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Let’s Talk Tea | Zest Tea – Spicy Masala Chai | Review

Hey there Teacups! I’m back today with another Let’s Talk Tea post and this time around I’m going to be reviewing Zest Tea’s – Masala Chai blend. I’ve tried quite a few of Zest Tea’s blends now but this is the one I have been the most excited to try out of them all. I Love Chai so much so I’m always on the look out for new Chai blends to try in hope that I will find a gold standard favourite. I’m yet to find that cold standard favourite so I went into this tasting session with high expectation and I hoped that this would become a new favourite chai for me. The fact that it had spicy in the name gave me the expectation that it was going to be jam packed with spices and that I was finally going to have a chai blend that met my expectations when it came to the strength of the spices. However that sadly wasn’t the case and I’ll go on to tell you why further on in this post for now here’s a little more information about this blend.58033053_2367157876903007_8606491703810981888_n.jpgHere’s what Zest Tea themselves have to say about this blend on their website: According to Indian mythology the demigod Lakshmana was resurrected using a magical herb elixir — the first ever chai. The Feds won’t let us say our Spicy Masala Chai can revive the dead, but this flavourful infusion of South Indian black tea and traditional spices packs a punch that some would call divine.

Ingredients: Flowery Orange Pekoe black tea, tea extract, cardamom seeds, ginger root, cinnamon chips, natural flavour, cloves | Caffeine 150mg per cup.58441151_2375887835807185_7090080717442383872_n.jpg


Tea Tasting Notes

While this chai was nice it was very weak and didn’t live up it its name at all. With it being called ‘Spicy Masala Chai’ I was expecting it to deliver on that and finally be a chai blend that had the perfect spice strength that a lot of others I’ve tired haven’t had but that wasn’t the case and instead it was actually quite weak in almost every aspect. The Back Tea was its saving grace as it really held everything together but it hardly had any matiness to it didn’t have the strength I have come to expect from black tea and Zest Tea because strength wise all of their black teas I have had in the past have been almost perfect strength wise. Spice wise the cinnamon and the cloves were the only thing I could taste, I couldn’t pick out the cardamom or ginger root at all and it was very much all a bit one note when it came to spices. 58551709_669637423469151_8608717888439713792_n.jpgI’ve had this no on it’s own and with milk and what I will say is if you are like me and you prefer to drink your chai blends with milk and a little honey you will want to use two tea bags or double the amount of loose leaf than you normally would. As one tea bag results in too light of a cup that doesn’t stand it’s ground against milk and I completely overpowered by it. What I did find with this one that was different to their other black tea based blend is that it didn’t have that weird official taste to it that the others had and it didn’t bitter as it cooled like the other ones did which I assume is because the black tea wasn’t as strong in this particular blend. Sadly this wasn’t really my cup of tea but it might be yours so please don’t let this review stop you from trying it if you think you might like it.


Overall Teacup Rating: 2.5/5

If you want to find out more about Zest Tea and purchase this Chai for yourself, you can do both here. As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley


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