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Migraine Moments (5) – Becca’s Migraine & Fibromyalgia Story (Guest Post)

Hey everyone! Todays Migraine Moments post is the first guest post of the series. My friend Becca from The Tea Library suffers with migraines as well and when I told her that I wanted to start this series she offered to write a guest post straight away and share her migraine (& Fibromyalgia) story with you all. Hopefully there will be lots more guest posts to come for this series as my main aim with them is so have as many people share how migraines have effected them to show people who don’t suffer with them just how differently they effect each and every one of us. Enough of my rambling thought  I’ll hand you all over to Becca now.


I just want to say thank you to Kimberley for letting me be a part of her Migraine Moments series on her blog. it’s nice to share and get to know others that are suffering and hopefully share a few ideas!

Migraines. Pain. Medication. They all affect one another and my life doesn’t seem like my life without them anymore. I suffer with Fibromyalgia alongside my Migraines (and IBS!) which rear their ugly head more often than I’d like. Finding coping mechanisms can be the thing that stops you going under when the pain gets unbearable. Without my coping strategies I’m not entirely sure I’d live the life I do. Here’s how I find relief and cope when I don’t want my prescribed meds!

*I am on a constant Prescription for Pain for my Fibromyalgia and I also take medication for my IBS so I often can’t mix Paracetamol etc with my pain meds for Migraines. My Fibromyalgia means I ale stronger pain killers such as Codeine and Morphine (at different times) and these can often be my biggest trigger.



Peppermint has been a saviour when it comes to my pain and my migraines. I’ve had medication, the pain killers that knock you out, the basic 25p from ASDA crap. But Peppermint has been a way to keep down the prescription meds I’m taking and be able to function daily. Peppermint is great for easing tension in the brain as it can act as both a pain killer and a muscle relaxant which is why it gives relief from headaches and migraines. Especially when ingested in the form of tea, which in itself, is a relaxing thing to do. Suffering with IBS as well (I know I’m a walking accident waiting to happen!) I would be nothing without Peppermint Tea. I have this with me everywhere, I can loose leaf variations at home, I have it at Andy’s house, there’s a box in my desk drawer at work and I even have a few in my handbag all the time!

Favourite: Greek Mythology from Leaves of the World.



Who doesn’t love a bath? The best way to battle a migraine is to soothe your mind and body. Well, that’s what works for me anyway, I find I focus on this to find new ways to find relief. So a bath was always a natural choice when my Migraines first started. It seemed, to me, like an obvious choice. But it took a while and a few worse heads to find what worked for me. If you want to see if it works for you, spend a few hours reading up on Temperature Therapy. I experimented with bath bombs, salts, melts, bubble bath, oils, nothing. Everything, and a mixture of the above to see which did or didn’t work for me. My bath has to be red hot, and half way full, and my mum gets me a freezing cold flannel for the base of my skull. The cold on the base of my skull and the hot temperatures on my feet pulls the pressure from my brain out and often gives me relief when my migraines are at their worst. I’ll sometimes read too, but it’ll depend on the severity of my head. I’d read something soft and soothing too on the dimmest setting on my Kindle. My baths are always in the dark too, with one lit tea-light.

My go-to Products: Soap and Glory Clean on Me and a Rebecca Raisin novel.


Andy & My Mum

Honestly, these are it for me. They are my coping mechanism and without them, I dunno. My mum wouldn’t think twice about sitting for hours brushing my hair, because it relieves pain for me as it’s one of my biggest comforts. She always did it when I worried or cried when I was little and it still soothes me now. If Andy knows I have a migraine he’ll make sure I have a constant stream of ice cold water, and a bowl and towel close by for when, inevitably, it makes me sick. He’ll sit for hours in the middle of the night just talking to me, and making me think of other things. They both have on occasion sat with me in the middle of the night, holding flannels to my head so I can sleep, and stay asleep and sacrifice their own wellbeing for me to cope. As much as this doesn’t seem like something you could adapt for yourself, this is how I cope, this is what I do for relief. But the best way to cope with Migraines or Pain in general is to make sure you have the best support system around you, that you could possibly ask for. Migraines are hard. Emotionally, mentally & physically they drain you.

What you have to bear in mind always, is that coping mechanisms and forms of pain relief are always suited to each individual. I’ve spoken to Kim now for quite a while, and to be honest, she’s one of the nicest ladies I’ve met whilst blogging. Alongside tea and life and everything in between we’ve spent a long time talking about pain and what it does and doesn’t affect and how we do and don’t cope with it. I’ve found more and more about my own migraines in her experiences, and hopefully I’ve helped for her too in ways of talking, chatting and talking about our own ways. But since speaking to her it has become more and more apparent that we do have to find our own ways to deal with Migraines. As I know, that peppermint is my top pain relief outside of the prescribed kind, but for Kim they make her worse!

If you fancy getting to know me more, I’m always happy to chat Migraines, Pain, Books & Tea over at my blog, or on my Social Media.

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The Tea Library

Good Tea and Good Books make a Good Life.

If you suffer with migraines and you would like to share your story for my Migraine Moments series send and email to teaisawishblog@hotmail.com and I’ll let you know how you can get involved.

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