Migraine Moments (3) – My Migraine Attack Relief Kit.

Recently I posted on my Instagram story about the two main staples of my Migraine Attack Relief Kit and a few people messaged me and ask me to talk more about it so I thought I’d dedicate todays Migraine Moments post to it and give a run down of everything in it and how each of the products help me to relive some pain during migraine attacks. As my migraine started to become more and more frequent I started to notice the things that were actually helping me and giving me relief from the pain (even the slightest bit of relief is something) and instead of having them spread around the house I thought I’d put them all in one easy to reach place so they were easy to reach for when I needed them. Often times when my migraines are the at their worst I can even move my head due to the horrible pain getting worse with even the slightest bit of movement so it’s nice to know everything that might help is in an easy to reach place.




1. Ice Strips | I’ve found that these really help to get rid of some of the tension in my forehead when I have a migraine attack. Sometime when I get migraines my temperature sky rockets so these really help to cool me down. I recently ordered one that I can put in the freezer and re-use over and over again (so I won’t be creating as much mess). But I can’t take that everywhere with me so these strips come in handy for travelling because they don’t take up much space in travel bags.




2. Pain Medication | The only thing pain medication wise that seems to even touch my migraines a little bit is either Migraleve or Panadol + ibuprofen lysine. I’ve tried a lot of different things over the years and these are the only things that give me even the slightest bit of relief and sometimes they don’t do anything at all it depends completely on the pain level of each migraine. But I highly recommend keeping whatever medication whether it’s specific prescribed medication or otherwise in an easy to reach place for when attacks start. Downloading a medication tracker / remind app could help you a lot as well. I use the migraine buddy app as you can track the medications you take as soon as you start recording a migraine.




3. Something Sweet & Something Salty | If I have something too sweet ..  I get a migraine and if I have something to salty I get a migraine so I have to balance them out. As weird as that may sound if I don’t balance them out I end up in so much pain. So if I know we are going anywhere for a meal and I know I’m going to be having something overly sweet I always take a small salty snack with me so I can balance it out. I also don’t have any soft drinks as they are far too sugary and almost nothing can balance them out. As of yesterday there are some lindt truffles in my relief kit (a special treat from my fiancé) and salty snack wise I will almost always go for crisps as they have a salt content high enough to balance out overly sweet things.





4. Tea | Okay this one I don’t always keep in the same place as the others because I have so much of it in the house that it’s easy for me to make a cup or …5 when I need it. The caffeine is said to help with migraines and while it does most of the time sometimes for me it doesn’t because the pain is too much (but I still drink it because I love it). I find that the teas that help me the most when I have a migraine are black teas and Matcha so they are always my go to during attacks. I use my Ello products travel mug as it holds just over 500ml and keeps my tea warm for hours which helps when you can’t move too much due to the pain.




5. Sunglasses / Migraine Glasses / Screen Light Protection Glasses | Bright lights are not only a huge trigger for my migraines but they are the WORST during migraine attacks so I always make sure I have some dark sunglasses to hand and as soon as an attack starts they go straight on and they do help to block out all the light that would normally hurt me more during attacks. At some point during this year I’ll deffinelty be investing in some Migraine glasses and some glasses with screen light filters built-in as I have heard they will help me a lot more than normal sunglasses.




I have to stress that these are this things that help me during migraine attacks but everyone who suffers with them has different experiences. Non of these thing take my migraines away fully but they do provide me with little bits of relief which is more than nothing. If you suffer with migraines let me know what you would put / have put in your migraine relief kit and as always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me in Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again soon – Kimberley

6 thoughts on “Migraine Moments (3) – My Migraine Attack Relief Kit.

  1. The Content Cr_Eater says:

    Hmm I will look into ice strips and glasses. Tea is always nice!

    For anyone sensitive to weather/pressure changes the MigraineX earplugs are helpful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kristen says:

    Thanks for this post. I’ve suffered chronic migraines since I was a teenager. I’m now 39, pregnant with my 4th child, and getting migraines daily, sometimes twice daily. I’m on a preventative treatment through a neurologist which has stopped working since pregnant. My go to medication is by prescription (triptans) which I’m now, unfortunately, overmedication with. Just a bit of background.
    I use Olbas Oil as an aromatherapy relief. It tends to take the edge off on those really sharp ones, enough so I can get to sleep. Peppermint is a good alternative. Ice pack wrapped in a tea towel on the head or back of neck. That’s all I’ve figured out over the years. I’ll be looking into those migraine glasses and ear plugs! Thanks!

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