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Teas I Drink In A Day (#4) | A Collaboration With The Tea Library

Hey there Teacups! Last year Becca from The Tea Library started a series on our blogs of Tea We Drink In A Day Posts and when we started it we had hoped to have been able to post one at the end of each month but sadly due to us both not being very well during last year we had to hold off on doing them and as a result we haven’t posted one in a while but we both decided that during 2020 we wanted to start this series back up. We are hoping that we will be able to post one around this time every month going forward as long as we are both well enough to do so. I would normally post this post on the last day of the month but I have a new series planned for this year that I will be posting on the last day of each month hence the reason I’m posting this today and not on the 31st.

For this post I chose to document all the teas I drank on the 21th of January. I chose this day because I knew I wouldn’t be doing any tasting sessions for my blog and I wanted this post to be an accurate representation of a normal day for me. If I had chosen a day where I was doing tasting sessions for my blog this post would be incredibly long and probably quite boring for you all to read. If at some point you would like me to do one of these posts on a day when I am doing tasting session I will definitely do that I just know that it will be a long post for you all to sit and read. Each tea I mention in this post were prepared in my Ohelo travel tumbler which holds 400ml so I would say 1 standard cup of tea for me. My total cup count for this particular day was 4 which is low for me as it’s normally around 6.


Tuesday 21th January (2020) – 9:55am | I started today with a cup of one of my favourite Christmas teas from this year Adagio Christmas collection – Reindeer Fuel. If you’ve read my review of this tea that I posted during September you will know just how much a love this blend. You’ll also know that I was beyond happy about the fact that even though it has mint in it, it didn’t trigger my migraines and for the latter part of 2019 I was finally able to enjoy the taste of mint in a tea again without being in pain and I was so thankful for that. Mint chocolate teas are really hard to get right but Adagio again managed to hit it out of the park with this blend. It’s one of the best Christmas blends I’ve ever had and I really hope that they continue to stock it on the UK website year after year. Not only is it amazing on it’s own but it also make a really nice latte. If you want to know more about this blend you can read my full review here.


Tuesday 21th January (2020) – 12:44PM | With my lunch I have another Adagio Tea .. you’ll definitely see a theme to all of the teas I drank on the 21th and wonder if you can spot which tea company is currently one of my favourites. The tea second tea of the day that I had was Adagio’s – Earl Grey Moonlight. Which is a black tea based blend with orange, blue cornflowers, natural vanilla flavour, natural bergamot flavour & natural crème flavour. Adagio do Earl Grey’s really well and along side their Earl Grey Bella Luna this is one of my favourite from Adagio. The reason I love this one is because it takes an Earl Grey crème and adds a whole new depth to it with the addition of orange. I thought the two would clash but it actually works so well. The addition of the crème and vanilla also calm down the bergamot a little bit which is definitely needed. I would normally have a green tea with my lunch but on Tuesday I was really just feeling an Earl Grey and this one definitely hit the spot. I’m yet to review this one but I’m sure at some point this year I will do.


Tuesday 21st January (2020) 14:30pm | My third cup of tea for the day was The Milana Company’s – Royal Emperor’s Chai blend. A delicious chai with a twist that I just can’t stop drinking. This is a black tea based blend with a delicious mix of spices and rose petals and its beyond delicious. Those of you who have been reading my blog will know that I reviewed this recently and while there are some elements of it that I wish could have been stronger like the rose and some of the subtler spices but this is still a really tasty blend and makes a killer latte. This time around I had this as a latte as that’s just the way that I enjoy it the most but I will definitely be drinking this on it’s own on occasion until I finish the bag. If you love rose and chai I would definitely recommend giving this a try its fantastic. If you want to read my full in depth review of this blend you can find it here.


Tuesday 21st January (2020) – 18:46 | My last cup of tea for the day was a cup of Udyan Tea’s – Kashmiri Kahwa Tea. This is a green tea based blend with saffron, almonds, green cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and rose petals. I know this is a caffeinated blend but it’s such a relaxing tea to drink hence me choosing it to be my last tea of the day. Its basically a green tea based chai blend and I love it. I have this on it’s own with absolutely nothing added it because its delicious as it is. I won’t say too much about it because I’m going to do a full in depth review and going into all the ins and out of this blend and explain to you all why I love it so much. But it’s say to say that there is a reason this blend has won awards and the bag I have is definitely not going to last very long. I’ll definitely be adding this to my list of teas to purchase after I lift my tea buying ban. It’s just too good for me not to have in my collection all the time.

I’ve been enjoying so many different teas recently and I can’t wait to talk you all, all about them through these posts towards the end of this month. Not being able to do these posts at the end of each month during 2019 was so annoying as I really do love collaborating with Becca and writing this posts. So I’m really hoping that both Becca and I will be well enough to carry on doing them every month throughout 2020. As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can. Make sure that you are following Becca’s blog The Tea Library so you don’t miss her part of this collaboration going live on her blog.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my post! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it and took the time to leave such a nice comment! I’m really looking forward to doing more of these posts during 2020. I personally love these kinds of posts and videos especially when they feature teas I can’t get easily here in the UK

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