffers with migraines experiences them in different ways so each an every person that uses the app with have completely different records and the fact that the app enables that is what makes it standout from every other app tracking app out there and the fact that it’s free to download is shocking I would have quite happily paid to use this app if i had to. The work they are doing to help people who suffer is amazing and they should be proud of what they are doing.


Picture Credit : The Migraine Buddy

Once you have recorded all your migraine parameters, Migraine Buddy gives you a summary of your migraine. There you can also add notes to give more details to your migraine!And you have an automatic detection of the weather to give you the temperature, the humidity and the pressure when your migraine started! (I told you it keeps track of a huge amount of things didn’t I).

Over time the app will also build reports of each migraine and record of triggers and reliefs which and be exported and emailed to your doctor. If you struggle with anxiety and you are prone to panic in certain situations like I am this will help a lot as it give you a way to explain things to your doctors with a visual aid. The brain fog I get with my migraines means I often forget things and sometimes it stops me from actually being able to say what I want to say so this is yet another aspect of the app that helps me a lot.


Picture Credit : The Migraine Buddy

In the past when I was told to start tracking my migraines I thought it would end up becoming a little bit redundant and there was no way it would end up helping me, I thought I’d lose track of everything and never had up to date records but I clearly couldn’t have been more wrong. Tracking my migraines really has helped me much more than I ever thought it was, it hasn’t helped me stop them completely (I don’t think anything ever will) but it’s helped me to understand my body and my pain a little bit more and I’m really thankful to that. Being in pain all the time sucks but having been able to take most of the guess-work out of relief methods and triggers has been so incredibly helpful. If you suffer with Migraines no matter the regularity I highly recommend using the migraine buddy to track them it will help you a lot more than you think.

As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can. If you want to find out more about The Migraine Buddy App you can do that here.

Speak to you all soon. – Kimberley





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