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Let’s Talk Tea | Terrific Tea – Organic Matcha (Green Tea) | Review

Hey there Teacups! I’m back today with another Let’s Talk Tea Post and this time around I’m going to be reviewing Terrific Tea’s Organic Matcha (Green Tea). Terrific Tea were kind enough to send me a tin of their Matcha along with a personalised Matcha spoon which I really wasn’t expecting and was such a nice surprise when I opened the package it all came in. Each of their tins contains a 1 months supply based on using a 1g serving of Matcha once a day which isn’t bad at all considering the tins are £11.95. While the tin I was sent was gifted to me for review all the opinion in the post are my own and have not been paid for. (I normally wouldn’t include that disclaimer in a post as I have a page on my blog all about it, but I’ve had a few people as about it recently via DM’s and emails so I’ll be including it in every post from now on) 52459028_773571836332285_6049203781327912960_nk.jpg

Here’s What Terrific Tea have to say about this Matcha on their website: This ceremonial Matcha green tea powder is 100% natural and does not contain any additives such as sugars, acids, colorants, preservatives and is certified organic by the Soil Association. Only the finest tea buds are picked and dried to create our fine milled, bright green organic Matcha. It has a unique, sweet and distinctive taste.

Vegan, organic and gluten-free.52668750_287721651897252_2985077312388595712_n.jpgIngredients: 100% Organic Matcha

For this tasting session I had this Matcha on its own and as a latte with a little oat milk and two teaspoons of honey. I tend to that every time I try a new Matcha for a tasting session purely because I know I will be using Matcha for lattes more than I will anything else so it’s important for me to know from the start whether or not it lends itself to a latte or not then I know how to use it in the future. 52605147_1152764208219040_5764933292008669184_n.jpg


Tea Tasting Notes

As you all know I try to start everyday with a cup (or two) of Matcha so over the past few years I’ve had my fair share of different Matchas some of which have been amazing and others that have been far from that. As a result of trying so many different ones I’ve become incredibly picky and I know what I’m looking for when it comes to Matcha and their aren’t many out there right now that make the cut (I know that sounds incredibly picky but life is too short to drink sub par tea). Luckily this Matcha from Terrific Tea is absolutely fantastic and is probably the best Matcha I have had in more than a year. 52911207_436162380537613_4329834493343956992_n

I started my tasting session with this Matcha by heating my bowl and sifting 2 Matcha spoons of Matcha into it. Then I added my water and set to whisking I was pleasantly surprised by just how much a strong  long-lasting froth I was able to build. After preparing the tea, I poured a small amount into my tasting cup and left the rest in my bowl. I prefer to drink it straight from my Matcha bowl but I like to have my first sips of a new Matcha be from my tasting cup. That way I can change what is in the bowl and have it be completely to my taste. I got a very thick dark green liquor with a light head of lighter green froth. The flavour is incredibly umami with strong grass, vegetal notes as well. It’s also slightly sweet with only a very very tiny bit of bitterness on the end, and an ever so slight nutty note in other words just right. It’s one of the most perfectly balanced Matchas I have ever had). I did prepare this tea a bit on a strong side (as I always do with Matcha) since I wanted to get a full flavour profile for my first tasting session.

I expected this to be another Matcha I was only going to enjoy as a latte before I had tried it but I was completely wrong. It’s just as nice on its own as it is as a latte so from the bowl of Matcha I made I poured myself a small cup and used what was left in the bowl to make a latte. I added some oatly barista and a small teaspoon of honey normally I would add two but this Matcha is quite naturally sweet and very creamy so it didn’t need it and it made for one of this best Matcha lattes I have ever had at home. I almost always have my Matcha as an iced latte but this is one I enjoy much more hot than I do cold which I wasn’t expecting at all as I’ve not had a Matcha I’ve fully enjoyed hot in a long long time. All in all I really enjoyed this Matcha and I’m really thankful I was given the chance to try it. I think this will no doubt be my go to (non flavoured) Matcha for a long time.

Overall Teacup Rating: 5/5

If you want to find out more about Terrific Tea and buy some of their amazing Matcha yourself, you can do both here. As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley


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    1. I haven’t had much red tea but I’ve been doing my best to try and find more of it out in the world to try and feature on my blog. What’s your favourite red tea?


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