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Let’s Talk Tea |Small & Wild – Happy Herbal Tisanes For Kids | Review

Hey there Teacups! I’m back today with another Let’s Talk Tea post and this time around I’m going to be reviewing three of Small & Wild’s  Happy herbal tisanes for kids (adults can have them too but they are marketed for children). Small & Wild was created by Becky and Kate, two mums with a love for tea. They wanted to share this passion with our small people, so they set about creating herbal blends especially for little taste buds.
Our tea is full of brilliant ingredients inspired by the wild, carefully placed into large, biodegradable, pyramid bags so all the yummy flavours are easily released. All of their tisanes are: 100% natural, ethically sourced,naturally caffeine and they are perfect for little tummies.

Becky and Kate very kindly sent me three of their blend to try and review of this series, they sent Their Snoozy Fox Tisane, Their Happy Toucan Tisane and Their Jolly Croc tisane all of which smell absolutely fantastic and come in the most adorable tea packaging I have ever seen. Rather than splitting these three up and reviewing them in different posts, I thought I’d review them all at once so they are easy to find and those of you who do have little ones don’t have to spend extra time searching for them all.




Tisane Tasting Notes


54729564_2212065079109295_359902574184235008_n.jpgThe Snoozy Fox – Ingredients: Rosehip (30%), Camomile (18%), Blue Pea Flowers (15%), Freeze-dried Apple, Spearmint (9%), Rose Petals, Linden Blossom, Lavender (3%) | Those of you who know me well and have been reading my blog for a long time will know that there has only ever been one ‘sleepy’ tea that has ever worked for me so going into trying this on Sunday night just before bed I wasn’t expecting it to work for me at all but I proved me wrong and I was not only able to fall asleep much quicker than I normally would but I slept like a baby that night. I was expecting the mint and the lavender to overpower everything else but they were much more in the background the chamomile, apple and rose were the stand out notes for me and all other ingredients were subtle but present and became a little stronger as the blend cooled. The apple not only adds a nice fruity note but it provides a natural sweetness that means that this blend doesn’t need to be sweetened at all which is perfect because you don’t want to be sweetening anything just before bed. If your little ones struggle with sleeping give this blend a try because if it worked for me and helped me sleep it’s no doubt going to work for them.

Overall Teacup Rating: 5/5




55549719_275584990007796_258090898418565120_n.jpgThe Happy Toucan – Ingredients: Rooibos (70%), Cinnamon (15%), Aniseed (11%), Sunflower Petals, Vanilla Pieces (1%), Natural Flavouring | As someone that love chai I’m always looking for a caffeine free subtle blend that I can have before bed and this one is perfect for that as it’s calming, flavourful and well rounded. If you are a lover of Chai and you want to share that passion with your little ones give this blend a chance because it’s a perfect way to introduce them to the world of chai blends and just how amazing they can be. This one is best hot with a teaspoon of honey and some frothed milk just before bed because it’s so calming to drink. This is a perfect tisane for traveling as well because you can put it in a flask (with an infuser) and it can steep for hours on end and only get better so pack this for picnics or long walks as well. Normally with a chai blend I do expect the spices to be a little stronger and that’s how I prefer them but I understand that this has been made for children so the spices need to be a little more subtle as to not overwhelm them.

Overall Teacup Rating: 4/8/5




55439735_2036147550021419_1522844112938598400_n.jpgThe Jolly Croc – Ingredients: Apple Pieces (45%), Rosehip, Freeze-dried Strawberry (6%), Freeze-dried Banana (4%), Orange Blossom, Blue Cornflowers, Red Cornflowers, Natural Flavouring | Out of all three of these tisanes this one is my absolute favourite it’s fruity, sweet and absolutely delightful. The banana notes are much stronger than the strawberry but its a nice balance. I couldn’t really taste the apple at all but I assume that, that was added to this blend to provide a nice natural sweetness and if that is the case it’s doing it’s job perfectly. I’ve had this one both hot and iced now and while it’s nice both ways it seems to be a little better balanced flavour wise when iced as all the ingredients have a chance to come forward and stand out in their own way. I can see this being a really nice iced latte during summer and I also think it would make for a really nice ice pop base.

Overall Teacup Rating: 5/5




If you want to find out more about Small & Wild and Purchase any of their tisanes for yourself, you can do both here. As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley




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