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Teas I Drink In A Day (#1) | A Collaboration With The Tea Library

Hey there Teacups! I know I don’t normally post today but when Becca from The Tea Library asked me if I wanted to start a new collaborative series with her revolving around documenting the teas we both drink in a day I couldn’t say no! Both Becca and I love watching Teas I Drink In A Day videos on YouTube so when she suggest giving it a go through a series of blog posts throughout the year I jumped on the chance to be involved and collaborate with not only another amazing tea/book blogger but a great tea friend. (Before I get into writing this post be sure to go and check out Becca’s blog The Tea Library and make sure you follow her so you can read her part of this collaboration when it goes live).

For this post I chose to document all the teas I drank on January 30th I chose that day specifically because I knew I wasn’t planning to do any tasting session for my blog on days when I do them I drink an above average amount of tea in one go and I wanted this post to be a representation of what I would drink on a normal day. Becca and I have planned to do this every month and I think for now I will try to keep it to normal days rather than tasting session days unless that is something you would like to see in the future. (I totally wouldn’t mind doing it)



50936391_350790892420985_5091747629931429888_n8.30am (Wednesday 30th) – The first tea I had was Kensington Teas – Super Berry Green Tea blend. Which is a  delicious blend of their Sencha Green Tea with Hibiscus, Rosehip, Apple Pieces and Orange Peel. This is such an amazing fruity blend that I really enjoyed hot despite it having hibiscus in it, I think it was because all the notes were rather muted and because of that nothing overpowered anything else and it was a delightful tea to drink. What I wasn’t expecting from this blend was how creamy it tasted I can imagine this would pair well with a fruity scone during a summer afternoon tea. (I made this in my Ello Products travel tea cup which hold around 2 normal mugs full of tea it holds 18oz of tea and I used 3 LOTW Leaf Loaders of Tea.) Becca actually sent me this sample when we did our last tea swap but I can deffinelty see myself buying much more of this as I think it would be a great replacement for cordial.


50652047_367238530777586_6727176747097260032_n.jpg12pm (Wednesday 30th) – While my lunch was cooking I decided to do a little bit of a blending experiment and mixed of  Tea Spectral’s Phoenix oolong (An oxidised oolong blend with lemon flavours) blend with some Edgecumbes Milk Oolong. The resulting blend was absolutely beautiful and tasted like freshly baked scone with lemon curd and cream and I’ve not stopped drinking this since that day. This was the best blend to drink alongside my lunch and with it being so naturally sweet it stopped me reaching for something sweet after my lunch and I didn’t snack at al for the rest of the day. I’ll deffinelty be blending these two teas together in the future and I’ll be trying it with a few other fruity blends as well. (I made this in my Ello Products travel tea cup which hold around 2 normal mugs full of tea it holds 18oz of tea and I used 2 LOTW Leaf Loaders the phoenix blend and 1 of the milk oolong which I found to be the perfect ratio |Both teas were #giftedforreview and you can find my review of them Here (Phoenix) and Here (Milk Oolong) .


51135281_393707024720918_8203862356879474688_n.jpg4:30 pm (Wednesday 30th) – Considering the Ello cup is a travel cup it keeps things hot for a long time so I managed to write a few blog posts while I was drinking that last oolong blend and once I had finished it I decided I wanted to have a black tea an went for Teaeli’s Chocolate Chai blend. This is a blend that was sent to me to review and If you’ve read that post you know I absolutely love this blend and that I’ve almost finished a full caddy of it since it arrived at my house late December. It’s a chocolate lovers dream and if you’re a fan of cardamom heavy black tea blends like I am this is one you will enjoy to no end. I have this one with a bit of honey and oat milk and makes for a perfect latte. I probably have enough of this blend to make 2 more cups and I’m going to be so sad when I don’t have any of it left. It’s one I’ll be re-purchasing time and time again. (I made this in my Ello Products travel tea cup which hold around 2 normal mugs full of tea it holds 18oz of tea and I used 3 LOTW Leaf Loaders of tea)


51036567_345533869621404_4644469246099718144_n.jpg8:26pm (Wednesday 30th) – After I had my first black tea of course I had to have another and this time around I went for Dear Tea Society’s Daring Dorothy blend. It’s a black tea blend with peach, pineapple and liquorice root that is absolutely amazing both hot and iced. It’s naturally sweet enough that you don’t need to add any sweetener and packs such an incredible fruity punch. Dorothy is a force to be reckoned with and just like the chocolate chai I have enjoyed this blend so much since it was sent to me to review that I pretty much have next to non of it left. It’s so good that I can’t stop drinking it. so I highly recommend this one to anyone who loves fruity black teas because this is one of the best that I’ve ever had. This was my last tea of the day and it was the perfect way to round everything off. (I used my T2 Glass Tumbler that I use in all of my blog posts to make this tea (I’m sorry I don’t know how much it holds) and 1 Daring Dorothy teabag). If you want to find out more about this blend my let’s talk tea review of this blend went up on my blog yesterday and you can find it here.

I really enjoyed putting this post together and I’m looking forward to doing it again at the end of each month throughout 2019. I’m so thankful that Becca chose to ask me to do this with her and I can’t wait to read her post for this collaboration when it goes live on her blog. As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can.



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